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  1. I'm a lurker here but loving this couple! I agree that they've dialled it down quite a bit in recent weeks, probably because people started noticing the little things. From their IG banter to people making Instagram couple pages, its not impossible that they've seen the videos of themselves and decided to tone it down so that they don't draw attention. However it's the little things like holding her hair while hugging her, interlacing their fingers when they high five, KJK sitting beside her when he arrived in the dressing room, the subtle looks, their way of speaking to one another that still stand out despite their efforts.
  2. Yeah I didn't want to post about it unless I was 100% sure too but my friend showed me her friend's IG page and there was a picture of a foodtruck on set so I felt like that validated the claim. Obviously, it's still not from an official source but when I heard about it a few days ago, I wanted to wait and see if things would really end so badly and they did so I trust my friend's friend.
  3. I have a friend of a friend who worked on set for the show and there was some issue with Hyo Rim and Yoon Jae and they chose to avoid filming together so the writers changed the plot. The original plot was that NJ was supposed to catch SJ before she travels with a back hug (reminiscent of their first meeting) and the show was supposed to end on episode 120 with a 2 year jump which did happen but without NJ and SJ being together. Originally they were supposed to film a wedding scene, with the whole family coming together to celebrate but due to the on set issues, they prolonged SH's mental issues and extended the show to create other plots. Hyo Rim actually finished filming back in the first week of April, she hasn't been on set since then and as far as my friend knows, she also wasn't around for the wrap party either (everyone else attended). It's sad that it came down to this, it was such a good show and didn't deserve this ending. The way that I heard about it, Hyo Rim became the main issue that caused this.
  4. Where are all of my SeokMin shippers at? We got a So Min birthday party AND a Running Man episode with our favourite couple this month!
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