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  1. In an ideal world, SW finds out about the Leukaemia by Friday and forces his way back into GH's life, cutting through all her self-sacrificing BS and telling her that he's gonna be there for her no matter what. Then the last week is her hospital time and recovery + time jump. However with the way this writer is disappointing me, I have little hope that we'll get more than 5 mins of SW-GH reunion time
  2. Sharing is caring and our sweet couple were the only ones eating their snack And their hands always find each other eh?
  3. The problem is that we're on 116 right now and this means for the next 2 weeks they'll drag out the illness reveal to SW, everyone's reaction to it, and ultimately the scene where she's taken to the hospital in an ambulance. If they would have spent a week or two showing her in treatment and bonding with SW, I wouldn't have minded it as much but they're not doing that, it'll probably be about 10-12 episodes of angst and illness secrets and about 3 of her getting treatment/settling the drama and then IF WE'RE LUCKY, 2 days of happiness + the end. If the writers don't give me an entire final episode with GH+SW I'm gonna pick up my pitchfork again. HFS was meant to be a cheating + healing + adoption drama, turning it into a cancer drama last minute was stupid tbh.
  4. Filming episode 128 today...I'm guessing there will be a time jump in the final episode or two for the ending. They're gonna drag this out till the end.
  5. I really want this to be an opportunity for JH to get his shizz together and put things into perspective that he needs to stop being horrible and assertive to GH and let her be happy. If this is another way for him to attempt his best to worm back into GH's life, I'm gonna bang my head against my desk and write JH off as a lost cause.
  6. Hahahaha we were all so passionate about that drama and how it went from SO GOOD to WTF IS EVEN HAPPENING!?
  7. I really don't want any piece of SM in GH's body. Sang Mi can go jump of a cliff for all I care
  8. I agree. The spinal tap shown in the preview indicates they're testing for leukaemia. I wonder if this is finally gonna be a wake up call for JH to stop being a selfish a hole and just be a decent human being to GH. He's probably gonna be a match for GH and will redeem himself by donating a bit of his own bone marrow without any further expectations of a reconciliation
  9. You guys, they film 1.5 weeks in advance...I don't like where this is heading but interestingly enough this is being filmed at Sang Won's house (I think cause the Wang home exterior is just a set while SW's is filmed outside an actual home).
  10. I swear if they take the Mother of Mine route with a last minute death I'm gonna fly to Korea and hunt down the writer of this show.
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