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  1. I really loved that cause he had no idea the assistant PD was standing there so in that moment, he was just standing for So Min and waiting for her to finish fooling around. That little touch was adorable, such a gentleman like "after you" moment.
  2. Y'all lets chill out. This is a shipper thread, we support both sides of our couple but the essence of this thread is to ship them TOGETHER. For those coming in to say "I don't even ship them", ok fine then go support your fav on their individual thread. I don't see why this is turning into a KJK support thread and a JSM support thread WITHOUT supporting both parties. We like them TOGETHER and of course we'd support them if they ever decided to date other people (as a responsible shipper would) but let's stick to couple chat, less about others. We're not a Chanmin thread, not a Spartan thread, not a SJH bashing thread, etc. BACK TO KOOKMIN PLEASE
  3. They're slowly ruining all of JSM's relationships with her costars, whether it's ChanMin's sibling fun, JeeMin's father-daughter relationship, and at one point they were really trying to push KwangMin apart even though he was in a relationship at the time and everyone knew it. I feel bad for JSM cause she can't interact with those around her without it being construed the wrong way just for a stupid LL. Not cool
  4. Like I get that he was saying something to her when he leaned over but the pucker seems so suspicious.