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  1. I guess they're really keeping tabs with each other. Love those smiles
  2. Looking forward to their promotion as a couple at Japan, 'coz I really miss them. TVN should make an effort on this! since they didn't promote TYH well back in the days. Suffering from TYH withdrawals for a month now.
  3. Hello everyone! It's my first time to post anything on a shipper's thread, been a lurker of this thread for a week now. And everything in here makes my heart flutter! I can't get enough of these two, they have a super intense chemistry for just a reel couple. In my own opinion, based on the bts, hand gestures, behaviour and their treatment with each other, I think this ship is finally sailing! I just hope with crossed fingers that the sailing is smooth so they can get through their final destination which is "Marriage". Omo! Can't wait for this!
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