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  1. Praying hard and crossing my fingers for this kind of photoshoot for them
  2. This one... LOL at one comment there he/she said: "Moles? Let us ask YIN how many. Lol kidding "
  3. Currently, I'm also shipping a WGM couple but up to now everything is still unconfirmed but shippers had all the receipts (seen and unseen, heard and unheard, read and unread). We haven't given them up until now because of certain reasons and on top of that nothing happened on both sides yet. And what you've said is just the reality, I can empathize with you as I have experienced shipping couples in reality and variety shows. I can say that lovelines coming from those kind of shows can be deceiving. For me, it is still fun shipping them because reality and variety shows tend to have more episodes than dramas do. But all I can say is that, in drama lovelines WE CAN TRUST The thing is talk, reality, variety and drama lovelines can all exhibit couples who are bickering, taking care of each other, laughing at each others' jokes, eyeships, skinships and other normal things that friends can also exhibit but among them only the drama can exhibit one unique thing and that is kissing scene. The eyeship and skinship in kissing scenes (or bed/sofa scenes) is different from the eyeship and skinship of normally interacting couples. Pardon my illegal thoughts It's just my opinion though...
  4. Them, going on such great lengths such as trying, as much as possible, not to bring out any photos of them in numerous events after TYH may prove our theories right or maybe wrong at all. They knew how fans are going all gaga after TYH so they needed to shed themselves first. After all the happenings between them on and off cam. For me, yes it is suspicious. Anyways, there's no secret that remains a secret for a long time. And as th saying goes that if there is a smoke then there is a fire
  5. Because they kept on practicing and repeating the kissing scene (I thought it was just shot a different angles but...NAH! They did really kissed a lot, behind-the-scenes and on camera) I bet the director was already full that's why on the 7th kissing scene he did not bother to shout "CUT!" The director be like: "Okay, I'm tired so you might as well do it the way and the longer you want "
  6. "Heroes" is a variety show while "Roommates" is a reality show. In my opinion, variety shows and reality shows do differ in terms of their show concepts.
  7. YIN believes that a man and a woman's friendship do exist while LDW believes the other way around. Hmmm... In those two contradicting statements alone, a conclusion can be formed. In instances like this we needed an opinion coming from a professional's point of view So whose ball is in which court???
  8. Marriage News or Preggy News or both I go for BOTH! (It maybe too much of a delusion but who knows?!?)
  9. My heart goes...UWUUU!!! That "Ttalgi." He can just say, "Igeo..." That "Ttalgi, Ttalgi!" She can just say, "Mr.Kwon, ttalgi-yo?" Btw, is that true that Goblin will have a Season 2? I'm really confused. It sounds like an April fools to me because it was announced on April 1. HAHAHAHA! Setting that aside, if that is true, I would be really glad but thinking about it. I think it is impossible to retain the casts since LDW-YIN just finished TYH. And also I think that they will be bombarded with a lot of teasing because of TYH. Gong Yoo will be like: "I feel sorry for LDW-YIN because they didn't have that much rest since TYH had just ended. What if there will be also TYH Season 2 after Goblin Season 2?! And you will also cast these two as the main leads once again?! Please have mercy on them." This is how we are, fans, are so in-demand of their coupling. As for me: "LDW-ssi and YIN-ssi, you might as well just settle down together."
  10. 5 Children is too much tho HAHAHAHAHA!!! Anyways, I think both have beautiful genes so why not?! My question is: YIN calls LDW "Oppa" (as heard in their behind-the-scene videos and interviews) I am curious about how LDW calls YIN. Anyone who has an idea?
  11. I have watched the Return of Superman episode 138 and it was LDW's second guesting. He and Lee Dong Gook, the 5-siblings' father, finally sat down for a talk over a meal after Seol A, Soo A and Si An was put into sleep. LDW opened up that he wanted to have 3 kids. And take note, not 3 kids at most but 3 kids AT LEAST. The caption edited by the show was: "Look at this guy..." Internationally, he is already 37 y/o, if I'm not mistaken. While YIN is 36 y/o by international age. He already said it numerous times even in other shows to which he guested that he wanted to have AT LEAST 3 children. If he really wanted that, then better start it by now and then continue for consecutive years to come in order to have 3 children I just feel sorry for the wife though...FIGHTING LDW-YIN!!!
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