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  1. You're back!!! I was suppose to post the same thing Poor them...and poor us...even in their honeymoon they will act like ninjas too I think they are acting like this nowadays for them to continually act like that in the near future. The waiting and delulu game is still ON!!! But I still like it this way
  2. The title tho It should be "The Relationship Goals of Grim Reaper and Sunny." I can't say that I TOTALLY love it!!!
  3. WHAT? ARE? THESE? What is happening, exactly??? *I usually visit "lee dong wook yoo in na" search on twitter, like a habit . After I saw Koreaboo's article, I visited it again and found these.*
  4. I was about to post the same article. Honestly, I was shocked... Goblin was 2 years ago and there's Touch Your Heart 2019, there can be another set of 20 moments that made fans ship them. For all we know...we will be hearing some wedding bells/baby bells sooner or later!!!
  5. I found it! @ 0:37 min of that Produce x 101 video. LDW's outfit is the same in this scene. I therefore conclude that during TYH LDW-YIN have incorporated their own ideas too including their outfits. YIN had once said that she used her own clothes often in TYH.
  6. In the behind-the-scenes video of that viking ride, I especially like the way they laughed together. They really enjoy each other's company.
  7. O.M.G!!! I love the reaction of the boys. Looks like it has a double meaning for me. They felt cringy either because they were both boys or because they were teasing their daepyonim or both???
  8. Yeah right So if we got those already, what we will get on July 14??? Just like when June 14: Kiss Day came. LDW changed his profile pic into one with kiss mark and YIN had a video where she featured Elle holding lips card image. Those happened before June 14 came... So for July 14: LDW made a cameo in the drama WWW. His role was an engaged man who distributes his wedding invitations to his colleagues and incidentally met his ex-gf then eventually gave her one. YIN recieved a call from Bread as part of promotion for Sudden Attack online game and shouted to his mom that he will marry YIN. I hope that this is not all. Let's hope and pray for miracles. Internal struggle is real.
  9. Such a comical convo !!! (Although I can't understand most of it...) From what I can understand, from my very limited Hangul hearing understanding. Bread kept on calling her "Noona." He even said something like: "She is my woman." I'm not sure, tho...Then YIN asked Bread if he's sure that he should call her like that, "Noona." From: 1:02-1:16 YIN: "근데 제가 누나는 맞는 거죠?" (But is my sister right?) "제거 듣기로는 유접분들말로는 아채라고.." (Removing the listener is a word for those who are connected..) Bread: "아 제가 아재래요?" (Am I right?) YIN: "예~예~" (Yes~Yes~) Bread: "그럼 오빠라고 불러봐" (Then call me brother.) YIN: "아니 그냥 누나라고 해주세요 제발!" (No, just call me sister. Please!) Bread: "어 죄송합니다." (Sorry about that.) Disclaimer: According to Google Translate.
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