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  1. Out of topic This is why it is awakening to fans/shippers that they don't support actions from Dispatch. I am a kpopper too and when idols get exposed dating, it is a serious business. Marriage is even worse (look at EXO Chen) as if it is a sin. Celebrities do not need to apologise to fans for dating or getting married, neither do they need to admit their relationship. They have their own life but what these medias do is constantly following them like some sasaeng fans. It is just scary what they would do to get people hating these celebrities for living a normal life like dating. It affects their future activities and fans just won't stop harassing them, flooding comments on their social media even after breakup. Therefore we should be mindful not to speculate and not force them to admit.
  2. Yeah since HB already rejected doing any interview after CLOY. I can suppose he doesn't want the media to keep talking about the rumor. Exposing their whereabouts is going to do more harm than good. I already feel they are waiting for rumors to die down and they might not even get to meet each other because of this. Just imagine Dispatch tailing them
  3. Isn't it better Dispatch not doing anything. I prefer media to stay away from BinJin. I don't understand why people are hoping they get caught by Dispatch.
  4. I will pray really hard for them to be together, to be happily married and have many children It may be my first time shipping but I have strong instinct on them since Negotiation. I cannot imagine them dating other people (as some of the comments from non-shippers), if so, isn't their partner going to be super jealous seeing how happy they are. It doesn't make sense no matter how good they are at acting. And it is so obvious friends will not act like that. Like someone said "if they are just friends then I have no friend" Keep shipping positively
  5. I love this particular scene too. To me this scene is where everything begins, their love for each other and when SJ & SD would be together. It shows a parallel between two stories that are never destine to be together. Episode 8 is the best , I have so many feelings and cried so so so much in this episode and that music intensify those feelings.
  6. I know people are expecting them to admit dating but let me say this logically, I don't think it is the right time. As a shipper, we want to see them progress but we forgotten that media or even public putting pressure on them to admit could easily jeopardise the relationship they have built. These two are already at their marriage age so isnt it wise to wait patiently before they could announce something. Last year I came across an article about SSC divorce (sorry to their shippers) and it is the only article which makes sense despite all the speculations about the reason of their divorce. The article focus on media pressure, constantly scrutinizing and even intruding the privacy of their married life. Not only the K-media but from the international media as well. These have caused alot of frenzy and SJK's parent home had even became a tourist attraction due to the media hype. Even after their amicable divorce, medias are still hounding them. In my opinion, is a tragic that a couple's divorce is a gain to the medias. Those medias see it as an opportunity to sensationalise, spin tales and magnify those rumors. Back to BinJin, I certainly wish they would not fall into this vicious cycle and the media trap. It is just too much that celebrities life is decided by the public that has nothing to do with them. Whether they choose to admit or not, it is up to them. I'm glad Vast is doing the right thing to dissuade any baseless rumor. And to those shippers who are feeling dismay, please don't be. "sometimes the wrong train will take you to the right destination". Even if it is not now, believe that the right time will come. Have a little more faith, stay positive but don't forget to be rational.
  7. Yes my inner hope is for them to announce their wedding and be happily married.
  8. Vast: CEO, we have deny the rumor CEO Kim: Good, please continue to deny until I've proposed marriage to Yejin Vast: Yes CEO and please... CEO Kim: Check the DM I know Vast: #InDMwetrust Ps: to all fellow shippers, let's cheer up!
  9. Their agencies are right to deny such rumour as some pointed out, it would show unprofessional. Oh my~ this is exactly what I was thinking when I worried about the comments from non-shippers.
  10. I didn't see any credible sources from Vast. I wonder where did allkpop got that info from.
  11. I have no doubt they would be dating. Their controller "Vast Entertainment" CEO Kim would have to approve those photos first. But im worried about the media pressure and we would get another deny from their agencies. It would not be good.
  12. it's so quiet that it's abnormal, i would have expect her insta post after getting 22% rating for CLOY. perhaps she is having her break, travelling again. i was thinking it could be another trip with HB, her grocery partner
  13. I am sure Hyun bin has a very strong waist. Yejin seems to enjoy being his koala
  14. I didn't feel the sweetness in other couples but they are happily married. To name a few, Kim So Yeon & Lee Sang Woo. LSW make a confession after the drama ended, asking KSY to be his girlfriend and they ended up getting married. Both are same age just like our BinJin. Then there was Joo Sang Wook & Cha Ye Ryun who didn't look like they were in love in the bts but also ended up married and having a daughter. And during photo taking, JSW put his hand around CYR.. which looks familiar I didn't follow both couples , just sharing what I know
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