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  1. I'm glad that the amount of pichi couple shipper account is increasing day by day. Netizen's support to them are also overflowing. All i can do is only to thank them for making me happy with their posts as long as they respect their personal life and to wish pichi couple all the best. Special thanks to all shippers here who enliven this forum excitedly!
  2. Oh i see. @ziggery567 I'm sorry for my blundering. Your point might have overlapped in my mind with other words so i kinda misunderstood it. And i might haven't watched those private video. I stand to be corrected. So there's another bts scene of 3 of them (YIN-LDW-CEO) beside that bts ep 5-6 part 2? Since Naver didn't leave any footage of private or deleted video on their website, then I, who never watched those esp. will only know it as a mystery.
  3. If you guys think the deleted video was BTS ep 5-6 part 1 or 2, i don't think so since i can find and watch it. Hmm still wondering which video was deleted and why only on Youtube that video was deleted. I'm dissapointed with how TvN promoted this drama back then.
  4. OMG YESS! Your thought precisely relate to my late thought (which is also on delulu mode). Here i'm requoting my previous post because why not haha. I also added a thought from PDnim's gesture.
  5. The Goblin Presscon was broadcasted on Vlive App. But i don't know the video link, sorry. However, you could watch video cut with eng sub by searching #pichidramatalk on ig. Admin ig @amazingyooinna has subbed some video cut of pichi couple moments including their high-five scene.
  6. Oh yes i realize that. I believe that if she joined one of company which focus more on acting such as Kingkong, Soop, etc. she could have been more shining than today. Somehow, whatever her reason is, she choose to stay at YG. At least, YG didn't do any kind of force to her only for the sake of their financial benefit, and gave her leisure time to get rest as she wanted it, like what I stress on previous statement. Let's protect our goddess!
  7. As far as I know, she stopped dj-ing back then because she wanted to focus more on her career being actress, like improving her acting skill. Although she loved dj so much, but doing dj and acting at the same time was really tiring. And i do understand her feeling. I think being dj and actress at the same time for 5 years is such big achievement of hers. Not to mention the fact that she is still beloved by Volume Radio families up to now. Many listeners were excited by her special appearance on radio for 4 days. I've read on an article that actually she had an intention to be on hiatus for a while from any kind of public activities after her withdrawal from radio on 2016, which that timeline is in coincidence with goblin casting. The article didn't explain her reason of hiatus, but if I relate this article with the previous statement, I think her reason of hiatus was getting rest after hectic schedule, while contemplating about her acting career. I read on another source she even considered to stop being actress. Then suddenly Kim Eun Sook Writernim asked her to take role as Sunny. She might hesitate whether to take it or not due to her intention. And that kinda explained why YIN was casted the last among the four main lead character (Gong Yoo, Kim Go Eun, Lee Dong Wook). But somehow her appearance as Sunny became daebak and many korean and international kdrama fans recognized her acting! I bet as international fans, almost of shipper here knew YIN from goblin. Therefore, i'm really thankful for writernim who could persuade and convince YIN to take Sunny role. And because of her, our parents met after 2 years and have a good relationship up to now. Our ship is sailing, right? Omoo i'm crying haha Whatever her exact reason is, i believe her agency, YG, didn't take part that much on her decision. Well maybe she got some insight from YG, but not until that financial reason. She lives in the expensive apartment which means she's financially stable. If YG had that "money" reason, they should have encouraged her to continue being radio dj while acting. And i saw many senior actor from YG had a rare comeback such as Choi Ji Woo, Goo Hye Sun, etc. So i think YG treated her well.
  8. Yes me too. Especially on today's broadcast judging from her little upset because the guest didn't know about her recent drama aka TYH, it shows she really loves this project and enjoy working with Wookie. I'm glad that they are on good term relationship up to now, regardless of what kind of relationship they pursue right now.
  9. Yes please haha let's find that bracelet with our eagle eyes! Guyss stay tune to yin's radio today! It's visible radio show. The broadcast begun with Chen - Make it Count. Look how happy YIN is!
  10. Where did she watch yesterdays KBS Cool FM? Is it available on youtube? *screaming inside
  11. on TYH press conference? as you all have pointed out, LDW's hand gesture and cautious YIN explained there must be something hidden between their relationship. it seemed like they were nervous going out together publicly haha. They were like new couple, just start dating. Pardon my delulu guys. what convinces me most is BTS of the last episode. when former detective Mr. lee said "i knew it", my delulu mind said that his joke actually referred to LDW-YIN's relationship, not KJR-OJS one. And they were laughing because of getting busted? Then somehow LDW acknowledged it by saying, "It's me!!" I'm wondering what did they talk before LDW saying that because it's obvious that some scene was cut focus on the red circle!!! that hand gesture pointing LDW then YIN get me split second thought that PDnim must have known something going on between these two. LDW here said "It's me!", and Pdnim responded like, "Aigoo, yes you two! I knew it." Okay, pardon all my delulu guys. I'm going back to be lurker haha.
  12. I dont know about her pic at beach, but if you refer to the first pic (her with flower), yes it is old pic. I think that's captured behind the scene of YG Stage photoshoot 2018:
  13. as far as i know, she is on vacation now. I think she just deactivate her account, maybe to get full rest since she might get so many notification. Hopefully nothing serious happened. Enjoy your vacation, unnie! @pichicouple
  14. This photo is just too precious! I'm wondering whether they will send food truck to "Her Private Life" PDnim together as they did to "He is Psychometric" PDnim Gosh I miss them so much!
  15. I think you should go with your distinct feeling because I do. I'm pretty sure he ever listened her radio back then. He might be a fan of her radio. Here's the prove. Yoo In Na had two nicknames given by the her listeners on her radio back then, 1. Yoo D, means Yoo (her family name) DJ. 2. Kkul D (꿀디), means Honey D, because she is the radio DJ who has a sweet voice. *side note: 디 (D) is the abbreviation of DJ Let's go to that video of Goblin Special Episode. While the translation was written "I get to hear your lovely voice", Lee dong wook actually said this "오랜만에 꿀디의목소리를", which means, "after long time, (i get to hear) Honey D's voice". He referred not to her daily voice, but to her voice and tone audiences usually listened during her radio program. In conclusion, he did not only knew her nickname on her radio back then, but also recognized how her radio voice was like. *screaming inside! Before coming up with that idea, i also had discussion with my friend who are currently learning Korean and has a good listening skill, i think haha. So hopefully it will be an accurate prove. But we are indeed open for correction from another Korean learner here.
  16. In my opinion, all she needs now is encouragement from her close friend or somebody whom she consider as relationship expert. Yoo In Na said in an interview on April last year, “It’s funny though, when it comes to me dating, I can’t give myself advice. This is why I think that’s why a friend is needed.” So i think she already caught ldw's attraction to her. Judging from her reaction to every ldw's action, she also has the same attraction to ldw. However, from her answer in that interview, i think she's also clueless about how to practice what she preach in Sundabang/ Blind Date Cafe. Like you know, we ever advised someone how to deal with their life problem, but when that problem happened to our life, it's hard to practice that advice you give to your friend before. I also agree with @DaebakYIN and @michsg. I think it's normal having those worries especially considering her next relationship goal is marriage. So it is a real big deal to her. It might takes more time for her.
  17. Yes I do agree. If I were YIN as OJS, and that question was on script, I'd have some time to think (before shooting) then answer, "Yes, it (opposite sex can be friends) is possible. You (KJR) and Yeoreum are bff now. And I trust your friendship won't cross the line". This question was actually relatable with drama. She could have said like what i imagined, right? So, i bet YIN ofc was startled with that question. I actually also can't relate the food question after that bff question with the drama. Anyone can explain it here? Anyway, thank you for all of insightful opinion here lets pray for our OTP happiness.
  18. Couldn't agree more! This drama must have been an opportunity for them to frequently meet in private due to their own busy schedule before preparing this drama. And their meeting made them closer. Uwuu Thank you @cherrinekim for sharing this post! Since none hashtag found in this post, I bet ldw himself share this photo. The second photo just making my delulu deeper. Why did he choose starring-at-yooinna picture out of other teaser photo? Kkkk well that might be one kind of promotion.. anyway guys, do you realize we all shippers here are just like YIN on her variety show Sundabang/Cafe amor?? We're analysing and speculating about how far is their relationship going on, and measuring the possibility of them in real life taking to another level? Kkkk i just can't
  19. THIS!! THIS!! Aigoo so they had their first kiss on valentine day, hadn't they? WHAT A TIME! kkkkkkk. And i guess this kiss would be yin's first kiss after two years since she was single and not having any drama project during that time. Kiss with the same guy, namely lee dong wook. KKKK. (pardon my thought) Not to mention ldw was nervous then blaming PDnim for shouting. And ldw selca with Ghada chocolate box. Aigoo i bet so many heart-fluttering things happened that day. I dont know whether universe or PDnim accidentally at that time were making a move for them, but these two urghh can't they just make a move for themselves right now? Since yin seems close with Oh Jung Se who's experienced in lovelife, i hope he can be cupid for yin and ldw.
  20. Anyway I wonder if these two felt insinuated or awkward after the scene on 16th episode that had them reading comment "I think the male and female have amazing chemistry. I think they're actually dating". I mean, after OJS first episode drama released, both read reaction comment on internet regarding OJS's acting. I was like "SERIOUSLY PDNIM IS IT A MUST FOR HAVING THEM READ-THIS-COMMENT SCENE?? PDNIM JUST CALLED OUT ALL PICHI COUPLE SHIPPER HERE!!"
  21. I actually can't point exactly when their "first day" was. But after watching ep 15-16, my first impression be like "there must have been something between them". It feels like LDW express himself freely in KJR character. Too much adlibs and sincere smile of LDW. One of the obvious smile is on 15th episode after CEO always burnt his finger because he unconsiously took meat from grill. After Yang miso said "Are you sure not becaause of heart broken?", the camera shot OJS and KJR smile at each other. Since OJS smile first at him, i found that maybe LDW was kind of flustered with that YIN's improvisation. Then his reply smile somehow show little genuine shyness. Too bad i cant make the gif to show you all here since i dont know how to make it. Anyway that smile always left me impression "wow this shy smile is too genuine" The most eyecatching adlibs for me is on 16th episode hug scene after OJS came back from filming abroad. That swaying hug and YIN's laugh OMG is just so real. My thought was like, "wow this dude just made a big step to their relationship in real lifefor being too obvious doing this adlibs, and this girl just lost her cautious feeling publicly". Kkkk. I dont know if these thought were affected by delulu but here are my honest thoughts.
  22. Hi everyone! I just found this forum several hours ago and now can't help giving insight about our couple. Based on my analysis and clues everyone shared here, this couple leaves me some impression: 1. I think since before PD nim casted both actors, they're not dating yet. I'm 98% sure (2% for margin of error) due to YIN response to Lee Soo Ji's wedding, a radio dj that happened to be one of Inna's close friend. Lee soo ji in Life Bar (tvN variety show) expressed how much YIN envy to her for finally getting married. YIN said to her, "How can I meet a man?". This lee soo ji episode released in the late 2018 (september/october) 2. However, although they were not dating, after watching the BTS of TYH teaser and poster, I think their relationship have been at the stage "special friend". They have crush, comfortability, affection to each other so you can feel them flirting since teaser making. Wow i believe their relationship was growing day by day after Goblin. One of the obvious example, if you see the BTS of bridge scene teaser, there was conversation between these two: YIN: The weather is pretty LDW: What about Jung Rok? YIN: pretty (too)~ Ofc you all can continue another obvious example kkkk 3. Their comfortability makes them not hesitant having skinship like all you've been mention, putting her hand on his tight and vise versa, joking around as if they're on their own world. Their shyness toward each other were getting obvious day by day judging from presscon until the last BTS. I think this gesture coming from woman like YIN is special. 4. Overall, I agree with all of your speculation. Their relationship is full of respect and fondness. And I think that's what make YIN different with LDW's previous co-star. 5. I think they've fallen for each other character drama. LDW fell in love with OJS character and YIN fell in love with KJR character. This impression came after watching LDW crying after calling OYS and their chosen favorite scene. WELL THIS MIGHT BE THE MOST UNSAFE IMPRESSION I HAD. BUT THAT'S MY OPINION HAHA (pls don't take it serously) I mean, it's obvious that they are grateful for being casted in this drama. 6. Hopefully, after their drama character touched each other's heart, they can touch each other's heart irl. This drama hopefully can be a healing both for LDW and YIN. And as shipper OFC I HOPE THEY CAN TAKE THEIR RELATIONSHIP TO ANOTHER SERIOUS LEVEL HUHUU And if someday our ship is sailing (Amin) this will be one of my successful story in my life kkkk
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