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  1. I'm probably of the unpopular opinion and I think i'm going to get lots of backlash from this but it's been bugging me. I hope they don't make the female lead's brother in law end up with the male lead's sister. I feel sorry for the male lead's sister but how many dramas have we had where the man falls in love with the damsel in distress. It's almost like he feels sorry for her and then pities her, comes to her rescue and then falls in love with her. I'd much rather see the female lead's brother in law end up with her sister. I love the spicy interactions that they have and i think it makes for a more quality relationship. I do get that she's got a very strong character its hinted that she may have not been very nice when she was younger but I think a good story shows character growth and evolution of personality and I'm hoping we see that from her here- enough to redeem her and let her end up with a nice boy. Not a fan of the famale lead's in laws (apart from the youngest brother in law), That family is just too much. I'm glad that our leads are getting more interactions and I hope that keeps on coming!
  2. This drama started off cute and had so much promise! I was excited to watch it and couldn't stand waiting the 7 days till it aired again. Now it leaves a bittersweet feeling as I watch it. I hope things pick up. I am struggling to watch MR crying all the time. It's hard. She's so mopey and depressed. I had hoped that she would be a fierce strong heroine. But she's turning out a bit lackluster. I hope the writers get their act together. Also disappointed in TJ. I might be remembering it wrong but I'm pretty sure he told MR he doesn't care about her past and all he wanted was for them to be together.
  3. I thought the same! But then i remembered that in the earlier episodes MS's mother in law told them to move near them so that it would be easier once they had kids...i think MS and her husband relied on that and when that didn't fall through, they overly relied on MS's mother and then now it's all gone to crap and they're unprepared.
  4. Thanks for the video!! The sad thing is the more I look at the video the more I realise that MR's charms have never been explored. Like it was hard to find reasons to justify TJ's immense love for her. She's a stereotypical prickly boss and I think the few moments that they've given us to show why TJ fell in love with her haven't been enough. Her character has been developed in a rather 2 dimensional way and it's poor character writing on the writer's part. There needed to have been more reasons to show the good parts of MR's character. I re-watched some of the season and it seemed quite silly for TJ to be so massively in love with MR without us seeing their development. We went from having nice flirtatious scenes which should have carried on a bit more- to BAM suddenly TJ can't live without seeing her in the company and wanting to marry her. Which will probably explain why MR is so stiff in some of the newly wed scenes. It's un natural and strange especially when MR "loved" TJ enough to get married to "protect him". I'm struggling to find the positive charms about MR as a character apart from she loves her mom and family a lot. Like her character and personality seem to lack some development which i would like to have seen more. It's also so sad to see TJ being the one who loves her much more than she does him. I think they need to show a few more sacrifices that MR makes for TJ to kind of let the viewers understand that she really does love him and married him for love to protect him. URGHHHH character development!!! come on writers!
  5. i'm so late to this thread!! I'm so glad that Yi Do still values Jae Hee despite how she looks and it's really very endearing how all he seemed to want was her well being...this drama really breaks prejudice and shows how wonderful a pure love can be in any form
  6. I've got to admit- my faith in the writers is slowly coming back...slowly...i'd like more sweet moments from our newly married couple first. At least something that doesn't show MR absolutely miserable to marry TJ....because at the end of the day she married him because she loved him and wanted to protect him...it's important for the writer so show us that love too apart from all the misery.They are a newly married couple nevertheless and it's also important that they behave like it. I'm so tired of all the mopey funeral like meals with TJ's family. I quite like the juxtaposition of the meal with MR's family against TJ's family. It's been very clear as to what the dynamics are like with each family. I did like IS warning HM about MR and saying that MR is different because she doesn't rely on that family and will give HM a hard time in return if she doesn't respect MR. I'd also like a further development of MH's character and please fade JB into the background so that MH's character can develop with WJ without the hindrance of JB. Also now sick and tired of MS and her in laws. This is all getting to repetitive. The writers still have a long way to go before they redeem themselves and to prevent this from becoming makjang.
  7. This is very sad for me to watch. I was always told growing up that when you marry someone you marry into their whole family and this is why I can see how difficult it is for MR and for her family to watch her marry TJ. Love is important yes- but there are other factors that need to be taken into account. I just want MR to be happy and at this point I'm hoping that TJ's love for her and her love for him is enough. I'm also a bit sad for TJ because I do think he'll work hard and bend over backwards to make MR happy but he'll be upset wondering why she's upset and it won't even be because of him. This drama has grown all so frustrating. I hope it redeems itself soon and we see a deeper growth of love between MR and TJ throughout their marriage. I want her to learn to love him more- as much as he loves her and their characters to develop further and have that opportunity. I want her to grow to be happy with TJ despite it all.
  8. I'm not going to lie... If the show doesnt take a better turn this weekend... I. Migjt just abandon it till things look up
  9. @maribellaThat dress with the huge bow really is ugly! For a moment I thought she was wearing a dressing gown on top of her dress and she'd casually swung the dressing gown over her shoulder and didn't put it on properly. Geez...I agree that poo poo is going to hit the fan when the chairman finds out about IS. I dislike the chairman immensely but then I do understand where he's coming from. He must have distrusted IS from the start for knowing that she was so ready to abandon her daughter to marry into the family and then he too must know that She has never looked for or bothered about her daughter. I think there's long standing distrust towards IS on the chairman's part and that whole notion that she was a gold digger. So technically she has spoilt it for MR and TJ. IS really takes the cake as one of the worst Kdrama mothers ever. I don't like how she calls MR to her place when no one is on her side. Like what was she expecting? For MR to console and comfort her after she threw her under the bus? Apart from lending her womb to MR for 9 months there's really no other motherly qualities that IS has showed towards MR. Yes I am aware that there are circumstances that lead people to abandon their children BUT...even after all these years did she redeem herself? No. Was she happy to see her daughter? No. She only thought about her supposedly miserable position within the family that she was trying so hard to protect. Well she keeps throwing herself a pity party and insisting that her life isn't as great as everyone thinks it is but then she doesn't follow that up with her actions. She's a bit nutty this IS. OHHHH MY HEART...it cannot simply beat properly seeing all those scenes with TJ and MR. On one hand I'm so torn between berating TJ for being so forward and on the other hand I'm so upset for him that it's no fault of his that they can't be together. I'm also glad that he got to explain his sincere feelings towards MR. I do however feel that he is aware of MR's insecurities and how she's a bit cynical and he's done well to explain what he planned to do once she got back from her business trip. I'm shipping this couple so hard and hoping that all ends well for them. Just hope it doesn't end up a Titanic
  10. From the preview... I thought she said she'd go to China too and my Korean may be off but I thought tae joo said he'd wait for her or something... Then there was a mention of marriage... Oh dear its going to be a whirlwind episode tomorrow
  11. Was watching the most recent episode with my male housemate and we got to the last scene of the episode and he went "aw he gave it away! he was acting all cool and everything and then he cracked when she rolled her ankle". That was my favorite scene in the whole episode. He tried his best but his feelings overcame him. I like how that was the point when he decided enough was enough and he would pursue her as per normal. It made me happy to watch him stay true to himself and his feelings. I am ridiculously irritated at IS...she keeps repeating throughout the drama that MR is throwing a tantrum and acting like an adolescent blah blah...i guess expressing your feelings (in this case, anger and hurt) is juvenile? She abandoned her daughter and then later threw her in front of a bus in the sense that she ousted MR and TJ's relationship- then she deliberately orchestrated for MR to find out about TJ without him telling her first...can this character get any more unlikable? I wonder if the writer will eventually give her any redeeming qualities...MS just needs to push her husband out the window. He's so infuriating...and if you were to ask me- he's the juvenile one. Selfish and self-centred. I hope his character has some growth in the future. MH and JB scenes were too long for my liking and like someone else pointed out there wasn't enough of MR and TJ scenes in this episode. Un-necessary scene with JB and Peter...wasting precious drama air time on them.I have hope for my precious MiJoo couple and hope they shine brightly in the next two episodes!!
  12. I just thought that his slicked back hair looked very mature- like an executive in a company (like all those cold cut throat businessmen) also his "cheap" suit has been replaced by a 3 piece pin striped suit which screams class and luxury. Usually that style and design indicates a successful man. Also if they kill off SJ- i'm done with this drama LOL...i can't stand too much sadness!
  13. What really bugged me is the audacity of IS to ask SJ for MR's password to her house and then told her it's just an office issue. I am feeling so damn sorry for MR. The guy she was so keen on getting married to has betrayed her and it took a lot for her to open up to him about her mother. She must be feeling so raw right now. It's mildly irritating to watch IS fluffing around between her daughter and her greed. I'm also a little frustrated at how naive TJ is/was. Did he not think about the consequences to not telling MR who he was? Also he had made a big spiel to IS about how he had to be the one to tell MR who he was and look what happened. It is good to see that TJ no longer looks like a boy but has progressed into becoming a man- even if for the moment it's only because of his dressing and hair cut. A part of me does wish that had more scenes together before all this blew up. If they had more scenes together it would make their love deeper and it would also make more sense that TJ and MR would have wanted to marry one another and make this more painful and believable. At the moment their great love is falling short slightly and could be a more intense and heart wrenching love. TJ does seem to love MR a whole lot more than she loves him and the writers do need to develop her character a little bit more so that it goes beyond the endless amount of suffering she's had to endure. We need to see more of her and right now her character is a little 2 dimensional just covered in a sphere of suffering and bitterness. I'm hoping for more growth and not just revenge and begging and pleading on TJ's part. Also does anyone else think that SJ's constipation is going to lead into a life threatening illness and just spiral this story into a makjang status?
  14. I just asked my friend who is a chef apparently it could be squid ink pizza or charcoal pizza... Who know that was a thing too...
  15. Hello my beloved chingus, Hope everyone has been well!! Sorry my caseload has been insane recently but i've made a comeback not that anyone was waiting. With regards to ep 17- i was irritated that IS in her own narcissistic arrogance thought that she could turn her intelligent and capable daughter into a gullible fool by suggesting that MR going away to study was for her own good. It was a triumphant moment to see MR talk back and ask if it really was for her own good. IS underestimates our two love birds and overestimates her place in their lives too. I must say that the writers are now progressing TJ's character. We're seeing a steady rise in his "manly" tastes and preferences. Eg, his switch from cans of beer to whisky- we've seen this in 2 episodes now. It's subtle hints that the writers use to create a sense of maturity in a character. We're seeing a pouty playful boy turning into a determined young man who wants nothing more for his love to be happy. We see his growing care and concern for MR and it is nice to see that he blew off IS during dinner to make sure his love MR was alright. Now i will say a few things about our couple first. I was kind of worried that the whole bed scene would be vulgar and distasteful and might even come out that TJ took advantage of MR's intoxicated state to induce that bed scene BUT i was mildly surprised that it was not done that way. The morning after indicated TJ's maturity and how he comforted her and treated her (not embarrassing her further but re-assuring her) was great. He knew how to make his lady feel good and alleviated some of her embarrassment and that was important to show their growth as a couple and for the characters. Even better his re-assurance that it was not just a one night stand- by producing the ring and already having his around his neck did indicate his seriousness and commitment to their relationship which i was pleased about. MS's mother in law is literally the worst character in this show. I find their family situation has gone from funny to just plain sad. It's a lot darker than the laughs it tries to illicit from the audience. I don't like that she's thoughtless, bitter and selfish but it's nice that she's the antithesis of SJ. We can see that both women may have been hard done by, but then we see how SJ's selfless care for her family contrasts that of MS's mother in law. MS's mother in law has enjoyed her life in the years that she was not taking care of DB. Yet now all of a sudden she's victimizing herself and trying to play wounded martyr the minute she finds out that SJ went on a small trip (not even overseas may I add) and taking a break- forgetting that SJ works 10x harder than she probably ever did by having to single handedly raise 3 daughters and educate them and run a restaurant. MS's mother in law needs some character growth herself. Also MS's husband need a hard knock on his head. He's whiny, greedy and selfishly indulges in things without preparing for his family first. Just like his mother. I'm curious as to whether he has other siblings because MO kept talking about raising children who had gone to prestigious universities- but it's mentioned that JS didn't go to a great uni? I'm a bit confused. All in all it's been great watching these few episodes and I can't wait for next week- we have some cuddle scenes!
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