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  1. All I need now is for ga hee and hyo shin to end up together...come on writer nim!! Hyo shin even put his own safety at risk for Ji Hoon <3 gyu jin and na hee are such an adorable couple..so much chemistry between the two actors
  2. Ga hee and hyo shin are so adorable...they're the reason why I continue to watch this drama....sadon couple has become a bit bland for me now that they are in a relationship...lee min Jung and lee sang yeon have amazing chemistry!!! Want more ga hee hyo shin interactions
  3. At first I was a bit hesitant about this drama but the writers have surprised me. Na hee's strong character is showing its softer undertones and we are beginning to see her thought process and softer exterior rather than just her coldness. I am loving the side stories of the other sisters. Ga hee and Hyo Shin didn't seem like they could work for me at the start but I'm seeing that they are a good match now especially with the writers showing that Hyo Shin has a greater maturity than people his age and Ga Hee is immature but has her own issues to contend with. They supplement each
  4. A part of me feels very irritated that the way the writing is done make NH always look like a petty bickering woman. I dont think it was always like that and there needs to be a proper showing of what happened to them both to make them disagree and constantly pick on each other and fight with each other. I think the miscarriage part shows the start but there needs to be more of a understanding of their relationship. Like more scenes of how strong their love was to contrast the very different situation they are in now where they fight all the time. I also dont think it's fair that they've writt
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