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  1. Cold turkey may be? Most of ex-smokers I know managed to quit due to vaping, wax pens or vaporizers, I dunno, I am not an expert I wish I could give up my coffeine addiction, I just can't substitute coffee with anything.
  2. Wanted to create a similar thread: never been to Korea but I always wanted to. I currently live in Ukraine and I am very attracted to Korean pop culture; moreover, your country is very advanced and interesting from the touristic point of view, I checked hundreds of travel blogs and forums about Korea already.
  3. I will have one month of vacations only, probably will fly to Greece or Spain, dunno yet. Destination depends on the price of tickets, I usually try to catch a cheap flight , sometimes the price is 50$ only if you use a discount and book a ticket beforehand. Spain is rather expensive to live, but it attracts me much because of Barcelona and Valencia.
  4. These travel reality shows are stimulating me to earn more and to save money for future trips. Travelling requires money, but experienced tourists know that it is always possible to save if you know some tips and tricks (to catch a cheap flight , book hotels beforehand, eat local food for example).
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