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  1. that was fast i guess many people reported him/her at the same time
  2. No worries, and thank you for sharing your concern with us. Anyway, from my pov, SJH wasn't wrong, KJK was really jealous. At least that I would do if I'm jealous. Either to keep silent or constant nagging and complaining. Yup, I usually login using my Facebook account, but until now I couldn't do that. Well, trollers are everywhere. And so does fake-shippers and haters
  3. Agree Remember when kjk's said "yeobo" to SJH in EP 440 ? With only one single word, he made a really huge impact. Many new shippers came to our ship becoz of that. Now, if he does more than that, anyone wanna take a wild guess the reaction of the people ? As @mn0096 and the other members said, let's just be patient and enjoy every SA moments. They have their own consideration, timeline, and plan. All we have to do is keep supporting them. As for the "complainers" who always complain about everything (complain when there's no sa moment, and still complain when there's sa moment), you have to remember that this is real life, not a fancy romantic drama or Disney movies.
  4. For some reason, I couldn't login with my usual account anyway, I just wanna say let's enjoy what we have right now nowadays, starting from January, we have sa moments almost on every episode, and it's being highlighted too (by the editing team and also the media) yes, maybe sometimes JK didn't respond when just initiate the skinship. But we have to remember, before this year, their skinship was always under the radar, doing secretly when no one pays attention, and only those who have eagle eyes could notice their interaction. and now, suddenly both of them being the center of attention. JH might be better in handling the attention in front of the camera since she's an actress, but JK isn't. i won't say that kjk's respond would be better in the future episode, since I agree with the comment which said that kjk's felt slightly uncomfortable with the tease from the other members. I'm really grateful with our sa. Not only becoz JH become bolder, but it seems that the public opinion about them being together is also relatively positive. i think everyone here have their own theory on why this year they became the loveline if some sa shipper want to leave the ship with whatever reason they have, let them be. I won't stop them if they don't want to stay. you couldn't pleased everybody, anyway lastly, I'm really sorry for a rather long post. have a nice day, everyone
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