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  1. Yass another strong support from KSH's loyal fan. and comment about wrap up party tho', she really got in our mind too. Then im not really sure if it's already posted here. Interview with SBS Radio on 020819. Since i havent found with engsub yet, didnt really know what she talked about, maybe she's promoting her project. What's on my interest YeJi wore 2 rings here, one ring that similar with cartier one in left middle finger and the smaller band (maybe didier dubot?) on her right ring finger. If they are the same rings we've talked about, why now the r
  2. Creedit on owner Wondering if she will attend Brand of The Year Award. If so, what kind and color of dress she will wear? Yet she definitely will be outstanding in any colors, will she choose RED this time? Regarding someone just representatived her with RED.
  3. @denira2104 Love all that kiss moments. In the 4th kiss, when they did pinky promise and MY sealed with a kiss, it should be a "surprise kiss" for GT but why GT seems kissed back? I bet he couldnt ressist to do so. More likely SooHyun who did that not GT. @boredadvocates @Private10 @szne09 @park2park @firebabe Love the thoughts too. If it so, then their timeline that we try to plot seems make sense. They got close before SooHyun did military service, got keep it touch intensly, and in 2018 when SooHyun has his vacation maybe they met up that time. He might asked for dati
  4. Since i brought up about ring few weeks ago, you guys feed up my delulu mind perfectly. Appreciate and much love for the posts of rings even i dont know the brands before you guys posted it. Been curious over that simple one, moreover since it placed on ring finger, on and off screen. Let me give my two cents here. 1. YeJi even wore it at presscon, beside on Now Radio and that pictorial Netflix shoot. Then many times i felt that she's a bit show off about that ring which gave me special vibes of it right from the start. 2. Then when i rewatched it on screen, YeJi wore
  5. @denira2104 OMG dear..after saw YeJi "SKY" pic on IG i just go to here and then you already post it. Haha..what a destiny! Hmm definitely urri ninja couple try to open up their buff.. I cant be calm anymoorreee
  6. https://www.instagram.com/p/CFe0W3uJ1am/?igshid=1juo59gwc9wsk Cr on owner Everyone's craving about YeJi's latest update on fancafe. She posted "Sky" with lovely caption being so thankful for fans who support her. The question is why " Sky". Regarding SooHyun also posted about "Sky" many times lately. Does our ninja couple decide to open up their buff little by little? Should we call this " Hyunji end game" ? By the way. Im not familiar with fancafe. Is it like this soompi forum?please enlighten me chinggus
  7. welcoming new numbers.Lets be happy here. Whooa im reading the latest posts feel that my heart is going to exploded. Give me oxygen juseyoo Thank you for the posts. Since i adore BinJin too, regarding worldwide pressure of SS couple back then was so beyond words, so it's definitely make sense how they have to keep it secretly. Then for Hyunji too, people are so craving for them right now. Just show us the best ninja mode you can do guys. Go on lovey dovey behind us, we shippers can use our eagle eyes if needed. https://www.instagram.com/p/CFZSIvdpM2e/?igshid=1vwjnjyiir
  8. @firebabeYour thought really made my day. since life seems hard for hot items in K-Ent industry even for having normal life as couple, being in one agency is somehow the safest and best option. These are connected to how their real timeline happened. Since YeJi is kinda conservative, definitely hope that they more considering about M-word instead D-word for future publicy. https://www.instagram.com/p/CFMtjhJpZiE/?igshid=1aoy2v4wtnubg Old interview.. YeJi said she cant go to sauna with her sister or mother nor let them saw her body. Then she said she cant take a ba
  9. hmmm definitely like a kiss that they usually do right? pardon me but those are really unusual french kisses i found in kdrama, wondering the can did this if they dont close enough i dont think so.. and in my interview video before, she with Jae wook. YeJi said she felt ticklish when doing the bed scene. Wondering how they did for eps 16 bed scene and those deep kisses. I blame Tvn for lack bts of it! and that birthday kiss tho..4.2M views in 1 month
  10. @boredadvocates @szne09 love the thoughts too. And that on playing Jenga, she was such a good wife always asking SooHyun about which number she would take. Dont they make a great couple? What makes my heart so fluttered knowing the fact that SooHyun is such a real gentleman before, yet after military service he becomes even better version of himself. Though try to understand about their real timeline and how they kept contacted each other this far, i become very happy that YeJi is in a safehand now.
  11. https://www.instagram.com/p/CEoVX8dg4Zc/?utm_source=ig_embed I'm a YeJi new fan so i digged in her past interviews. YeJi is an honest one she can tell the truths in one sec. She is so straightforward regarding her other interviews with her co-stars before, yet she seemed so relax for the interviews. Thing to be noticed when she's with SooHyun now is why she seems so silent. On one interview with TVN she was so playful, i think that time they were being off guard because the looked like known each other for long time, yet later we know some scenes are requested to be c
  12. OMG you know i love you! you got me on point! Thank you for the post really appreciate this. Regarding their timeline seems so many unrevealed connected things right? Many coincidences yet it just plotted to be like ones. Definitely my thought too. Haha.. welcome to this thread!
  13. Still craving on Hyunji's news everyday. Btw im deppressedly curious about how YeJi moved from her old agency to GM now. Have by any chance HyunJi been being friends for some time before the project?I mean, she moved right after GM launched. One of the first senior artists who joined there. Then she and him announced to be in the same agency. Of many agency why did she choose GM?And then they do drama together. Anybody has some news please enlighten me. Seriously their off-screen chemistry is no joke.
  14. Hello everyone its been while since my last couple to be shipped. So far this Hyunji is my third couple. Found myself being so selective as shipper yet i cant help myself to not follow Hyunji because they are too sweet too real. Love the posts in this thread but im still reading from the first pages. One thing that tick my mind. At Now Radio live interview, I found Ye Ji wore a ring on her left ring finger and wondering whose that ring from. Is it too obvious for her to wore it?at interview event tho. And why it should be placed on ring finger. Since i love Moon Young charact
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