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  1. Another gesture that proofing how close they are to even can differentiated Wookie's stare. One stare is a cold stare that she dissaproved (maybe the same stare if Wookie being pouty), and one stare is full of love (which she claimed better) then she even cant handle herself. Hmmm..
  2. InNa : I miss you Wookie : Mee too and vice versa This might be another blurry reel to real moment of Pichi..And now might be became their fave line in life. I thought at least 2 scene contained those line in Goblin. (Via texting, and on their date scene) Thus in TYH there's 3 scene contained this line. (Via call when Jungrok bought her sandwich, via text when Jungrok being mistreated by CEO, and after Jinshim shooting abroad). Am i miss another similar scene?
  3. Thanks @riiko1988for the GIF..since this second selca is my fave one of their offscreen gesture which made me keep look up to them until now. Your gif is my treasure. That second selca is so unsual selca if you do with your only male friend because it showed how close they are and too much skinship, even SeulGi screamed a bit to see them posed like that. (Ive been shared my thought about this..maybe in page 50-60) Then i may call this their "uncouncious mistake" public gesture . Like somehow they cant hold up to let this happened.
  4. Of course if she's been asked if she had Namchin..she would answer "opseoyoo" "i dont have one". Here's my thoughts: 1. Keep the atmosphere save enough for being ninja here and there Wookie : Place where there wouldnt be anyone except two of us. Like my place or your place 2. And guess what..because he might not be some kind of namchin anymore if you got what i mean.. #FiancemodeON #pardonmydelulu #icanthelpit
  5. Thats make my delulu bigger even more. If he could give order to InNa 's staff, InNa might be do the same way too.. Give order or suggestion to his stylist what suit to wear for any event hmmm..PINK?Peachy? Also their matching outfit in TYH is just too many that even made me thinking..what happened with their stylist. Try to gave us "hint"?
  6. Throwback to Goblin bts, this was one of their first days shoot together. Wookie already being flirty and playful ever since the first time. I just realized here seeing PD nim Lee Eun Bok reaction (0:34) is the same as when he directed SS couple in DOTS when they were being playful too back then. Maybe he already got the same vibe from this couple,eh? Then when InNa made kiss-paper scene, Wookie even said "Im jealous on that paper" *being pouty again* So he was soo rooted for inNa's kiss since the first eps *naughty wookie*
  7. OMO...that chained bracelet look so similar. Also they both use that in right hand. Let me breathe calmly for some moment
  8. Wow thanks @MsMagic for making timeline summary very well. With these line : "I'm at another starting line. With the same tension and heartbeat I felt then. But one thing has changed. This time, I'm not alone. Feeling the breeze against my ears and hair, I have a smile on my face to have you to run with me. Not as a race but together. Shall we start running?" i agree with you this might be first time he take a step closer to her after Goblin era. Then in TYH, since earlier eps and that offscreen vids its obviously that Wookie not only had this crush but try to pursue her seriously. Like the way he is so considerate and how he respect her genuinely, we definitely so into on it. Then in eps 7 scene i got another hint, since TYH seems so much potrayed their real life. A scene when Jungrok said in their first date : " I tend to be slow, so i might not able to match your pace. However i 'll take steps toward you at my own pace. Slowly but for a long time. " Definitely show his genuine feeling towards InNa for now. Considering the long enough timeline they had, like from a crush then being a good friends for some time made them realize that they are so match well and felt comfortable with each other. (like they said in kktalklive) I may say their past really made them being so cautious for taking step forward into a serious state this time. Not just like their own love story in the past which maybe felt in love from being swayed by the time being together as costar. This time they had to convinced themselves that this is for Real.
  9. There's many added adlibs in TYH which have summarized here before.. i want to add this one. in BTS when they did rehearsal this kiss and then Jungrok hug Jinshim for being tough along this time. InNa asked : "no need to hug him like this rite?" (no need to hug Jungrok back) Wookie : (I believe he's being pouty and give sign he wanted a hug too and said)" I need to be patted too " PD nim as usual laugh to see them. And then this scene happened. Hugged each other. Imagine he's being pouty like he did before when begged InNa for doing kiss adlib in Goblin last episode. Big baby boy always got what he needs from InNa. He must be so happy.
  10. Haha! Since they are too good to being together dont blame us shipper to always have this thought on our delulu mind. O dear PICHI..you've ruin my life so bad, you both became my everyday habit. Please get married soon so i can live happily as well.
  11. Exactly the same thought of mine chinggu!haha im a proud SS shipper too back then. i want to add some, HyeKyo might be cautious too but she is more straightforward to explain herself. From first presscon she already gave a hint she wanted a guy to "confess" rite?because she cant wait any longer. Later we know that time they already been dating. In Hongkong presscon she was more relax, while Joongki is similar with Wookie, always show more special gesture since the first time. Then in Baeksang 2016 she tried to be cautious too but she failed, more likely to seemed nervous about how to show gesture together, then i think she cant hold up anymore, later she ended up hug Jongki too and that time is definitely "public gesture confession" when they embraced each other along redcarpet. I have same hope too with Pichi couple. At least we can see their gesture while walking on redcarpet. I believe redcarpet moment somehow loosen up their restraint and many "unconcious mistakes" could happened. *fingercrossed*
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