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  1. I think we should pause our discussion about this until confirmation. I know we are currious about PPC's relationship, but it isn't good for PPC. So everyone, please be patience for a while.
  2. I do belive that they had relationship before wwwsk, but the thing is 'are they still together now?'. Hope the best for them.
  3. Happy 1000 page everyone. This forum almost be hot topics everyday. Hope PPC get married as soon as possible
  4. So PPC's planing be like new drama Will broadcast on the same time( i mean at the beginning of the year). Maybe pmy's drama broadcast first, then itaewon. As we know that Itaewon is pre- production drama. Ah...I have a imagination that They Will have a same holiday next year.
  5. If u ask to me, I Will definitely answer ' yes they are couple now. I strongly belive they are couple coz everything happened isn't just in drama ( i meant 'sweet in BTS only'. LA is one thing that Made me belive 'they are in good relationship now.
  6. I don't know type of pmy'. I just really hope to PSj as captain. I hope he can make pmy belive to him.
  7. So, I start to get imagine, if psj confess his love to pmy' on fancafe or psj Will announce his married with pmy . Then pmy' should join on his fancafe too, so she can respond his love at there. Kekeke
  8. Okay, let them do holiday this time..a little throw back 'phuket moments' If PPC didn't get a dinner with their team at that time, my delulu said this picture( when pmy' wore blue dress) was taken by psj..
  9. Can they get married earlier? Kekek..but i'm still waiting lot projects of them before they decide to get married n Hiatus for long time
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