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  1. So it looks like A-MAN Project just confirmed Kwon Nara has joined Park Seo Joon's latest drama. I can't help but wonder if this whole rumor was publicity before this announcement. What are the odds? I wouldn't have paid attention to the headline had we not been talking about her and JS all day yesterday. PR is a tricky business but that tactic always seems to work.
  2. Yeah, I agree that whoever is leaking information is from the inside. This isn't the kind of update I wanted during his service. Selfishly, I hate that this will probably be the end of cute messages at his cafe and any other way he could think to reach us. Selflessly, I'm sad that his life has to be like this. If this kind of sabotage happens every time he even looks in a girl's direction, how is he ever going to build a solid relationship worth confirming? It would be so hard not to be resentful over time. At this point, I'm just praying everything blows over and that he can rise above it without too many emotional scars, trust issues, and all his friends intact.
  3. Eek. Not good. I can't say it enough but I really, really hope this doesn't cause any harm to a private relationship, his career, her career, his agency, or his military service. Sometimes I think people forget that JS has a life outside of what we see or know about. The dating rumors have been denied, but Nara was signed by his agency and they did confirm a close relationship between her and him. I can't imagine this won't affect that in some way. I also kind of wish they hadn't confirmed that the two have a close junior/senior relationship because isn't that contradicting the most recent statement about him having resigned while in the military? If she was signed in June and he resigned in February, how can they have a close junior/senior relationship?
  4. Ah, I see why my posts were treated aggressively and why there seems to be a bit of ganging up now. It's a shipping thing. Oh well, makes sense. Personally, this is what I was afraid of. Hopefully the rumors don't get too crazy or interfere with anything.
  5. I hope I’m not being looked down on for worrying or considering every angle. My concern isn’t a lack of trust in him. We all have our own best interest in mind but the world can be cruel and work against us. Sometimes we have to choose between undesirable things that others have thrust upon us and the outcome can’t be what we want or would have chosen for ourselves. He’s only human and is capable of making mistakes or being a victim of other people’s bad choices. I trust him, but I will always worry. I guess it’s just better to keep those worries inside sometimes.
  6. I respect the denial, but I do worry what it means for the relationship if there was some truth to it. I know there are dating rumors that are true but denied because they aren't serious enough to confirm. I'd hate to think a rumor could ruin something he was hoping to keep on the downlow. Once again, not saying that's the case, but it's just common sense that if you're casually dating someone and unsure of your future with them, you'd deny if reports like this were to surface. I also hope this denial isn't going to encourage the originators or other paparazzi types to find where he is and eavesdrop. I don't want anything interfering with his military service or the opinion officials have of him. I really wouldn't want him to be accused of starting the rumor himself for publicity while he's away. Call me a pessimist, but I just want the best for him.
  7. Yes, I saw that too! I've found it really eye-opening that his strength doesn't only lie in acting but also in becoming his character. I think some people are really good at faking real emotion and others are really good at duplicating real emotion. All actors have to do their fair share of both, but I think JS is so successful and good at what he does because he becomes the character he's playing. He said once that he's hard on himself because he's confident that he can do better. I do think he's a perfectionist and his best will never be good enough, but that's the mindset of someone who will always improve. And that proven track record is no joke. When you can watch an interview of him in 2013 stating that he wants to play a psychopath (VIP), star in a romantic drama with Lee Na Young (Bonus Book), and loves coffee so much that he'd want to own a cafe (89 Mansion) all in a minute of each other... it's easy to see that he is going to get what he wants. It's just a matter of time. I will say that a personal setback for me in terms of his interviews is the language barrier. I'm a grammar nerd who oftens observes each and every word of a sentence to get as much out of it as possible. Whether I can't get my hands on the entire interview, it's not translated perfectly, or it's not translated at all, I do yearn for the day I'm good enough at Korean to fully digest every word he says for all that it's worth. In the meantime, I'm eternally grateful to those who put so much effort into translating for us. I do worry about that for a multitude of reasons. I won't list them all, but whether it be his career or his relationship that would suffer, I hope his love for us and his desire to be as honest as possible doesn't complicate things. He said something recently that I could've gotten wrong, but it sounded like he came to the realization that marrying the right person at the right time is more important than the rush to be married. Also that he needs to be in a good place himself. I hope all of those things fall into place at exactly the right time because I really do want him to have it all.
  8. I totally agree with everything you said. I was very concerned for his emotional well-being after seeing the making of WYWS. The directors cut showed him filming the scene where Choi was dying in his arms and after they yelled cut, he was still sobbing and couldn't calm himself down. That scene is heartbreaking as it is... but since he really was sobbing, that means he forced himself to live it. I can't imagine how that messes with a person over time. And sometimes the things he says in interviews add to that concern. He's been very candid about depression, loneliness, and his pursuit of happiness. That's why I mentioned his concern for us the other day and how I hope he's ok too. I can't decide if I think his messages are playful and a good sign that he's doing well or if they're a sign that he's struggling and it's getting harder for him to stay away. Perhap all of the above, huh? All that said, I do think JS is pretty well-rounded. I just think he does everything with passion. He loves hard, cries hard, and puts his all into everything he does.
  9. I had a pretty crappy night but seeing this today made me smile. And then it made me cry. I love all of the clever ways he's managed to reach us. It really helps to know he's still there and counting the days like we are. I know he's always talking about wanting us to be happy and healthy and well, but I really hope he is too. He seemed a little bit weary in the months before he left (understandable). I really hope these next 523 days treat him well and that when we finally do meet again, he's happier than ever. There are a lot of things about him that I miss, but I think his smile is what I miss the most.
  10. My Korean isn't great (currently working on it), but from what I can make of his message, I figured he mentioned going on a trip because it's (he's) too hot where he is. And I then I think he asked where his board went. I know he said "Where did my (blank) go?" Which might explain why he was writing on the window instead of the mirror. But I couldn't get many answers about what 보드판 means, other than board. Then, of course, "I love you". IMO, this message aligns with his "secret code" wall and that was for us. Since the fans are pretty much the only people he's completely isolated from, I assume that's who he's missing. He also wouldn't have to ask someone he's interested in or dating to go on a trip via his cafe wall. And the same goes for "I miss you, I need you..." in english. Don't get me wrong, if he is in a relationship and wanting to share, I would be nothing but happy for him. I just think he's hoping we'll understand him and what he's doing, so I don't want to overcomplicate it or misunderstand. I was thinking about that today and it occured to me that now is when everything is probably hitting him. It isn't unusual for him to take some time off between projects and he enlisted right after filming. Until now, it hasn't been much different from how he's done things many times before. Now we're entering uncharted territory. This is when he'd start preparing for his birthday fan meet-up. This is when he'd start thinking about (or filming) his next project. He'd at least be doing some kind of ads or photoshoots to pass the time. He's hit that fork in the road where things are really going to become uncharted and scary. Maybe all that has forced him to realize how much he misses/needs us? It's really no surprise that he'd be reaching out more often and getting bolder with his messages when you consider it. Not to say that speculating or thinking of every possible scenario isn't fun. What else do we have to do for the next 540 days?
  11. I saw some people questioning if he's leaving these messages for someone special, but it seems pretty obvious to me they're for the fans. He knows we're looking and we're really the only people he can't communicate with or see. I notice there is less and less time between messages. They're also getting more obvious every time. It must really be hitting him now. Where he used to be careful not to say "I love you" or "I miss you", now he's just coming out with it. I hope that's ok. He always seems to reach out when I find myself missing him the most. Like you said @lanieqp, it's so nice to know that he feels it too. Here in America, I think it's a perpetuated idea that celebrities are better than you, don't need you, won't miss you, and that you should be careful not to expect anything [more than the music, TV, or film they make] from them. I've always found that disheartening. Why wouldn't you love and care for the people who love and care for you? I've never seen anyone do that as well as JS. He leaves no room for doubt that he genuinely cares. He feels what we feel, almost as if on cue.
  12. This guy and his mind. I've been blown away by the sweet ways he's managed to reach his fans. This one takes the cake so far. We have another 550+ days to go and sometimes that feels like too much, but he makes it a little bit easier with surprises like this. Today, I couldn't help but think of his farewell letter. When he said, "I really miss you, and I’ll probably miss you more as time goes by, but I will return to you slowly..." That feels like a promise kept.
  13. I've seen quite a few director's cuts available for shows that aired on TvN, so that shouldn't really effect anything. Here's hoping!
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