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  1. I wonder if Jongsuk wrote that message and just put his friends name on it so he couldn't get in trouble. It's the first time a message like this was written from the perspective of one person (they usually just write as 89M) and what they said sounded like something only Jongsuk could say; about having to get all employees on board with the decision, it being a long time dream, and even the last bit about coming back. All of those jobs and feelings and promises are his to have so only he could've been the one to say them. Of course, we all know he isn't allowed to talk to us, so saying all of this as someone else was his only option. I honestly think the hardest part of all of this is that it has to happen while he can't reach out or preoccupy himself with what has always made him the happiest. This may be news to us now, but I'm sure it's something Jongsuk has been dealing with since Covid-19 reared it's ugly head. I'm sure the majority of his second year of enlistment has been really hard and what we're just hearing now is something he knew was coming for a long time. It really hurts to think of him struggling to make these decisions while keeping his head down. He can't vent. He can't preoccupy himself with other projects he loves. He can't go on a trip with friends. He can't even write a final goodbye. I just hope he has a lot of support and that the fact that his discharge is only 150 days way gives him a lot of anticipation and joy. As for why they chose his birthday... well... I'm pretty sure he chose that date and if he did, maybe he's going to look at the last day as a celebration of life instead of the death of a dream.
  2. Yeah, you're right! If he had a contract that only lasted 2 years, his contract would have expired in May. So chances are he'll still be working with them when he gets back. Good catch! It will be nice to see him do at least one more photoshoot/ad for them before his contract expires. I'm very curious to see the things he will do when he returns. I'm sure he's already in talks with different directors, magazines, and companies. Yeah, it is true that they do photoshoots all at once from time to time, but Jongsuk has definitely done multiple photoshoots with them. It's likely that they'll want another before their contract with him runs out.
  3. I was on YT the other day and came across this video of Jongsuk rehearsing for his fanmeeting in Taiwan back in 2016. I hadn't seen it or anything like it before, so it made my day. It doesn't have many views, so I thought I'd bring it here. Hopefully its new to some of you but even if it isn't, it could probably still cheer you up. How can a person be so adorable? I can't believe we have 5 months left, and I mean that in both ways it can be taken. Like he said last year, time is flying and dragging at the same time.
  4. Sigh, yeah. I realize that we were so blessed and fortunate to have 89 Mansion while JS is gone. Even more so when he would leave us notes every month. Now that it's gone (for now), it really makes you realize what a gift we were given. I find myself wondering how Jongsuk is doing. It just seems like he's had to give up so much in the last year and a half. Now his cafe too? It was his happy place, a big accomplishment, and his only remaining window to his fans. I really hope he is keeping his head up and pushing forward through all of this virus garbage.
  5. So she gifted the truck to everyone on the set of Itaewon Class, but that's kind of my point. The ball was in her court and she decided to bring it back to JS. It just bothers me that the rumors that could've gotten him in trouble never dies because she consistently brings doubt back to anyone paying attention. As for the sweatshirt, I'm guessing it's just a crappy coincidence that is going to amplify rumors and theories that the original article about him dating Nara is true. I know what you're saying and I agree with you that as a member of A-Man, the company needs to promote her. I have no problem with that. I just worry about Nara bringing the dating rumor back into existence every time she independently chooses to support something Jongsuk is associated with. If they sent the truck to her, I'd feel differently. This has nothing to do with Nara and more to do with respecting (and protecting) Jongsuk while he's enlisted. That dating rumor could've really hurt him and the more people believe certain things about it, the more they'll be willing to believe others (and keeping the rumors alive in general). He can't defend himself and he can't reassure anyone about anything, so it all just seems a little unfair to him. Everything that anyone thinks about this situation is completely in the hands of Nara and fans who speculate what this means or if that's him. I just feel bad for the guy.
  6. He also wore it on his episode of 3 meals a day so we know he kept it. I probably shouldn't say anything, but Nara makes me incredibly nervous. She seems like a sweet girl and I'm happy that Jongsuk and crew are helping her out and being supportive, but ever since JS started his service, every sign that leads to him breaking rules has been connected to her. The rumors about him actively managing her while enlisted, the press conference where the media insinuated that he was still doing it, and now this? Celebrities make headlines when they share the food trucks they recieve and the fact that someone tall with a sweatshirt he owns is in the back? I'm not saying it's him, but if people were inclined to believe it was (which has obviously already started), couldn't those rumors bring back the scandal of him being too active in her career while enlisted? Usually when you're a good friend of (or dating, though they denied that) someone, you lay way lower than this. Her signing up to his agency, constantly receiving coffee trucks from his cafe, constantly bringing the conversation back to him... it just makes me nervous. I do not want him to get in trouble.
  7. I feel like the media and some fans have decided to ignore Jongsuk when he said they weren't dating and are continuing to talk to/about Nara as if they are. How would the reporter (or anyone) know that he gave her advice when choosing her latest drama? To frame a question as if he is playing an active role in her career when it was already established that he isn't allowed to do that right now is really crappy. I thought she handled it well by referring to him as "sunbae" and directing the attention away from him, but whoever subtitled that video tried making it look more intimate by using his name instead. It makes me uneasy to see this narrative play out when he has no way of setting the record straight or influencing how people feel about it. I also don't like it for the fans. It's like Jongsuk said one thing and everyone else (including Nara at times) are saying another. At a time like this when there is so much distance between us and him, it isn't a good feeling to have people acting like what he's said is wrong and continue with a narrative he can't control. I didn't like it when Nara sent a 89 Mansion cart to a friend while he was doing his training either. It felt like it was behind his back and a way to keep the rumor about them from dying. I'm not sure this is coming across the way I mean for it to because I'm not sure I fully understand why it's rubbing me wrong. I just think I feel protective, not wanting anything to go wrong between now and January 2nd. This rumor feels like a threat, whether it gets him in trouble, dampens his reputation, or makes his fans doubt him.
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