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  1. 5 hours ago, miaka fy said:

    @kur4p1k4 Awawaa dear I hope mine is already send and also for people in L.A

    I really hope we can receive what we command it and also god I always support WOH forever. Did you command something too? Will post it when I receive....Much love for our WOH. We need to support it!!!

    Sure I watch many other series too but WOH is always have a petit plus :heart:

    btw it's still work the page 锦鲤拿趣/优酷模玩 《山河令》官方Q版系列手办 吊卡公仔桌面摆件-tmall.com天猫


    For other viewers for WOH...

    If you like WOH and just because this ''affair'' you change your idea...that is really sad. The acting and the characters bring us so much love inside this pandemic.  Bring some light inside the dark period in the world...remember ZZS X WKX forever.


    @miaka fy Yeah the link still worked but it said that they already took down the product so you can't buy it anymore, the one that I saw you can only buy the WKX figurine, no more ZZS figurine on sale.

    Luckily I hadn't buy anything. I was actually waiting for people to photo the figurine when they got them so I can actually see the final result, since I don't know this company I don't know how good their figurine is and I don't want to waste money on ugly figurines.


    I think it's just sad that ZZS a character that ZZH played got the backlash from all this "scandal". I still love WoH, I still love ZZS, I just hope that they won't take down WoH from Youtube. This is all just a very unfortunate situation overall.


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  2. @miaka fy Again I respect your opinion and that's that


    Regarding your order yeah I saw the Taobao listing for the figurine they only list WKX figurine now. But maybe they will still honor the old pre order, it is already halfway to August, it should be on the finishing and packaging stage by now if they want to ship by September for all the orders. I hope they at least honored international order which I think is safer than domestic order, if not I hope you can get a refund. Good luck :thumbsup:

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  3. Regarding ZZH's scandal the only thing I could say it's unfortunate. As far as I know, the one in Yasukuni Shrine it was an old photos in 2018 and he took it down before when his fans informed him what Yasukuni infamous for. But yeah nothing is ever really gone from internet.

    I think that an actor is a public figure that means it entails a certain degree of public persona and conduct that you have to adhere to, if ZZH just a normal citizen probably nobody cares if he posted the photos at Yasukuni, but sadly as an actor in c-ent you do have to adhere to Chinese people morality and point of view. Whether we as an international fan agree or not with this view is irrelevant, since we're not Chinese people and we don't live through the generational trauma that WW2 with Japan took its toll on Chinese people.


    @miaka fy Also I just want to say just because Cambodia as a nation never express resentment toward the country that bombed them to ruin, that does not mean that all their citizens have the same idea. There are millions of people in Cambodia with millions of opinion, just because you never heard it does not mean it does not exist. So please don't bring Cambodia and its people to this, it's just bad comparison, unless you're Cambodian, then that's your opinion and I won't say anything about it again.

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  4. Yeah this is a really fillery adaptation just like @impoppies said. The fight is bad, too many unnecessary close up scenes during fighting, they pretty much tell you all the mystery of the plot, too many army stuffs, which I don't care about, I want to watch about jianghu! Not imperial things! They add so many filler scenes that just slowed down the whole story :facepalm:

    And the most disappointing things I really don't feel anything for Qiao feng so far, and he's my fave character in the series, which just make the whole watch not enjoyable at all. Sorry for being a downer, for other TLBB fans I hope you can enjoy it more than me, but yeah most likely I'll just stop watching or just put it in the background if I have nothing else to watch.

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  5. Just a nice composition from this person


    Cr: 溺爱_1129x0511



    This one I'll just put it under spoiler since I couldn't find the owner, also I'm not even sure whether it's photoshop or not. It looks legit to me, the clothing they wear, the background nothing weird, the timing for them to record Tian Wen seems about right, but couldn't verify so take it however you want. Maybe one of y'all seen it before, but this is the first time I stumbled upon it.



    Credit to the owner




    I wish there were more scenes of ZZS flirting toward WKX, I feel like WKX will just die on the spot lol, if ZZS is actually seriously flirting back


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  6. 3 minutes ago, Wuzetian said:

    Thanks! Will try to check out the rest for those available. Apparently I saw some news saying there was a fan adaptation of TYK and using these voice actors for the actual audio book. But now the project was sold hence everything stopped. 


    I don't really know about how the audio drama production goes but it seems like they are finishing it soon,

    This is the cover for their final season of the audio drama



    I guess they are able to finished it finally, good for all Tian Ya Ke fans.


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  7. Happy birthday to Priest! 06/13, creator of Tian Ya Ke, luckily not too late yet

    This is the cover picture from the audio drama.



    The one thing I'm always sad about for any BL adaptation the authors never said too much about their live action drama adaptation. I hope Priest actually like WoH, even though it's quite different from what she wrote. Too bad she will probably never answer any questions about it, I really want to know what she thinks about it.


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  8. 8 minutes ago, Wuzetian said:

    One of the main reasons of success is because of the real struggles between evil and kindness that we all can relate to in our current world. Ultimately, love conquers all. Just one thing that I'm surprised with Douban is that concerts can be reviewed too? Thought only for dramas...

    Douban have all kind of review for movie, books,musics, anime, manga, etc. But yeah concert is rare, whoever upload it put it under movie category. So I don't know maybe it just fulfill all the criteria for uploading the concert to be rated in Douban, that's why the moderator cannot exactly not allowed it to be rated.

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  9. 18 minutes ago, Wuzetian said:

    It is even higher than the drama rating itself correct? Drama is still 8.6?


    Jun Jun's eyes only for Laopo


    Correct, the series still 8.6, which I think is an excellent rating especially in douban, which is notorious for being very harsh  on rating anything. I love WoH, but even I can see some plothole, bad fighting scene, rushed editing, low production value, typical storyline etc. But WoH, for me anyway, just have something that I just can't explain that I love, the found family, the relationship between WenZhou, Chengling and ZZS, Ah Xiang and WKX, Ah Xiang and CWN, Chengling and WKX, even Xie'er and Zhao Jing (not my fave since I just see it as child abuse but it is an interesting relationship to analyse), ZZS struggle with himself, WKX struggle with his hatred and  himself, and WKX finding there might be something to live for other than revenge, etc. I can believe the characters struggle, the world of jianghu that is selfish but also chivalrous, people's greed and kindness that motivate their choices. WoH is by no means perfect objectively, but for me it's a show that just hit it right for all the things I love. 

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  10. On 4/2/2021 at 10:43 AM, kur4p1k4 said:


    35 minutes ago, Wuzetian said:

    Thanks! Will try later. By the way, do you have Ma Jie's earlier interview where she mentioned some of the criteria that she wants in the CP actors? Like experience actors, single, etc? 


    I'm just thinking why Youku hasn't subbed the backstage interview until today.  Sigh.

    Hahaha, have to go back to my own post to find it. Luckily can still found it:doggie:

    Oh you still have your Ultimate pass? I guess Youku plan worked :lol:

    One of the funny thing, if you haven't watch the interview yet is GJ in real life is totally different from WKX, according to Ma-jie, when she saw GJ is very quiet and didn't talk much she's like "We're screwed" lol

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  11. 1 hour ago, Wuzetian said:

    Was about to post this too! Do you know where to listen to the whole interview?

    Original video: https://live.media.weibo.com/live/show?id=1022:23205087f1a1384d11b7b81edaf169aa8a6e1b

    But this is the whole interview with other director, producer, writers, scriptwriters from other series that has the same circumstances like WoH, not famous IP, no "traffic" actor. It's very encouraging to see so many women on stage that handles the management sides and all of them achieve success even without having big IP to adapt.


    If you want the translation and just snippet about WoH go to this person twitter they have a good translation on most WoH contents.



    I usually like to post the twitter thread but since it's pretty new I think the person hasn't organise it yet into a thread so just keep scrolling down their main feed until you found the video.

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  12. 1 hour ago, Wuzetian said:


    Apparently he did say that dialogue after WKX gifted ZZS the hairpin. So he didnt mind kissing WKX? @kur4p1k4 @deltos @Yumiyue


    (Brief translation based on Google Picture Translate : ZZS : I feel after saying this I should stand up and turn around.....)


    I think, if it's a BG drama yeah that's a plausible scene if you want to put in a kiss scene. Is he serious about it? Maybe, which for me there's nothing wrong with that suggestion, an actor if it's a real LGBTQ+ drama he shouldn't mind kissing another actor, irrespective of his sexual preference in real life.


    @Yumiyue Also you will be happy Netflix also change the summary from royal magistrate to disillusioned former leader of assassins.


    14 hours ago, Wuzetian said:

    Just checked Youku English channel. Apparently there are no ads in the episodes. Currently uploaded till Episode 30 only. Good news for International Fans!

    Why do they need separate channel for different languages seems a bit dumb for me, to spread out the viewing number to different videos? I saw they also set up different channel for spanish, thai, vietnam, indonesia, etc.

    Also no ads, are you sure, even on mobile?


    17 hours ago, deltos said:

     It was only a matter to time before Netflix adjusted the subs- if for nothing, they really haven't had a viewer population that has a high rewatch factor like woh. New viewers have no idea that the subs are off. LOL


    Where do you get that info that WoH has high rewatch? Netflix usually pretty secretive about their viewing number. And do netflix even keep track of their Asian drama viewing number?

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  13. 1 hour ago, SC2019 said:

    @kur4p1k4    Jin Yu is the adopted son, he is the son of the General. I thought it would have made a better fit for Jin Li to be the adopted son, but turns out they've intentionally made it so.

    Yup, saw that, finally finished Imperial Coroner!! I think maybe the writer wants to make Jin Yu more equal with Chu Chu since both of them are from the same family that was falsely accused of treason. I'm fine with either Jin Yu or Jin Li as the adopted son, but they kind of already set it up when Chu Chu said that Jin Yu facial feature is different from Princess Xiping and Jin Li.


    So about the ending I actually like it, finally Chu Chu become a coroner, I don't feel it's rushed, it's actually a good satisfying ending. Even though that means she and Jin Yu is not married yet right? The wedding is a just a ruse and they don't actually go through with it right?

    I don't feel it's a rushed ending, the one I feel rushed it's actually when they captured both Eunuch Qin and Minister Xue. Eunuch Sun Ming De made the mistake of leaving evidence when killing the doctor, also even the reason of killing the doctor to force Minister Han to accuse Princess Xiping of lying to the emperor seems very forced, for me anyway this is one of the plot line they could actually delete and I don't think it will affect the story much it might actually give the story more breathing room for the other plot line. And then just killing Sun Ming De in the middle of the room, it's just not like Eunuch Qin.

    Also Minister Xue even though all his plans are thwarted by Jin Yu at every turn but he still insist on trying to kill Jin Yu and overthrow the emperor by going to the wedding, which he knows is most likely a trap seems obtuse for him, any good strategist knows you always choose your own battlefield, never fight on the battlefield chosen by your enemy.

    So yeah it's just feel like they have to capture all the bad guys, stop the uprising, make Chu Chu a coroner and make sure that the emperor approve Jin Yu relationship with Chu Chu in 4 episodes.


    Also the last revelation that Minister Xue is a fake and not the real Duke Chang was a nice plot twist, don't know if it's true or not. It might explain somewhat how he can fake his ancestry to Minister Jing, since he was never the real Duke Chang.


    In summary it's a good show, I enjoyed watching it, if there is  a season 2 I hope its goes more with actually checking more weird cases. All the plotting and sabotaging is fun since they plot it coherently and logically, but I was expecting more like procedural cases type of show from the title "Imperial Coroner", like Judge Bao type of show. Romance it's fine it's not overbearing or melodramatic, surprisingly straightforward. All the casts are convincing in their role. But if there's no season 2 I'm also fine, this is a good stand alone drama that doesn't need additional season.


    TL;DR: It's a good show, worth a watch


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  14. 7 hours ago, Wuzetian said:

    He has guards but why isnt he on private planes maybe there's a price tag to it? Not sure if other celebs also use private plans...If only the majority of his fans are truly the ones who support him in his work and not being saesang fans...But I do hope he set the bar of zero tolerance towards this kind of behaviour and actions are taken against such individuals...


    13 hours ago, deltos said:

    This saddens me a bit. During a live ZZH was asked how things are different he said, 

    ...now  i feel that i'm being trapped, just like a bird that's being caged, can't fly out, like being trapped :tears:

    in the hotel and in the car that time when i went to film 跑男 when i was going back (?), i roll down my car's window bc its all the crew's car so i looked out of the window, then i really just want to go out on the street and take a walk, then go and eat street food then talk with the people on the street..... but now is not convenient to do so (and can't fulfill this wish now) bc some fans just like to follow you and take photos every time, actually this will affect a person's life.


    That is the price of being an actor though, that just means that you are in demand, of course your private life still has to be respected but Asian (korea, japan, china mostly in this context) entertainment fans seems don't have that kind of notion.

    And imho, private plane are too much it might just cause more unnecessary publicity for him.

    Most of the unruly ones are sasaeng fans I think, the ones are over the top, I just hope they use more common sense, all those fans are bordering harassment towards ZZH. He just have to endure for a few months, this kind of things will die down eventually, hopefully anyway.


    Also good news, Netflix actually fix the subtitle for all the pet names, so Ah Xu is Ah Xu not Zhou Xu anymore, yay for complaining :lol:

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  15. Finally got to episode 30!! It was a bit slow during episode 20-24 for me, they finally ramped up the speed after that. All the plot unraveling is so good, and everything is the consequence of the previous rebellion and struggle in the palace add a really good cohesion to the story and central motivation for most of the characters in the story. 


    Jin Yu, Jin Li, Leng Yue, Jing Li, Chu Chu,  I just love their friendship, they just always wants to support each other and be each other wing man/woman lol.

    Jin Li princess carry Jin Yu was so :Woah: I wanna see the bts when they did this scene, no way he did it in one go :lol:

    Jin Yu just skip to proposing to Chu Chu with no preamble was so shocking!! But also very Jin Yu once he knows what his feelings are he'll immediately act, good man! He was so annoying when he keeps getting angry with Chu Chu in earlier episodes when Chu Chu tried to do something for him and Chu Chu just keep apologising, just make me want to slap the guy. Luckily he redeem himself imho by being straightforward towards Chu Chu and talking to her about his feelings for her. 


    Jin Yu or Jin Li is the adopted baby? If Jin Yu the adopted one, it will add a nice fated cohesion that he and Chu Chu are both baby that was born from a corpse, and you don't have to be blood related to have a sense of justice and a keen mind like Xiao Heng. If Jin Li is the adopted one, and Jin Yu is Princess Xiping's biological son, I think it add character to Jin Yu that he's a guy that really doesn't care about status for people that he likes. So yeah I'm fine with either route.


    And the interaction between Minister Xue and Jin Yu when Minister Xue keep trying to get whatever evidence he could get or even Chu Chu but Jin Yu keep giving a good reason not to give it to him. I can feel Minister Xue already knows all the rebuttal that Jin Yu will give but has to do it anyway, somehow I can feel his frustration but also resignation that he has to improvise his plan.


    Also the irony that Eunuch Qin is information collector but Minister Xue can plot for so long under his nose without him even noticing, just shows that Eunuch Qin has been too comfortable in his place of power and too obsessed with Xue Heng to notice anyone else. Can't wait to watch when he meet Duke Chang as himself, he'll get shock of his life.

    Also the eunuch Jin Bao, really thought he was a double agent for Duke Chang, but apparently he's the emperor's agent is a nice surprise. I guess the emperor still plotting how to take back the power from the eunuchs. Also one thing I like is that everybody has their own agenda and desire which might or might not affect other people's plot. It's like everybody have to carefully plan and counter-plan if anything goes awry, which will happen! I have to pay attention and keep guessing who is affiliated with who and which factions.


    Leng Yue's grandpa General Leng, not a bad guy was a relief. I was a bit suspicious before the arc in the military barrack, since by all accounts during Tang era, military commander rebelling is like par of the course. And finally the explanation about the missing record, another thing I like about the drama, whatever they show or talk about in earlier episodes they always remember to give the explanation.


    So far I'm enjoying the show, the dubbing probably is the weakest part, which is  why I tend to avoid looking at their mouth when they're speaking:sweat_smile: Also Chu Chu's actor Su Xiao Tong, I like her original voice and I think it fits Chu Chu's character, too bad she has to be dubbed.

    So yeah we'll see whether I will like the ending or not, since I saw that some people says that it felt rushed.


    On 5/25/2021 at 2:29 PM, Emerald Snow said:

    Welcome to the party!  It was never explained how Minister Xue became Prince An's teacher.  He probably studied really hard, took the civil exam and placed well, then worked his way up to being in charge of the Hanlin Academy.  Jinli is just a super overprotective mother hen, which we all love.  I rarely see a brother so worried about his brother being portrayed in a drama.  It's usually the brother being overprotective of his sister, but I agree that younger brothers need love too!

    Oh that's too bad they never really explained it, since he's also recommended by Minister Jing, who so far, seems very protective of Jin Yu and the safety of the empire. The fact that he can fooled Minister Jing is pretty amazing, since he looks to be a person that's very careful about anything, unless of course Minister Jing is also plotting with Duke Chang, gah! I hope not, Jing Yi will be devastated:persevere:


    Sorry for the long post :mrgreen:

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  16. 11 minutes ago, Wuzetian said:

    Yes I knew she was paired with ZY. I saw the video both of them introducing one another. And MZY was telling ZY she saw her performance in WOH. Both of them were so cute praising one another in their roles WOH and TU respectively. But I cant get to share the video as it was on fb. Think one of their assignment in the variety show was to sing correct? 


    This is the introduction


    This is the singing, I don't know why they're singing but Zhou Ye not bad here


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  17. Also I don't know if you know about ZZH propensity to tell cold joke, apparently Zhou Ye is doing the same joke in her current variety show that's airing now, like wth?! Zhou Ye stop learning joke from ZZH, he's an old man lol, his sense of humour is off!:lol:

    There's also Meng Zi Yi, she's Zhou Ye's roommate in the show, which I hope one day Zhou Ye and her can act as sisters or even cousins someday, they look so alike and cute together.

    If you don't know Meng Zi Yi is in the Untamed as one of the Wen siblings, forgot her character first name :sweat_smile: Pretty sure she's in other drama but I only ever saw her in TU


    16 minutes ago, Wuzetian said:

    Omg! Such beautiful art! Thanks for the recommendation! That's very true...Looking back really brings us so much of laughter...Recently there's so much of sugar going on...Guess you must have seen it on the super topics on weibo...


    Hahaha, not really, but as long as you guys are happy, that's good. :allgoodlol:

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  18. Cr:@agikun


    Please see this twitter thread for the rest of the arts, very good artist.


    Also modern WKX and ZZS


    Cr: 及时行乐为先



    @Wuzetian Hahaha, looking at their first day shooting, ZZH look like triad big bro bringing his new little bro for the initiation into the triad. Can't believe in just 3 months ZZH transformed into a wife/princess/fairy ZZS to lotsa people, and GJ become flirt master WKX with puppy eyes :joy:


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