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  1. the way he said "it's okay" omg I'm dying I know it's probably nothing but the way he said it aldlglla encompassed so much feelings like acceptance, assurance and trust idek anymore Ryan is truly gold
  2. just finished watching ep 8 with subs,, oh no I felt so terrible at the end when she let go of his hand agh it was so sad knowing Ryan's issues with the holding of hands. Strangely enough, I kind of like CDI (for now) - though she was a bitxh, she admitted she was one and perhaps felt a little guilty and was fully self aware and sometimes, I get it it's hard to see a person you love so much with other people and jealousy just kicks in (but def not justifying what she did tho). And she only acted like that because of what EG told her, before that when she saw them happily making the wood stuff, she actually left so yeah. I just hope they don't make her go on full bish mode as we progress cos that would just suck lol. EG on the other hand, he doesn't even know and he's acting like some self righteous brat which ticks me off even more lol. I hate the "I've spent more time with her so I know her more!" kind of richard simmons lol it doesn't work that way, relationships are all about the mutual respect and giving people they space they need and supporting them regardless and he's not giving DM any of that. so. yeah. Hope Ryan and DM clear their misunderstanding soon!!!
  3. ahh, right. But my gosh that doesn't make sense to me, promises mum to not kill dad, but proceeds to kill other innocent people on a super large scale and framed JI's dad?? I just find it so, what??? it's just so unbelievable. I cant.
  4. okay like maybe I missed out something because I haven't rlly watched the episodes properly "properly" but is there a reason why SM couldn't just kill his dad straight on? without having to stab the women and creating the fire? somebody fill me in?
  5. I saw the 16s trailer and it showed LA crying when he saw SM being arrested, so I think he's alive
  6. yep, I'm going to hop onto the other drama ships now baha - ooh Confession, I was planning to start this after HIP! I'm also going to try doctor prisoner, and have heard good things about it from friends
  7. haha yep, that's true, I'm not that big a fan of romance, so it's natural i'm not that really into those sort of scenes. The issue i have with this drama is that i feel the director tries to balance the romance and the thriller crime stuff, but it just feels so lopsided to me, like i don't know why. The unfolding of the story is a little too draggy for my liking, like it's just not progressive enough - things are finally starting to come together but the aha! and ""ohhhhh so it's like that.." moments aren't as impactful as i would like it to be, but i guess this is mostly my own issue.
  8. *gulps* unpopular opinion most likely but I wished they cut down on the romance and kiss scenes lol, it's so damn distracting while I'm losing my shiz trying to find out the truth behind this whole case
  9. I was thinking about something- could it be that SM wants LA to read him so desperately not only because well yeah he wants LA to help him but also because he wants LA to get a read on his 'father'? because of how they're so similar
  10. yep! and even though the masked man has already gone for LA, it was more of like an accidental meeting as well, as if he wasn't targeting LA at all in the first place so I'm very puzzled about the obsession with JI. And Sungmo honestly seems to care more for JI than LA (oops) from the way he acts, like how he laughs when JI is the topic of conversation. I've always thought the connection between LA and JI was only the fact that LA's parents were supposedly killed by JI's father, but it seems like there could be something more and only SM knows it. Also I remember previously in the memories when SM came to pick LA up, JI hid quickly behind the pillar or something - why though? Was it because she was ashamed of her father? argh so many questions!!!
  11. one question that I have is: why is the 'father' so obsessed with jaein? seeing all the photos of her he had in that burnt phone of his, why not lee ahn? is it because of her father? or she reminds him of sungmo's mum? (quite unlikely)
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