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  1. Hai, guys it's been a while. Do you guys watch the video in Twitter at the account named cnyod? Ldw went to see gong yoo new movie and there's inna manager too but who is the girl who walk with him (that's obviously not unnie)? I'm so curious do you guys have any clue?
  2. Watch preview for ep.11 Right now I'm just squealing over the top!!! Oh my heart just jumping all over place. I can't just can't handle those sexual tension. https://giphy.com/gifs/justin-bieber-danger-squealing-O0i1qDmzQViM
  3. From one of jaeuck fans that i follow when comes to kiss scene she always saying (bcs people who hate jaeuck says that he can't kiss or lack of the skill) "just waiting, just waiting that will be coming. Special technique of jaeuck" she called it "vacuum cleaner" I don't know what it's mean until today. Maybe we see a little spoiler for that technique
  4. @Artheusa yeah i think so, but TvN just post it today as a bts. What matter is why they have to make that kind of caption. And there's no kiss on ep 7 - 8 right, they have 2 kiss the first one is fake and the second one is doekmi imagination. Yeah they really like to troll us
  5. @blademan go check this link https://www.instagram.com/tvndrama.official/p/BxHKsxqJwSm/?utm_source=ig_share_sheet&igshid=13gjn59e4pwmh
  6. TvN said their first kiss occurred between Ryan's house until they were in the car. Hope this will be reconciliation kiss or i will curse TvN until next week
  7. Yasss same with me even at GOT ep 3 i tried not to expecting anything bcs you know what GOT will do to you if you hope someone die/life. And then HPL happen, it's cute and smooth that make you think like any other rom-com. Follow doekmi imagination and hope. and how ryan even make reservations for restaurant before he really admit his felling, we never know what he really want to do if that scene happen. Until the director cut it just like that. I'm furiooosss
  8. He also wear that bracelet on wrap up party btw https://twitter.com/cnyod/status/1117948029657473024?s=19 Did the flower are blooming????
  9. He also wear that bracelet on wrap up party btw https://twitter.com/cnyod/status/1117948029657473024?s=19 Did the flower are blooming????
  10. @MsMagic actually i'm currently looking to that photo on that social media account too. Did we need to do a flip flop right now?
  11. Hai, election day here in my country. Politics make everything hot. So is there something new? Any details photo or vid will do make me happy
  12. I think stylish, pd nim and other production team are also shipper. Hahaha I don't know how many times i caught pd nim smiling when ldw and yin being playful with each other.
  13. He said that KJR have 30% of himself right? After he said that, when i watch tyh i always try to find which part of kjr is ldw himself
  14. Asking why they have to delete these photo btw? I don't get it ~~ sorry
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