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  1. Lee Dong Wook has been spotted at someone's wedding party today. Besides, there was Gong Yoo and they did cute bromantic hands heart while posing for group picture.
  2. Wookie is explaining what fans who attend his upcoming fan muting can do to participate in some games. So if you're going to his Fm don't miss the chance and check VLIVE notices section.
  3. It's officially confirmed that Wookie will attend fest in Manila on 5th October. Here is his message! Lucky fans from Philippines. So happy for you!
  4. Who's that " One of Korea’s BIGGEST stars is COMING BACK to Manila to grace the #LoveKOrea Culture & Travel Fiesta 2019. Who is he? Watch out for the grand reveal on Monday, September 23rd " - that's the message and there is clear hint it's Lee Dong Wook because of abbreviation LDW used in video posted by #KTOmanila. If it's true, fans from Philippines are so lucky to see our LDW.
  5. We have two covers for @esquire.korea October edition. Looks like it's Wookie's collaboration with Gucci since he wears totally Gucci on both covers.
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