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  1. I totally agree. Given how long she's been in the business, I'm sure she must have matured earlier than her peers. Plus her chosen profession is not an easy path to take. With how famous she is (and I presume, how rich she must be now), she needs a mature man who is confident and accomplished himself. I'm not surprised that she has taken this long to find her match tbh. I don't want to see her being the prime carer and lead the man in the relationship that's why I'm not sold out on a much younger man for her. I want her being pampered and being taken cared of by someone who's equally matured as she is.
  2. @randomlee I had to go and read your post quickly in the other thread to understand where your post was coming from. And after reading that and your post here, I must say that I perfectly understand you. I am new to "shipping" myself so I don't consider myself an expert on this.But as I understand it "shipping" could take on 2 forms: 1) you ship the couple in real life, or, 2) you ship the couple as their characters in the drama. For me I am definitely in the first form. I like and support strongly Hb & SYJ to be a couple in real life. And if I'd ever end up "shipping" them as their characters in CLL, I don't know for now as I would have to see how the writer will develop their storyline and characters. I'd like to think that most of the Binjin shippers and SYJ fans are matured or open-minded people to respect each other's taste and POV. You have always clearly said your stand on Binjin and I know how happy you are in Binjin-related posts and news. I always look forward to your posts as well and I'm sure others in this thread do as well. So please continue posting here. @Loveumore I don't see anything wrong about your posts as well. In fact they clearly reflect also how much you love Binjin couple. On another note, I'm really very much impatient now with the lack of any news about CLL. I've never been this impatient with a drama project before. Is this normal for a drama project to have absolutely no PR news given this time period? I'm apprehensive with how much secrecy the production has imposed on this drama tbh. Will we even get a presscon? And if there's one, will there even be a Q & A on the stars. I'm so looking forward to it and at the same time so so so nervous about it as well.
  3. I've actually watched that whole episode of Lee Junghyun's guesting in My Ugly Duckling. I was also at first taken aback when she said SYJ came with them on their honeymoon, but after some thought, I was reminded that another similar thing happened to another celebrity before (though I can't anymore recall that kceleb's name anymore)...What struck me in that episode was how gracious and good-natured Junghyun is. This is the same impression I also get from her other female celebrity friends of the 7 Cinderella group from the various shows I've seen of them through the years being an avid watcher of variety shows. And to think that it was SYJ who was their "bridge" to make them close to each other. She must really be such a good judge of character herself. As they say "tell me who your friends are, and I'll tell you who you are". You always gravitate to people who are similar to you.
  4. @Loveumore Thank you for posting your POV. As for me, I'm hopeful that there will be a happy ending for them in the drama. I've seen most of the writer's works (about 6 of them) and she has always given the viewers feel-good endings. Happy ending or not, I have such high hopes for the drama not only because I believed in HB & SYJ's talents but also because I am highly impressed with the writer's works so far. I love her witty lines and I am so amazed how she comes up with her storylines. Glad to read here the Jang Donggun-Go soyoung connection to our couple I've actually broached that topic before in SYJ's thread and said that HB & SYJ might be so similar to what happened to them. Unfortunately no one reacted on that note so it just ended there. Anyways, as it's been so quiet the past few days with not even a whisper on what's been happening now with our couple, I just wanted to post part of what has been translated before of SYJ's The Fact interview as posted in SYJ's thread (for the whole article it's on p. 596 there, cr fchopin). I chose this part coz not only HB has seen the "real" SYJ but she did that also with him and the facets she appreciated about him are the most important ones that mattered. Her answers may be short but it says a lot. Working together for almost two months, do you see similar or different working styles? I also wonder about your rapport with actor Hyun Bin. I sensed it at the time of filming, but when I was scheduled to attend stages all over the country, I realized Hyun Bin is full of charms. He’s usually reserved but very humorous. Not just me, he listened to other people very well. I am grateful for the wonderful actor and the pleasant memories of good work. Son Ye-jin and Hyun Bin were born in 1982 and are the same age. They were the subjects of a hot topic in the early days of the fact that the pair of actors in their 30s who are well-balanced in performance and acting abilities. In addition, it was a special collaboration because the relationship between them was replaced by the confrontation of 'enemies' rather than 'between lovers'. "Even we are in the same age, we did not have a chance to talk," she said. "I’d like to try acting face to face in another work."
  5. Welcome to Binjin thread I'm really happy this thread is growing and doubly happy to meet fellow HB loyal fans who got on board this ship. It's quite rare, as randomlee said previously, to meet actor's fans who become shippers, as they mostly just devote only on the actor himself. It's mostly the actress' side who are shippers and eventually become a fan of the paired actor they find compatible with her. That's why I only posted my shipping POVs in SYJ's and Binjin thread as consideration and respect to other fans in HB's thread. I know, right? They are so sync that it's mind-boggling and goosebumps inducing.... I'll just post an MV which perfectly captured their moments in line with this theme. I couldn't help but repeat 4:02 again and again Same. I love how HB treats her and how he seemed to even delve into SYJ's line of thinking and thought processes. A man who does that for a woman means that he wants to know her deeply. I'm suspecting HB has been eyeing her for a long time. He has admitted watching many of her works. And the same goes for SYJ. @randomlee Thank you so much for posting the Ceci interview. It helps us know more about HB. And the more one knows about him, the more one admires him... It's pretty fascinating how HB at that time already had a very realistic and mature outlook about marriage. If he was thinking about marriage then, how much more now, he's more than ready. I'm looking forward to that day.
  6. I couldn’t help but comment further as a longtime SYJ fan. But first I want to make it clear that anything I say is based on my speculations and female intuition. And I know that we all have different perceptions and the way I perceived things may not be what others think to be so. Until now, I strongly believe that it is a mutual attraction with HB & SYJ. In SYJ’s case, the tell-tale signs are hard to see at first, but they are there. Through the years (though I may not have been so focused then with SYJ’s personal life as I am now) I have watched many of her interviews and press conferences. She has always appeared very confident in them and at times reveal her tomboyish nature. It was only in her appearances with HB that I first saw glimpses of a shy and girly/feminine SYJ. I say glimpses, because they are all very subtle and brief. The hair tucks and sparkling glances are so wonderful to see. This was what first triggered a warning bell in me. Not having screencaptured the said instances, I could only post the following MVs: At 2:55 of the Perfect MV, you can clearly see SYJ subconsciously stepping near to HB’s side and leaning her head almost on his shoulder. In this More than Friends MV, such sparkle in SYJ’s eyes when she looked at him in 1:34 is undeniable to see. This might be during times when they were reviewing their takes. Further down at 2:26 where SYJ’s glance at HB was so conveniently enlarged by the screen at their back. Same with SYJ, this is the only instance I know that she is close and hangs out with a male colleague. All I’ve seen and read of her are her close female friends like the Seven Cinderellas. And with their admission that they are indeed close, I am very much pleased. We only get close to people we like. Unlike when one is younger, it is an admitted fact that as one grows older, the more our world grows smaller as we become more choosy with the friends we decide to keep and develop. Given the stage where their life is at now, the fact that they chose to get closer to each other means a lot. They both openly acknowledge that they feel that they have this “connection”. And further reading what this connection entails on HB’s part in his Esquire interview, it isn’t definitely superficial only.
  7. @randomlee the same thing crossed my mind. I remember how HB was so happily smiling when SYJ pointed this out. I was actually surprised when SYJ answered this. I was expecting her to answer in a very generic way to play safe. Yet, she surprised me once again with how candid she can be that time. So different now after the rumors came out. Her IG posts (or non-osts for several months) reflect this change of attitude. Thus, I'm really so surprised how some anti-fans can accuse HB&SYJ and the CLL people of media-hyping their so-called "romance". What planet are they living in when it's quite the opposite of what's actually happening. We Binjin fans can hardly get any news at all except for little bits here and there. And though I've already prepared myself long before that both of them will become more wary and extra-careful, I didn't expect it will be this bad. I'm hoping in the coming weeks, more BTS and pics will be released. Thanks btw for your updates in the CLL thread. I've just survived a hellish week and reading them there made me feel better. They're my happy pill.
  8. Ditto. May the dreams that mean most to him and every desire of his heart come true. Happiest birthday HB!!!
  9. Yup let us savor everything as much as possible. The haters are just jealous. That's what I glean from how vicious the statements have grown, most especially after HB's Esquire interview came out. Hmmm, no wonder SYJ has a soft spot for HB from the get-go. He's so much like her father. I remember reading an interview of SYJ when she said that her family or father is not the demonstrative sort (or something to this effect).
  10. I would like to corroborate what randomlee posted regarding HB... I remember very well how much impressed I was when HB was subject of a documentary during his military training. And his whole military stint was continuously covered with so much interest by the media/tv stations. First time I know such male celebrity accorded such treatment. To think that many male celebrities enter their military service year after year. Such huge honor and high value they place on HB is reflective on how exemplary he has conducted his professional and personal life. And still, he has remained humble even until now with his stature. No wonder hardcore shippers which have formed almost after every drama he does, have still not let go even after all these years. They couldn't find a better alternative to replace him with. He's truly the best out there.
  11. The feels their airport video gives…. And my, SYJ really glows. Her easygoing and warm personality is very evident in that short clip. The guy who’s going to end up marrying her will be the luckiest guy indeed (hope it’s HB). And yup, HB seems again very busy with his cp. So reminiscent of the other time he was the same… Wonder why they couldn’t openly just acknowledge each other’s presence there? It’s for actual work anyway. I can understand how you feel. Went though it myself. But in the end I just gave in to the feeling. And seeing other longtime HB fans who long before boarded this ship made me feel that I am not just imagining things. HB this time has met his most worthy match. And this thought makes me so happy. He deserves the best.
  12. Same here. I tried to rationalize and ignore at first the many "signs" I saw. Even when their first rumor in January came out, I still stubbornly ignored and tried to believe their denial. But when their grocery pics came out, I just couldn't fool myself anymore and that's why I lurked in SYJ's thread which was the only English site then which openly discussed about it. The more I searched, the more I was convinced that there's something. I hope other SYJ regular posters can read this and provide their inputs as well. Although she has been my favorite actress and I have always watched her works, I can't claim to be an expert on SYJ as I have not really been too occupied in her personal life before as I am now. I'm sure other fans here have been more diligent and religious in paying attention to her all these years. But if in case there are no additional reply to this matter, I can safely refer to pp. 625 - 627 and 629 on SYJ's thread here for other POV's previously shared. Hope it will enlighten you more hehe As an additional tell-tale sign... I can only remember how SYJ amazingly knew HB's nickname in My Name is Kim Sam Soon drama in their Entertainment Relay segment. Just shows that even if she admitted not having watched that drama years ago, she must have been that curious about HB to know this trivia. And I find it cute that when SYJ admitted that that she felt a connection with HB even with their limited time for interaction during the shooting, she belatedly asked him "Or am I just the one feeling this connection?". She wanted to HB to confirm/affirm about that. Just like a GF curious about what a BF also feel.
  13. Thanks for the HB pics and translation. I really like HB's look now (his hair and build are just perfect). He has become more attractive as he ages. His confidence and mature/stable vibe have something to do with it. And the fact that he is very focus and passionate about his work. VAST employees/staff are so lucky, they get to see and deal with HB always. I wonder how he is as a boss...
  14. @peggygordon Thank you for posting SYJ's IG post. She looks so naturally simple & beautiful. She emits calm, sexy and regal at the same time just wearing casual jeans. I don't know how she pulls it off.
  15. You have a valid point. The rumors happened January 2019 so there wasn't any drama offer in the picture yet. So their denial of the rumors has nothing at all to do with a drama project. I can only speculate 3 reasons why they denied that time. 1)At that time, they were really not dating and are really just friends. 2)They are still in the beginning of romance and nothing that definite yet to admit. 3)They're already in the relationship but just chose to deny it for the ff reasons: they wanted to keep it private to protect their relationship, as well as SYJ's reputation (imaginations can go wild knowing that they were there alone and abroad), her family might be on the conservative side etc.
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