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  1. @eLizza Thank you for the post showing that jennyhousepr liking that very obvious shipper post. I actually consider the jennyhouse IG movements nowadays very significant. I don't know with others but for me, I can consider them insiders too.They personally accompany YJ in her shoots and I'm sure she has formed friendships with them through the years. And thank you for remembering us my dear. This has been the source of the happiness for so many people including myself for more than 1 year. I am very very thankful for all the members who have come after us and has made the thread more lively and colorful. I am actually in awe of the many insightful and incisive posts other shippers contributed here. I am sure like me @cybertron, @thi2018, @peggygordon, and all other oldtimers are amazed at how much the thread has grown and though when we started we all wished there were more of us then, I am actually in awe how things turned out and how BJ couple has blown up worldwide. I wonder how @bichngoc93, @alou68, VivianWww, endensia are now but I see Loveumore still posting here from time to time.
  2. As a longtime shipper of Binjin, I wish for both of their happiness individually and as a couple. Personally, I am of the opinion that both are equally as smitten with the other. And if they end up in marriage (this I pray with my whole heart even until now), for it to be fulfilling and happy, it is quite ideal if both are as wholeheartedly and deeply in love with the other. I boarded this ship because I see this. I not only see HB happy and full of life, but I also see SYJ equally reciprocating these giddy feelings herself. @B.MMM You are totally right, HB & SYJ are both very beautiful/wonderful individuals. They deserve the best that life has to offer. And one big aspect that makes life wonderful is love and a happy family life. That's why all ardent fans of them want their happiness. And that's also the reason why all shippers are sincerely wishing they end up together because we can't picture them ending up with another partner and see them still have the happiness they exude when they're together.
  3. Thanks for this very important info. If this is the case, I caution everyone here not to take this piece of news seriously. A tabloid is named such because it is not credible at all. This thread has just experienced a lockdown yesterday, so I am sure we don't want another booboo to happen. I seldom post publicly anymore in this thread to make way for the others' POVs, but this time I have to get out of my lurking hole. Please, let's not invite another strong denial anymore from SYJ's side this time.
  4. @cybertron Thank you again for starting this thread. I want to echo every line you said in this post especially these parts I highlighted. I’m actually so sentimental and happy right now. The journey we all shared here in this thread starting from the early days when this opened, well actually starting in the SYJ’s thread where our shipping sentiments were first posted, and up to now, reinforced my belief in fate/destiny. And, that if we just don’t wish ill and do bad to others, somehow we will be rewarded in the end. CLOY’s high ratings and reviews are such rewards. I know it was not easy for us shippers especially at the start. For more than a year (since 2018), our patience was tested not only with the long wait for the drama, but also we had to control ourselves not to be discouraged with the doomsayers and bashers who were so negative even before the drama was shot & shown. I’m so happy to see this thread grow and I applaud all binjin shippers who post and lurk here. And I love reading all the different POVs of the Binjin shippers now. It’s quite refreshing to read how similar our minds work and interpret on a particular scene/pic/statement. I’d like to add on this. I also remember someone posting about this too (either in this thread or in CLOY thread, I’m not quite sure). I think someone posted an IG post of a Chinese-speaking SYJ fan who translated an interview of Binjin during their meet with the foreign press after their CLOY presscon ( @Pretty_noonaa If you can read Chinese, then maybe you might have read this interview in a Chinese article on CLOY.)... I think Binjin was asked by the reporters if they remember when they first met and HB answered that it was during an awards show about 4-5yrs ago and that they only exchanged greeting then. (Unfortunately last time I checked -as I bookmarked the IG link for future reminiscing because I was so struck by this revelation said IG account is no longer existing.- I regret I didn’t get a screen cap of that post tbh.) Anyways, by that time frame, it is only the 2014 PIFAN Producers Award where Binjin really formally/personally met. They may have so many common acquaintances and friends as they belonged in the same business, but they were never really introduced together. They knew of each other (as they admit they watch most of each other’s works) but they didn’t know each other, not until Negotiation happened. As for the lack of HB’s reaction towards SYJ during this night, I attribute it to HB’s shy and private nature. He also cannot glance so much at SYJ’s direction given that SYJ was wearing such a revealing dress in the front. Besides, I recall some of other men’s testimonies saying that when they meet a girl they sincerely like or were a fan of for the first time, they get stiff and can’t even look at her direction. This might be the case here too. With HB’s clear answer and recollection of when they met first, this only means one thing, he wasn’t as unaware of her that night as he appeared to be and as what we somehow see in their past PIFAN vid.
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