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  1. Him specially acknowledging her in the most sincere and public way, in an event which honors him, is such a huge step for him who has always been intensely guarded about his lovelife. I am so touched and impressed with the ways he has shown his love and admiration for YJ consistently all these years. He definitely deserves YJ's love and trust. No wonder she was that brave to post her confirmation post humbly yet proudly saying that she has met a good person. Hugs chingu. This is such a dream come true. HB has been recognized bigtime for his RJH role!!! No less than Daesang! And
  2. This is where it all started for me so I had to come and post here after the very happy news. Words can't actually describe how overwhelmingly happy I am today. And I am pretty sure so many thousands are in the same situation/predicament as I am now. I am at a quandary of which articles to first read & save, and who to respond to first in the posts & DMs,etc. But one thing I am pretty sure of, this is such a happy confusion and I will savor this feeling for a long long time, if not for a lifetime even. Thank you to HB & SYJ for making me believe that true love is worth
  3. I seldom post here already but I just couldn't help myself this time. I'm giddy beyond words with this most recent candy, BIG CANDY , I love you Vast!!! No need for in-depth analysis & conjectures to be done. Just plain simple logic would point you how significant this is, right? The screencaps alone say what needs to be said: BJ ship is definitely sailing!!!
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