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  1. Hi there too. Yup, I've watched Confidential Assignment 2x to be exact) and I super love HB there. I just hope it wouldn't be too cutesy though. Just enough to not make the drama too serious, but not too much that makes it silly already.
  2. @willenette and @wintertimes So glad that there are positive reactions w/ the confirmation. Judging from the IG & twitter posts so far, many are excited. Though the confirmation took a long time, the wait was worth it... My admiration and respect for HB grew leaps. He's really a man of his word. When he said in the Negotiation promos that he wanted to work w/ Son Yejin in a melo or romcom genre in his next project, he really followed this through.
  3. Just want to share the good news... HB finally confirmed his TVN drama today. So looking forward to this and can just picture out how good he'll be as a North Korean officer. His Confidential Assignment look is one of my favorite looks of him tbh. https://www.soompi.com/article/1326375wpp/hyun-bin-and-son-ye-jin-confirm-for-new-drama-from-writer-of-the-legend-of-the-blue-sea https://www.allkpop.com/article/2019/05/hyun-bin-son-ye-jin-confirmed-as-leads-of-new-tvn-romance-loves-crash-landing
  4. They finally confirmed! It such a happy news. I love the plot. Just what I have imagined. https://www.soompi.com/article/1326375wpp/hyun-bin-and-son-ye-jin-confirm-for-new-drama-from-writer-of-the-legend-of-the-blue-sea https://www.allkpop.com/article/2019/05/hyun-bin-son-ye-jin-confirmed-as-leads-of-new-tvn-romance-loves-crash-landing
  5. Thumbs up to you for pointing out very clearly why the PR thing doesn't apply. I don't have any ounce of doubt that their US rumors weren't borne out for PR effect. HB and SYJ went there individually in private for personal vacation. HB's return personally rolling out his many huge baggages would attest to that. First time I've seen this scenario w/ HB tbh. Besides, it isn't in SYJ's no-nonsense nature to involve herself in a PR stunt. Her established status in the industry doesn't need that. Besides, going by how Lee Boyoung once said that she lost so many acting jobs after her relationship w/ Jisung became public, SYJ as the female involved in the rumor has more to lose also.
  6. Agree with you 100%. I'll just add one thing though, SJS may not have been that "unattentive" to YJ at most times coz I remember one subbed interview that SJS said that his heart was fluttering the whole time they did the project but YJ "shut down" this attempt of SJS when she pointedly retorted that it sounds too fake if he says that. I really thought then & there that "she's really a hard nut to crack". Thus, even if during those times SJS may have attempted to be sweet on & off camera, YJ doesn't give back anything in return. This is the same vibe I get of her during her interviews w/ KNG. The latter also makes attempts but her response is just so-so. Very different from her attitude towards HB. @Oww TooCute the "chemistry" owes more to the acting skills of the actors in there. SYJ wouldn't be a multi-awarded actress for nothing. Plus the beautiful music and cinematography of the scenes contributed a lot to the drama's success. But in terms of their "romantic chemistry" in real life, I watched some of their BTS and interviews before to see where the shipping comes from, but I didn't feel anything different in SYJ's case. She acted like the mentor and was naturally leading/guiding JHI kindly. So unlike the vibes HB & SYJ gives off together despite the fact that their movie then wasn't a romantic genre. And now that some unseen Negotiation BTS have been posted from the DVD release in several IGs, I could truly say that there is a reason why the director said the 99%-98% thing. The screen just explodes w/ the sexual tension these two give off. The intense stares and giggles/laughter are too clear to be ignored. Thus, even if I never want to ship a couple in the first place as I know how frustrating it can be, I couldn't help it.
  7. Thanks for posting this. HB is a perfect gentleman, and he's been especially very considerate and careful towards SYJ in all the promo vids & BTS I've seen of them. I may not know how he is also w/ his other female co-actors, but maybe due to the fact that in their Negotiation promos, it'a always just the 2 of them unlike in his other projects where other actors are also present other than the leading ladies, I notice that he's really sweet and protective of SYJ. Whenever they sit on the bus together, he always sits on the outer aisle side w/ SYJ is always on the inside.
  8. If I remember it right, in her The Fact interview she specifically said as a parting shot that "she's on the lookout for her perfect match". In other words, she's interested in getting married, just that she doesn't want to compromise and just settle for whoever is available. She knows her worth and is waiting for the right man for her.
  9. I really hope within this week there'll be an update on the TVN drama. The suspense is killing me... SYJ has been so silent for the past months. And except for this TVN drama, I don't know of any projects lined up for her this year. Compared to last year where we had our fill of her dramas & movies, this year seems so different so far.
  10. Im Siwan is the star in Misaeng series. If I'm not mistaken he's an idol turned actor... Maybe that's why SYJ & HB still didn't come out to confirm their participation yet as they are still working out Yejin's schedule. After watching her in Master in the House, she is quite strict on herself in upholding a promise. Maybe her nod on the HJW film came way before the TVN drama and they are trying to iron out her schedule.
  11. Same here. Negotiation wasn't enough for me that's why I wished for another project for them. As a hardcore HB & SYJ fan of their individual careers since a long way back, I've always wished they too could have a project together. They are both very serious actors and I have always admired their acting that's why. When news about their Negotiation collab came out, I was really looking forward to it but never dared to think that "something" would come up w/ them in reality because I was mindful that HB was in a fairly new relationship w/ KSR. As all love affairs usually go, the first months are the most heady/passionate and I was expecting the same for HB then. All these real romantic rumors later on bet. HB & SYJ took me by surprise. And though their story is still unfolding and we don't know their future, I really hope this TVN project pushes through. I have watched 4 of this writer's works (Producers, Queen of Housewives, Queen of Reversals, My Husband's Got a Family) and I'm impressed w/ her works. @cybertron I agree. When the news first came out on this offer 1st wk of March, HB said that he hasn't met the writer personally yet.
  12. Totally agree, such a roller-coaster of emotions shipping this couple entails me. Not used to this as it's a first time for me. If it were not for this two beautiful & extraordinary persons, I never imagined I would also be this attached to somebody else's lovelife aside from my close friends & family. Still hoping for the best though. Wish the confirmation comes soon as the waiting is excruciatingly painful. One good thing that this premature article of confirmation, this reveals how much knets are very supportive of their coupling in real life. So many positive comments and almost all anticipating their marriage. Many agree that in case they do accept this project together, such acceptance means much more than what it appears given that both HB & YJ are notoriously very private.... And thanks so much for the Mediheal pics, they may not be together in 1 pic, but knowing that they're both in the same place/time is enough for me now. YJ is stunningly beautiful and I love her dress on her. Shows how beautiful her body is.
  13. Yup, 21st day also. Can't forget the shock & excitement I felt when their LA pics got out. The same feeling this time... I too checked IG postings and twits, and many were talking about this too. I google translated the naver article and I'm happy to note that many are excited with this news.
  14. So happy. Can't contain my happiness tbh. I've been been waiting & praying for this.
  15. Lots of korean showbiz couples did not come out publicly right away, not only the SHK & SJK. Even Jisung & Lee Boyoung didn't admit at first and even when they admitted it I remember LBY said in Happy Together that her career was really affected as some actors would refuse to get her as leading lady after their admission. Jang Donggun & Go soyoung were revealed to have been a couple for 2 years before their sudden announcement of marriage. So I don't quite get why the knetz comments were so negative when their TVN drama casting articles came out. Even the positive reactions to it were downvoted by some. It seems that the negative reactions posted were orchestrated in order to stop their pairing.
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