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  1. What's the difference from yaoi in Japanese manga? Can you provide some examples?
  2. It sure would be interesting, I guess And not even gays but lesbians. Recently I tried this test https://psycho-tests.com/test/kinsey-scale-gay-test to check my sexuality and it said I'm 20% lesbian Don't know how to feel about this!
  3. Wow, that's really inspiring, I wonder now if I should visit Russia! Jeong Sewoon certainly looks interested in it, maybe I should dig it too?? I'm really interested in other countries' cultures, and I found this tour: https://petersburg.expert/tour/hermitage/. It looks like I could see amazing things there...
  4. Thank you, very good article, I'm gonna use it as a basis for my essay on BTS, gonna grab some essay help for quality editing (everybody needs that) and start working!
  5. Why use e-mail when you can just use Instagram... Or I don't understand something?? You can register in Instagram only using your phone number without any e-mails... Recently I tried to use https://zen-promo.com/instagram_auto_direct_message for direct message functionality and it worked! Time to start promoting my account...
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