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  1. Maria, esse fórum é em inglês então sugiro você usar o Google tradutor para postar ok? Assim todo mundo entende tá bom? Beijinhos
  2. Me too ~ Funny couple Yesss, I kept watching because of the good reviews I watched the first ep of Love and Destiny - thanks rapo65 - Good CGI (better than TMOPB hehe) but too much overacting for my taste (that voice of nini's father lol). I will give a chance but I hope not get the feeling that "nothing happens" in this storyline, like the new Legend of White Snake ( I drop it in episode 15 I think) because the main couple never are in real danger, do you understand what I mean? (sorry I'm not a native english speaker) They are too smart and nothing can break them up... Love020 was like that too. Btw, I'm watching Ashes of Love, because it's the same director of Pillow Book. I liked the fighting scenes, he uses practical effects and less CGI, but the storyline seems a bit slow to me (I'm in the mortal realm part). But, I liked it, I think the director will do a good work in PB
  3. I'm following the PB channel on Viki since the beginning and OMG I`M SO HAPPY NOW ~ I really like this platform, we can have good quality video and support from community to sub to several languages. For the moment, I'm going to watch LD, Nini is great (Rise of the phoenixes is awesome), but I lowered my expectations for this drama after read the comments :/
  4. Me too, I'm even writing one lol Do you want to share some fanfics that you like? (If this isn't against the forum rules)
  5. I'm already doing this, I've read the 77 pages of this topic LOL You guys are awesome
  6. From Tencent I think I only watched The Eternal Love (with Liang Jie and my baby Xing Zhaolin) to the end and the second season was pretty good with the CGI and cinematography. The first season was low budget but has a good plot.
  7. Hello this is the first time I post here (english is not my native language so... ) This teaser is impressive and now I want a teaser of the Pillow book too Does Anyone knows about the team behind Pillow Book? What dramas did they produce?
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