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  1. When jong kook revealed his abs and side hugged ji hyo
  2. Yes the problem is sbs blocks videos so it's been blocked. I can confirm she did say that and pd was surprised and asked again. It was in today's episode! Here's visual stills as sbs blocked my video
  3. Ji hyo says he even dresses up like that at home and jung cheol min asks really? Btw this is my insta account!
  4. Saw this post on instagram. Ji hyos friend liked the post!! Credit to spartace_matchmade for sharing
  5. Honestly I thought the same. I was hoping it wasn't just me hehe (btw new spartace shipper fan) Haha said it twice in a video that I saw! 20:56 it seems as though haha says ji hyo and jk smiles 22:12- haha says ji hyo again It sounds a lot like ji hyo hopefully a korean person can confirm.
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