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  1. i'm soo in love with drama, it's driving me crazy. unpopular opinion here, but for me SM and JS story is waay more interesting than LA and JI. i sometimes forgot that those two (LA and JI) are the main lead. well tbh JI is my least favorite character here. her conflict seems "lighter" compared to SM and even JS. however, her scene with LA is adorable so i cant really complain haha
  2. but if i'm not mistaken, there's a scene where JS worrying about what would happen when JI and LA learn the truth that JI's father was the suspect of the arson and LA's parents died in the accident. there's also a scene where JS confront SM about this issue, wasnt it?
  3. there's one thing that confuses me tho. i know that jae in is a very closed and secretive person. but it does not really make sense that both jae in and lee an doesnt know that they have a relation to the apartment incident. i mean, lee an is not a secretive person, didnt jae in try to ask about his parents all this time? or i dont know, do a simple googling?
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