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  1. I would love to see hotel blue moon ( Kim Soo Hyun & Kim goo eun ) that would be awesome cast
  2. I think everyone had a good ending but CS. Cos this life time for him is so sad. He just live this life with all this sadness and memories then next life they meet again. Still don't understand what he did in past life to have to suffer this life. :/
  3. Hmmm she didn't get to ride a nice car? She just walked? Why didn't they make it so that she can just live out this life with him, thought her time resume and flow again. Feel terrible for CS seriously. LoL wonder what he did in his past life to get such a sad one this time around.
  4. LoL things that's within the area of the hotel is like in another dimension it's ok!! XD
  5. I think we all saw MW was expecting more skinship from CS. She asked to be picked up and was saying "to the room". Hahhaha
  6. I don't think it's soul swap I think he just processed him a little to help him walk out. He had to kill the people ME loved and couldn't help YW in the past so it seem he really just wanted to help CS out of that place because he doesn't want MW to be hurt by it. He tried hard to make up for what he did. I think his character was great it is sad for him that he had to leave alone but I'm here he can accept it ok now.
  7. A little doesn't make sense why he said he can save him but he need to live as slave and he said forget about it. They hung multiple people including him so I don't think his men was spared. Maybe hung some spared some
  8. CM I just fine. Honestly I don't understand why one people are so upset about his ending. If they cross the bridge they won't remember anything anyway. Such is life you don't always get the person you want. He had his opportunity and it turned out this way. His choice was to save her life let her live but kill off everyone else. He made a poor decision because after that she didn't have a good life. What he did gave her thousand X hundred years of torture. You can understand why he did what he did but his act was selfish without any discussion with her. I feel bad for him but I don't think it's a problem at all that he doesn't end up with MW. It made total sense that he didn't end up with her. Eg: we have a mutual liking, we can try to fight and live together or die together. But no let me kill everyone you love so you may live in agony and hate forever. :/
  9. To be honest I just think CM gave up when he saw how much she hate him so he killed himself. He chose to save her and in order to do that he killed everyone she held dear. Yes he's bad he caused the death of many just to save her. I mean it will be pretty devastating if the person you love ended up this way and you had to become the person she hate the most and kill all the people she cared about in order to save her. I'm pretty sure that's why he killed himself not because he didn't want to see his people die or take easy way out. I think it's pretty creepy thing for you to say you think he should be alive and watch his people die too and suffer before his eyes to make it fair lol.
  10. Anyone else noticed he pulled her in and kissed her on the bottom lip then camera angle changed and it's the top lip. XD did they just not noticed when they cut the film? Or does this imply they've been at it for longer than shown hahaha.
  11. Maybe that song will come last on the OST. Goblins highly anticipated opening was last to release. XD
  12. She's kissed him before haha. It was so random lol
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