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  1. Omg. Thanks regita for the update it was nice to know that our spartace are so close . Ehehehe I really really like this video of spartace.rm in instagram. I feel their sweetness . I love how they are pointing ecah other while they are singing you are the only one hehehe
  2. More clear video of spartace interaction hahahaha Credit to owner
  3. I love how jihyo shout kim joongkook name hahahaha look how kwang soo smile hahaha Credit to owner
  4. Another news for spartace hahaha im.not sure if its real but they said its trending in naver. They shopping together hahaha they are very very close hahaha Credit to owner
  5. I read in the comments its says : jihyo who is 39 with a popping romance rumour with kjk, when are they getting married? Hahahhaa i dont know if its right. Any korean here. Please translate to us if its incorrect hahaha
  6. hi Regita, can you please update us about our spartace. we just curious about their dance number hahahaha.. i hope they will have a part that they are both together in stage the two of them only
  7. Hahahah fingers interlock hahahahaha this what the shippers always hoping to interlock their fingers hahahahhaa. Remember how haha, kwang soo and se chan tease them to interlock their fingers hahahaha How come they hold their hands like that . Looks like they are very very very comfortable to each other no other words hahahaha
  8. Preview from episode today hehehehe look at their hands hehehehe . Im soo excited .
  9. Did you see this guys? Hehehehe look at this . Im just thinking if the shirt is from joongkook as well since its very large to jihyo . Maybe joong kook always give jihyo some things . What do you think? Credit to owner
  10. Im just also curious about the shoes because its looks like a couple shoes. Hahaha im so confused about them . There is something about them im sure. They are very very close . I hope someday they see that they are meant to be from the start. I saw the program when they firt met and as you can see they are very compatible i hope in the end they realizes it.
  11. I really like how joong kook teased jihyo hahaha if they are a couple i think it will be nice. See their laughed and they are looks like happy . Credit to owner
  12. Im curious what he said to jihyo hahahaha and jihyo said to joong kook im soo excited in eng sub. Hehehe
  13. Hi guys. Can you hear joong kook called jihyo when jihyo is hurt from kwang soo? I think joong kook called her name but im not so sure. Credit to owner
  14. Hahahaha i saw in the video that he went first to leave but in that video its like he return back and hug jihyo before he go down in stage but the way haha hug joong kook it seems like joong kook hugs jihyo only but haha went and also hug him Look to his direction joong kook oppa went straight to jihyo and hug. What a nice moment . I feel their closeness. Now joong kook oppa dry the hair of jihyo because its wet now in the rain. I remember when you said that you always dried her hair because its raining and now its raining maybe the dryer is waiting for you hahahaha
  15. I underdtand that part . I see that interaction as a siblings only and not only joong kook is the only one who leave comment some of the artist also and the way he leaves comment in sns i know if jihyo is active he will be like that also but the point is jihyo is not like that she is professional when it comes in her ig she only post some promotion because thats ig is handle with her company also so i dont want to expect any interaction in IG since some of the couple they dont interact in SNS for example lee kwang soo and sunbin i did not see kwang soo like and comment in sunbin post in IG but we know in real life they are couple sometimes when two people are inlove they dont need to show it in public especially in SNS because they know there are many eyes and it will be a problem for them so in the event today im so happy that both of them attended the event eventhough its raining so hard they dont care about the rain and also I like how they perform i can see joong kook and jihyo look at each other and smiling . To all SA shipper we dont know their status but lets support them whatever happens positive or negative one thing im sure they are very very close
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