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  1. Look ! Kwang mong .. I like how close jihyo to kwangsoo and haha ..i know that they are the one who knows that spartace has somethin. Because of how they react when spartace are in one group. Both of them are the closest one to joongkook also. Credit to Owner
  2. Hi spartacers, i saw this video on instagram its like joong kook saying something about jihyo but im not sure since there is no translation . any korean here that can translate . thank you. Credit : dreamkjk instagram.
  3. I agree to all of you. Lets support them individually whatever or whoever they like lets support and give love to them. This is the reason thats why im so proud to be one of spartacers because all of you are matured enough to understand the situation of joong kook and jihyo as individual.
  4. @Adora Dark welcome spartacers . Thank you for the explanation. Join with us and lets share some moments of jihyo and joong kook in this forum .
  5. Hi spartacers i want to share this one. look how jaesuk oppa reaction when he entered the room. its like ooohhh the "two of them again together" and the expression in his face feels like something . and you can see how joong kook smile to jaesuk when he reacts like that while looking to joong kook. im just curious why jaesuk ask jihyo " why do you look like that.?" credit: specialnn_92 insta
  6. thank you for the info but we're not affected. For your information also , i hope you have a great day. im not worried about them , no one can beat up the closeness of jihyo and joong kook for 9 years , even if that girl is trying her best getting close with him to get some attention, Spartace is Spartace, they are the originals from the start. Im thinking if Joong kook take a picture with jihyo but i don't think it will be posted since jihyo is not active in social media @ChimChim Minari Welcome to our forum . I understand how you feel but we need to be positive although its not the same before and they have new members as long as our spartace are part of running man let's support them individually. BTW thank you for your opinion i hope you can join with us to discuss the lovely moments of our spartace.
  7. Im having a positive vibes today, i want to give all of you a "highfive" today When Joong kook said that Seomin is like his sister i understand now, he never said that to jihyo he only said that jihyo is like a family to him, but the point is what kind of family she is for joong kook, when HaHa said "i love you" to jihyo he react like why you said that to her? then haha said she's like a family thats why, then joong kook said NO! she's not your family her last name is different from you your family is BYUL and your two Children. im just thinking that he never said to jihyo that she's like my sister which is so weird because jihyo is younger than him also right? ok she's like a family but not cleared what kind of family that maybe someday it will turned out to be a real family that has their own children. he did not confirm anything about jihyo like a sister , cousin, or any kind of family only haha who confirms that she is "MRS KIM" which is like a family (wife) but for seomin its clear and confirm that they are like sister/brother, actually i like them as siblings because they are cute how Joong kook act like a big brother to her . In RM EP 451 Why jihyo knows what joong kook likes? maybe she knows him best or she ask him through phone. , i like how jihyo said to joong kook when he came " I KNEW IT" Because she's totally sure what Joong kook likes. Yeah for 9 years if they are meant to fall in love why did not happen in 9 years but im sure that there is possibility for both of them, they really know each other very much and in reality there are some people who've known each other for too long as friends but in the end they get married because they feel that this person knows me the best and they just stayed together for how many years so what if they got married & they knew that they can handle each other. its good to hear in the future if someone ask them" where you meet your wife / husband they will answer " i meet her/him in running man " and they are both the strong one in the show. its like a good memory to share in the future when they get married and im crossing my finger right now that it will happen someday!
  8. Correct ! Ace is Ace no one will beat our ACE because she is the Sparta kook girl version in running man I already watched the video and so amazed how jihyo is so brave to be in running man for 9 years especially shes the only woman in the group . But thats our ACE . I watch the ep 451 of running man. Theres no sub yet so i dont understand what they are saying but theres an episode that joong kook and jihyo are both in the same restaurant but im quite sad because now they become so far . Why joongkook did not seat beside jihyo . Hes shy maybe because when he first saw only jihyo in the room . His smile is like a guy who saw his crush .
  9. What happen to the new episode of running man ? Any news about it? I miss them so badly
  10. ahhh.. so it's filmed before. i thought its live. thanks for confirmation . i have my opinion about the social media for me its not a big deal if somin and joong kook are close in SnS , both of them are active and friends since they are working in running man and also Haha is commenting to somin post. as for jihyo she is not active in instagram because as i observed in her accnts , she only followed 1 Account , she did not follow anyone or any celebrities that she's close and like a bestfriend to her and i believe that there is some celebrity that close with her its impossible if there's no one right? hehehehe .. jihyo is not the kind of person that will show all her activities to all of us including her celebrity friends that's why she's not following anyone only her company instagram , so i dont want to based how close they are in SNS because if jihyo following other celebrities and the running man members then she did not followed joong kook , maybe in that case i will be confused. but that's not the case. Let me give one example, Hong Jin Young ( @Sambahong) she followed some of the celebrities and also some members of running man like haha, somin sechan but she did not followed joong kook and i see that she's quite active in instagram so both of them are not interested to follow each other since they are both active right?. however, whatever it is, i will support this two whoever they like and i will be forever a spartace supporter whatever happens.
  11. Haha called song jihyo as "Mrs. Kim"? And its like joong Kook didnt denied it. Im soo excited to see them togther in pohang . I just want to ask. That big picture they filmed it before or that is live? I mean they are filming the same day and at the same time it will be watch online and on tv.
  12. i want to share this because of kwangsoo, he is so cute , when he is at the back of our spartace and looking at them its like kwangso's mind saying : "oh! the two of them are so abvious" credit : twitter & spartaceworld insta.
  13. lol sorry i think that's only my imagination hehehehe , i love how jihyo knows better joong kook especially their personality and look how joong kook mother ask that to jihyo , like in the future she knows that joong kook and jihyo will live together in one apartment and jihyo answered without any doubt and denial as well. it looks like she accept it and she's being natural to herself. credit : rm_jihyo twitter
  14. Joong kook update his instagram also i think he is also in the baseball field but im not sure hehehehehe maybe he's with jihyo? Hahahaha sorry for my delulu again. Credit : kjkint -instagram-
  15. I noticed that also thats why i share it before in the forum about that episode. for me if im in the position of jihyo that time i will be upset too because joong kook said thank you to all who attended his concert one by one and he only ignored jihyo and sukjin, i heard sukjin telling that he supported him in social media , i just heard it. but for jihyo she is quiet only and listening to them. i hope we can see her active again like before with her oppa's like supporting them and going together in one events/concerts
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