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  1. Essay is a piece of writing consisting of three main parts: funneled-type introduction, from general to concrete, with main argument of your essay at the end (thesis statement); Main body, paragraphs where you provide your arguments proving or disproving thesis statement; and Conclusion, where you summarize all the important information provided in Main body. The other types of academic papers have much in common with this structure. The things that differ are the way the arguments are being presented in the main body section and the length of your writing. NB: don't forget that writing itself is not the part you are to begin with. Preliminary research and planning is much important so start your essay with reading and collecting information first. If still this sounds complicated you can visit essaylib and ask them for help. However, I would suggest to do the stuff yourself, as the writing process brings much joy, and the skills obtained will be useful in the future.
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