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  1. I know right, we all know their love bloomed because he gave her a sexy stare while rubbing her hand when they were shooting that teaser poster
  2. Oh but LDW gave us a hint already. Script reading for TYH and YIN was acting the drunk part in Episode 1. LDW went : “You don’t look like that when you’re drunk.” So: 1. Via LDW, we now know her drunk acting isn’t the same in real life; 2. LDW must have observed her when she was drunk. Were you looking after her the entire time she was drunk, Oppa?
  3. Re-quoting this after reading up on what WGM is about (the reality tv show We Got Married). The main difference I see is that the audience knows they are fake to begin with, but cries foul when they are actually confirmed fake in real life? Hehehe. It's a bit ironic, methinks. For our ship, they are not claiming anything. We make our own assumptions based on the BTSs shown to us, past interviews they've made, and past interactions they have had. BUT. I've to say that they've blurred the line between what's reel and real in TYH, and that could be one of the reasons why they're careful after the drama.
  4. I'm curious! Who? So I can go research and see if our ship has any similarities haha
  5. Kamsahamnida for this! This is one of my many favourites among their BTSs together. The other one is the BTS where LDW was insisting on a back and forth kiss LOL. Also lol at the PDnim theory, can't be far from the truth I'm pretty sure (another theory, by this time he's already aware LDW wants more smooching time with YIN so he indulged him hehe)
  6. Don't you guys find it strange we never saw a single photo of them together during the wrap-up party of TYH? Not even a photo of them slicing the cake? Thought a few photos would surface a week or two later...but until now, nada, zero, zilch. And remember this IG story that the actress playing the receptionist of Always Law Firm shared during the last day of filming? The actress cautiously panned it away from them at first to make sure they'd get an idea there was a video, and only after it was clear she was taking a video did she pan it towards LDW/YIN after. If I understood it correctly LDW asked if it was a video and boy did he look extremely cautious when he asked that. My point is, this is fishy fishy fishy guys. If they were truly just friends and nothing more then there is no reason to hide. Like CEO Yeon and Oh Yeon Seo going to the plant nursery together and taking selcas and sharing these on social media. You guys think the sole reason for keeping things under wraps is to avoid rumors? That's it?
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