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  1. I hope our admins would run a rumor mill contest in this thread to help us with the drought. Best one gets a free Vivi tarot reading
  2. I am loving all these bombs from newly-created accounts! I was going to suggest we spray some Baygon in here but they're actually quite amusing... so I hope they post more rumors. The more ridiculous the better. May I help free of charge? I heard a rumor that LMH actually came from a parallel universe because the real LMH in this universe died when he was little. I'm not sure if this is true...but I also heard that he's actually some kind of King in his own universe? There are LOTS of accounts on IG to prove this, I swear. The coincidences just cannot be denied. It sounds crazy, b
  3. Hello, I've had the same observations, even before I read your post (I love your post, by the way, because they're so...level-headed) June 16 photo : the photo looks more like KGE to me, too. To be more specific re: overall build, Miss K is more blessed in the chest area than the girl in the photo. Meanwhile, have you seen KGE's feet in one of her recent IG photos? The one with her nephew? Compare that to the foot visible in the June 16 photo, add the overall build, her hair post TKEM before Untact, and the bucket hat. Aug 9 photo : exactly, even the shade o
  4. Most actors avoid dating rumors because for some reason they consider this a scandal in SK. So in most cases the actor's agency issues a denial statement to end the story right away. Some issue denial statements but later the rumors would turn out to be true. Like Song-Song. They denied the dating rumors after DOTS but they were actually already dating at the time. It's understandable because being in a romantic relationship is a private matter, and should only involve the two people who are in love with each other. Fans getting involved could affect the relationship so
  5. Hi, I also don't think all of his posts are related to KGE. But you thinking his posts are for you guys is just the same as shippers thinking the posts are linked to KGE. So OIMs and shippers aren't really that different from each other. I think there is only one solution to this: RESPECT. This is a shipper's thread, so people will ship. Maybe it will be better for your fangirling experience if you don't peek at what's happening in the shippers' lane? Also, devil's advocate re: oppa being smart and never posting anything about dating: never say never
  6. I really didn't want to give this more air time, but anyway, I would think she's JIW's girl? She's following the private account 'woowoowwoo'. Jung IL WOO = woowoowwoo? I do agree that I hope people don't shiz on her IG because online shizzing is not cool at all. Stay in your lane, people.
  7. Sure. I checked her IG account and why would say this? " found out she posted photos the same post with LMH and the same locations too and also with CDB gf" There's no semblance on any of her posts to LMH's posts at all. Anyway, not wasting my time on this. Have a good weekend, Gutaenggg.
  8. All the warning signs are in this post : 1. You are a silent shipper who drops this bomb, who stalks Miss Korea 201*'s IG. You really want to hug Ggone now. LOL. These three things don't add up. True shippers who would want to hug Ggone now would also instantly drop Miss Korea 201* IG account here for all the shippers to investigate. When you claim something to be true, the burden of proof rests on you. We've received none of that from this post. 2. "I noticed she's wearing a big engagement ring already!" Awesome. LMH has been engaged the entir
  9. You'd also want to focus on WDH's expression when he saw what was happening behind KGE's back there...
  10. I hear ya and I agree on all bases...errr...points. So whose place is this happening you think? My vote goes to KGE's. LOL. On a similar note, I was watching Song Joong Ki's Guerrilla Date interview the other day (the one where he was already engaged to SHK) and the host asked him if they were spending the weekends together and SJK nonchalantly repied "Well yeah...we're together" (I was getting the impression they moved in together with the way he answered the question). So it seems like a normal thing for celebrities to cohabit, and therefore, let's support this homer
  11. Oh indeed! And this is so spot on: "Car leaves evidence of parking. Walking is more discreet. Just some knowing glances from security maybe. Hence those wee hours." And this I LOVE, because seriously that glow in his eyes and the happiness he's exuding even with his mask on are screaming post make out endorphins to me LOL "of course he wasn’t sleepy, don’t you think before he leaves, there’s some sort of ‘cherry on top’ session? They’re in ‘can’t get enough of you’ phase in their relationship."
  12. Reminds me of what LG said to JTE : "But when courage is needed, she becomes a warrior." I think when KES wrote that line, she really meant KGE.
  13. Oh indeed! Since it's dry season, I've been back-reading all of your posts here since Page 1 (I'm already on page 311 fighting!) and one of my most recent obsession is this black and white slow-mo'd beheading kiss where LMH kept his eyes open to see if KGE liked his lip-locking maneuver. I can't even https://www.instagram.com/p/CBAa0gyAy_s/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link
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