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  1. Hello! Here, I wrote about it here before. The post was based off @intrariver 's insight re: No Reply by Taru: It's
  2. 1. LDW caught rubbing YIN's hand while doing a still photoshoot. The operative word there is 'still', which means that he was most likely acting bolder than usual as he thought he wouldn't get caught caressing her hand . Check out page 102 of this thread for the GIFs c/o @riiko1988 2. YIN's agency posting her photo sporting a white Chanel J12 on Confession Day. She was also holding a 'PiChi Cap' in the said photo. But going back to the watch, everyone knows LDW is a brand ambassador for Chanel, and that watch was not yet publicly released when she wore it. Furthermore, her manager only uploaded photos from their Jeju Trip where she was either wearing long sleeves, or hiding her wrist behind her back. 3. A collection of their behind-the-scenes moments all the way from Goblin until TYH. LDW frequently teasing YIN re: wanting kissing scenes in Goblin, their Goblin co-actors teasing them, LDW's song of choice (No Reply by Taru) when he special DJ'd post-Goblin (plus his message re: song, plus him wearing peach that day), TYH not originally LDW's but another actor's but confirmed given to him after their Goblin reunion where YIN got drunk, all of their behind-the-scenes moments in TYH and more recently, LDW himself getting emotional over a love song which he said he would have written himself for his lover, if he were an artist. Seriously, I'm just patiently waiting for them to confirm, hehe.
  3. Oh the recent updates - how I love them. Can't wait for the confirmation! On a sidenote, I've been watching The Princess Weiyoung on Netflix and could not help but notice how the main actress and main actor had incredible and palpable chemistry on screen - exactly the same chemistry I felt between LDW and YIN and the SongSong Couple. So I Googled about them (Tang Yan and Luo Jin) and surprise - they did date during the latter part of filming the TV series and ended up marrying each other Oct last year. I also watched their BTSs and found lots of similarities with our PiChi Couple. Could it be? Crossing fingers!
  4. So...have they confirmed yet? Hehehe! Just silently waiting til we hear of the good news - engagement announcement or pregnancy announcement, whichever comes first, we would welcome and support with open arms!
  5. Yes all true - the bodyguard (happened May 2017, I think - post-Goblin), the jacket. Re: Putting heatpack on LDW’s neck during Goblin, Kim Go Eun also did that to LDW. The bracelet, I think, still remains a mystery. There’s a lot of similar-looking gold bracelets, and theirs matched but they might have been different. The Goblin cast really became close during and after Goblin. But can I just say how different LDW acts towards YIN vs KGE based on the recent Chanel event? Towards YIN, he is playful like a lover. Towards KGE, he is playful like a brother.
  6. There’s no need to apologize for being delulu. All shippers are delulu until the ship sails haha —— Separate post but this was merged to my previous comment. This was what I was referring to re: PiChi cap in the Confession Post
  7. I shared an article here before saying Kyung Ho already accepted the role, but In Na was just positively considering it. Then Sep/Oct 2018, there was a Goblin meet-up where In Na went home at 5am supposedly (she said this herself in a radio show). A few days after the meet up, LDW and YIN both confirmed for TYH. My take? They rekindled ‘something’ during the Goblin meet up, that’s why I think it’s possible they started dating halfway through shooting the drama.
  8. What happened? We were already in page 129 with @intrariver ‘s post on deleted videos on the TVN channel and her post got deleted, too? UPDATE: Nevermind the post above, my Safari was conking out
  9. Oh dear you’re right. This photo is giving us all the clues And LDW almost always sporting peach/pink in Produce x101. Hee hee hee
  10. PiChi cap is clearer here (you have to click the photo to see it):
  11. Plus I think she was holding her ‘Pichi’ cap while sporting the J12 couple watch
  12. And by the way - isn’t it strange the “reveal” of the J12 Chanel watch is for a Confession Day post purportedly dedicated to fans? YIN was wearing it during their Jeju Trip, but she kept it hidden with sleeves until the Confession Day post. I love it. It’s such a Jung Rok/Jin Shim move haha
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