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  1. Its not that exact. But stays faithful. Supposedly love triangle should also be there and more clumsy cute dating in office and during celebrity period Jin Shim. Stalker is not just portrayed in one episode. It's like an arc in the webnovel. If you ever read any webnovel, you know what I mean. There is also one time I read a summary from a fan, "Should I go to him, to protect Mr. Lawyer from his wrath" -stalker is angry. So, like Jin Sim considers to go meet stalker to protect JR. One arc - also involve JR family; Jin shim met her future Mother-in law!!! There is a cat too! JR and the cat goes to his rooftop and watch ads of JS whenever he misses her. It depicted by the end of each episode.
  2. I am not sure but why LDW in Bubblegum is more natural than in TYH? the boyfriend acting? or is it just his acting method "Serious Lawyer"
  3. Seeing the drama again and accidentally watch the ads for Park Min Young next drama on the tv screen. Maybe they troll us with TYH news in her drama? Like in one scene, ParkMinYoung aka SeokDungMi is a fan idol stalker. Maybe like shes web searching and saw article and says"Daebak, Oh Yun Seo announced marriage" Just a bit of my imagination.
  4. Just show a montage.. They having cats and watching tv with kids. Thats all. And you know what. Having admit relationship having bf.. But not husband. Kinda like hurmm one off. No? Fans just want to see they tying the knot. just because marriage is like happy ending. I mean you can change boyfriend but husband? That is more convincing happy ending no?
  5. Angry with the product placements. . it took maybe 10 mins of the drama screentime promoting them. Can they do it very subtle? Just want to see kids or happily ever after in. Where is the CATTTTTTTTT! Thats simple.
  6. Spoiler alert: The main idol dragged into a scandal and noona is bias wrecked. Ryan is korean but acting like a White man
  7. Insider source says: timejump showing Jin Sim is acting and JungRok is takingcare of his 2yearold daughter with Phoenix meowing around, saying "Mom is there!" Until then, JinSim returned home bringing dinner and bring some news. "I'm pregnant". Jung Rok surprised face and END! No. Its the Oh Yoon Seo 10th anniversary of her entertainment firm and party comeback to the industry. So they are having dinner with selected friends and fans. So JungRok will be announced to the world as his future husband. Shock everywhere and montage of news over past few months about them. and time jump to few years ahead with JungRok and phoenix and daughter lol: Idk if its true. I just guess but there is a time jump from insider source Btw Yoo In Na is my bias now. I personally can withstand with her acting aegyo and cute despite the age. Hoping she can find her true love and not choose celibate. Plus, her ex is cheating on her and thats why she can't trust men!!
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