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  1. Enjoyed the first episode so much! Kept me wanting for more and very engaging. Hope this pace steadies all the way to the end. I like the story too. It’s uncommon and interesting!
  2. Sorry you feel that way. Definitely not intending for you to be discouraged. However, that’s what this industry is all about. It’s very rare for a show to satisfy all viewers 100%. No matter how good, or bad, vice versa - they are. Also, as a consumer, we all have our rights to critic and/or love the show. There are definitely good parts of Kill It. Like the cinematography, the casts, etc. just not very happy with the storyline...
  3. I'm probably the only one not very happy with "Kill It". It's quite predictable. Here we have a boy who was raised to be an assassin by his foster father. I love the foster father btw, I really enjoyed his character in Mr. Sunshine. So obviously, the boy grew up to be a skilled killer. Even the rules are nothing new. Then we moved on to the female protagonist. An outstanding police officer who happens to be the daughter of the most influential, powerful, and wicked family. I feel like I know where this is going to end. It's really quite predictable. Then they're gonna fall in love. Then he will eventually break the rules his foster father built for him for his own good. Then they both will get hurt. Then she will know his true identity but she too has fallen in love already, so... she will end up helping him. Come on.., let's demand for a more creative storyline that is far from predictable!
  4. My first time to join in a convo! Ok, I know this kind of treatment from inlaws are not only happening in Korea. However, I take it, this is a norm there? Why do most Korean drama portray this kind of meanness especially from mother in laws? I know there are far greater amazing and brave women in Korea. Pls, women, sisters, aunts, mothers, DON'T EVER LET ANYONE TREAT YOU LIKE YOU'RE NOTHING BUT AN ACCESSORY. I hate that she's letting her mother in law treat her mother who went above and beyond to help her. All children, at some point in their lives get hurt, it's nobody's fault. Unless someone purposely hurt the child. That's a totally different story. I love this drama because it definitely mirrors all sacrifices women have to make for her family. Also, this drama gets me ticked off very badly because of the mother in law. Someone pls put her in her right place!
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