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  1. Can anyone provide the list of English Translation Completed romance chinese web novels that have a happy ending ?
  2. Xu Kai's expressions somehow reminds me of Cha Eun Woo from ASTRO (KPOP). Does anyone else think so ?
  3. I will be so disappointed if this is not going to be a Happy Ending . Why script writers, why ??????? You people don't make any sense.. Xu Kai and Bai Lu is extremely good together . Hope the script writers choose a happy ending for our Mo Qing and Zhao Yao, they deserve to be together forever. Please follow the beautiful novel ending.
  4. @ForgottenSoulx, I agree with you. That Jiang Wu fellow should never be a match for the demon king's son. And I hate all the leaders from the other so call hypocritical righteous sect. They are only the evil ones and that female who is in love with LMX is the worst, horrible person. That charcater should be so ashamed of herself, such a terrible living creature
  5. Hope everyone knows that in You Tube we have all chapters of this novel (Ostentatious Zhao yao) translated in English by Bree Chan. I just recently found it , so wanted to share it so that poor souls like me can turn to novel if the drama version is not turning out to be satisfactory.
  6. Thanks for the details, @frostflower14. As long as they are together, i am ok although I prefer if they are both alive like in the novel . I just don't want Mo Qing or Zhao Yao to end up alone. Chinese drama adaptations should seriously follow the novel at least in the ending if it is a happy one.
  7. Does anyone know whether Mo Qing will die in the end ? Is Zhao Yao going to be left alone in this drama version? I know the novel ending is happy but is the drama ending also going to be a happy one. The novel is so beautiful, no one from Wan lu sect dies. I seriously do not understand why these chinese drama versions of novels not follow the exact story of the respective novel. Seriously
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