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  1. 1 hour ago, DaebakYIN said:

    And the part where he read I love you out loud :wub:  I rewatch this interview many times too and the goblin special coz it makes my delulu mind happy :joy:


    1 hour ago, MsMagic said:


    Actually, that too. It's their real life version of the secret wink that KJR gave to OJS at the Always Law Firm office :phew:


    It's also their real version of the scene in ep 16 when Jung Rok watched Jin Shim's live broadcast and was the one winning the game answered the question fastest in this show, then Jin Shim made a phone call for the winner (him). He expressed his feeling for her and said "saranghamnida" :wub: 

    I really miss their funny, flirty and sweet moments. I can't move on this drama, everyday just relay the ost, watch videos on youtube, rewatch TYH eps, read everyone's post on this shipper thread.. pla pla pla!!! ... 

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  2. 1 hour ago, sasistar said:

    ** At 0.11 ... LDW took something that next on YIN’s right hand and that made YIN looked forward what LDW doing...  YIN kept looking at what LDW doing ... even she’s going on for the interview. LDW put the thing back at the place around 0.40.


    I think that... that thing is YIN’s hand phone... 


    I feel that they are more than friends... coz hand phone is quite a personal thing... but Oppa LDW can use YIN’s hand phone naturally like he always use without asking for any permission. ☺️☺️


    ** zee1983 said: Even though the phone doesn't personally belong to YIN since it's provided by the show, it's technically "hers" for that segment and LDW being the gentleman that he is, wouldn't have gotten it if he weren't so comfortable doing it already. :w00t:  Also, I think we've established that YIN is ALSO comfy letting LDW hold her own personal phone (at least to take a selca!) as can be seen in the final ep BTS. 

           I haven't noticed this before until I read what you said and watch the vid again. You're very observant :thumbsup: It's exactly her cellphone. Thanks for sharing dear :wub: 

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    Not talk about the ending. I just wanna say I will miss this couple so so much. Thanks Inna unnie and Dong Wook oppa for reuniting and working hard to make this happy lovely funny drama for us. Today, the last day of TYH, let's enjoy and cherish every last sweet moments of this couple.


    I believe "What's meant to be will always find a way". Unni and oppa as we see thay have had a lot of opportunities to work together (MAMA Awards 2014/ Goblin 2016/ Now TYH 2019) Hope they will always be happy and hope in the near future destiny makes magic for the story of these two :wub: 

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