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  1. What is Lee Dongwook being blamed for? Do you not understand that this is a shipper thread where people unconditionally support both Lee Dongwook and Yoo Innaa? Why are you coming in here to spread hate?
  2. No one has ever accused Lee Dongwook of sexually harassing anyone, what are you talking about? Accusing someone of sexual harassment is a very serious matter. What you’re accusing Yoo Inna of doing is extremely wrong and untrue. You are spreading hate and defaming her character. Please delete your posts.
  3. @braunaun Are you being serious or joking? Because sexual harassment isn’t a punchline or a joke, and implying that Yoo Inna is doing something reprehensible is not funny.
  4. I don’t think they met at the nursery coincidentally. I think Inna planned it because Jeong Se Oh also knows the Volume up writer. Anyhow, this is the caption: ”I got in Inna’s car. Someone else is going to come out today. So, Yeon-seong? Ki Wook? IU? It wasn’t quiz time. It was Jeong. Oh, my god. What a coincidence. Thanks to you, I met Jeong Se oppa after a long time. When I first met him, I counted them with my fingers, and I was very surprised because it was 10 years ago. It’s hard to drive because they’re out of Seoul. Inna picked me up and took me to each other later. [...] Anyway, I’m glad that the best people in the world, Jeong Se oppa and Inna, have become close friends with this drama.”
  5. I’m just saying the picture of Lee Dongwook and Yoo Inna together isn’t real. A fan on Instagram made it.
  6. I’ve seen your other posts in this forum and your hatred towards Kim Ji Won is really starting to become obvious. KJW may not be the first person to continue doing her job while unwell, but it’s admirable nonetheless. Anyone, regardless of their profession, who shows a lot of dedication in their chosen field should be recognized, not dismissed. She is one of the leads in this drama, and thanks to her continuing to film when she’s sick and not holding back production, your precious Kikyo will be reunited soon.
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