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  1. I heard that it was cancelled because they were going to use the place for some political thing. Part of me is sad, it will be a good opportunity to see them together, but I'm happy too because Taemin can have a little bit more time to himself. That poor boy has been working non-stop since February 2018 and this week had been a hell of a week for all SM.
  2. Girl, have you forgotten good manners? You think differently, great, but treat people with respect.
  3. Do people want to just fight? Are they mad? Just bored? Please, I'm ashamed that we support the same idol on both sides. It is not worth fighting in there, nobody will listen to anyone until they calm themselfs. They are like a bunch of childs crying for attention.
  4. The majority of the fandom doesn't understand why Taeuns (Taeun supporters/stans?) are supporting the idea of them together after so many years. They don't think that Naeun and Taemin have so many conections to think that they are together and think that everything in WGM was scripted. Shawolsdon't really talk about it, not avoiding the idea, they just don't think that is real, so they don't bother. they quote something like "They are there after so many years?!" or something like that and jump to something else. But I can't about all the fandom of course, k-shawols and j-shawols are a little bit more mama-bear than I-Shawols.
  5. As a Shawol and a Taemint I can tell you that most of Shawols will be OK with the boys dating someone. Recently (in ANAN) he said that doesn't see himself marrying someone and having kids until 40s more or less. Lot of shawols were joking that they will see him as a baby, a baby father, but a baby, so possible if he dates someone Shawols will be mama-bear with him for a while. Taemin has suffered a lot so they a little bit protective, but I'm not afraid of them. Taemints Akgaes, the new ones that enter after Move, will be I think more problematic, than shawols. Not a question for me, but hey, wanted to write my point of view too.
  6. I know it's been a hell of a week, Taemints and shawols are hurting and everybody seems to be an enemy, pointing to Taemin, To superM, To SM, it's hard, i know, i have been crying non stop for that. But these people are (sorry for the expression) a bunch of lovely, cute and calm beings, so please be polite to them.
  7. Hadn't Taemin were it in a live from a tv show or channel in japan last year? I remember seeing it somewhere... Dont know if its true or not throuth. Will look for it... Edit: On J-WAVE (Under My Skin LIVE), in his japan tour last year. Some people were thinking that one of the bracelet was similar to Naeuns.
  8. Taemin was at Ravis (Vixx) concert today, he is one of his best friends. But minho (and Yoona) were there. erghhh... Hello! I'm one of those who lurks in the shadows since forever... lmao.
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