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  1. I am sorry in advance for my long post I discovered Empress Ki from Netflix only 2 weeks ago and have finish watching all the episodes! I am SN-WY all the way From my search around different pages i have noticed that the majoriry of viewers ship SN and TH (at least those who are active at social media) I think the reason for that has to do with their age ( the viewers age), that time JCW was 25 years old so obviously people around 20 years and younger would prefer him and because he is very goodlooking. As i have seen from various comnents, when they watched the show they were around 13 yrs. At that age we are drawn by looks plus we all had accounts to every forum to post things. Older ages see deeper than that. Saying the above i want to post why i choose WY over TH WY first thought was if SN was happy ¤ when he first went to the palace and not managed to meet SY his server ask him to try again and meet BUT he said if she is happy here i dont want to trouble her. ¤ when proposed to her he was not demanding, we saw how much depresed he was SY came out that morning without the hairpin but didnt get angry with her. ¤ when almost got killed in the hunting game trying to save TH and SY, he didnt want her to know that because it would make her suffer ( she was the emperror's concubine) ¤when Maha died, again he didnt want her to find out because she has suffered enough. SY slept with TH after he took that poisoned arrow instead of her (as a thank you or out of duty). Do you think that if SY had known that WY was injured at the hunting game trying to save her and TH, would still go the emperror's chamber and sleep with him? Hmmm ? (She would probably go another time again as her duty) The emperror on the other hand wanted to have her on his side regardless how she felt. ¤He burned the letter of dismissing her from the palace ¤ he wanted WY dead, no matter how much this would upset SY ¤ He forced her to have sex with him. In general as long as he was happy so SHOULD she ( because he was the emperror after all) From the time SY went to the palace the second time ,all she did was thinking about her revenge and helping her people and also WY. She was not showing her "love" to TH. For me TH was just a tool for her plans.
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