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  1. Hello. This made me let us not forget the joint food truck they sent he he he
  2. I see alot of discussions of how dw and inna are careful of not being caught. Now i just cant wait if Inna will send wookie a support truck on his next drama. Id really be happy if she will .
  3. Omg yes thank you for pointing it out! I agree!!! And since now youve mentioned it, he also looks very happy in produce 101!!!!!! Ayeeeee I hope THEYRE happy
  4. This is a total segue or maybe this has been mentioned before, have you guys noticed that the lee dong wook official insta page deviated from their normal update of episode’s behind the scenes on the latter part of the drama? Instead they only posted videos of wookie having fun by himself on set. Or no? Haha. This just came to my thought because seriously, inna’s manager is super strict, to the point of monitoring inna content on IG huhu WAE?
  5. I have the same thoughts!! Hahah but im not sure if dongwook likes twice or cheer up. But im pretty sure he is fond of their TT. when i saw the clip on IG of inna playing cheer up by twice, and then she looked at her phone and smiled, i immediately thought of dongwook. Hahahaha i mean this is not even a delulu statement but an instinct hahaha Ive seen him wear pink in a fanmeeting after goblin. To be honest id like to think he wore pink for Inna just like how Jung Rok wore pink when he was dating jinshim, but looking at the background (the trainees) the pink is a fitting choice for him to stand out. But then i was thinking why not like violet or white. Haha uhmm and riiko1988 i love the gif!!
  6. Omg see how generous dongwook is!!!!!!! I swear if i spot inna wearing anything channel then i will immediately presume that it is from someone she knows who endorses channel!! And we know who HE is. Hahahahah and YES i am still not over in knowing what dong wook’s gift to INNA is!!!!! (After months hahaha) and inna enjoying Make it count shows everything is definitely gooooooood between them (i mean like even if as friends the least) she looks happy while listening to it hahaha
  7. Ive been seeing this bracelet often lately. Hahaha. I wish this was their gifts to each other. because why not? Im really wondering what dongwook gave inna this time. Im pretty sure he gave her a drama gift this time. If he gave her vitamins for her not to be sick, i bet he gave her give drama gift.
  8. Finally he is back on insta. I hope he will update more often now. I was really expecting a late channel post but well, hope he can join the next TYH reunion! Ha ha ha
  9. Aside from what has already been said on this thread id like to add and remind everyone esp lurkers that this is shippers paradise and not the individual thread of dong wook and inna. So if you dont like to read some facts, inferences and delulu about your oppa and inna being real and together or at least HAPPY WITH EACH OTHER, you are free to click the X button, go on and be happy with your life. Sorry id like to vent this out. This is the only place where i can find goodvibes on the internet because most of the people who comment or lurk here have the same wish which is to see them real unlike on IG and twitter whose different users have different biases. So stop raining our parade. Thank you. And can i just say that i am finding lee dong wook’s absences on reunion suspicious already. I hope he is just busy with produce just as what has been mentioned here earlier but he missed the second reunion. Did somebody get the memo? Hahah. Because seems like inna’s manager is monitoring the inna universe on ig thus them being extraaa careful. Hmmm?
  10. Exactly my thoughts. Speaks a lot on how YIN is willing to be “close” with dongwook and vice versa really.
  11. Really have no idea with the other actresses except da hae hahahhahaha. But this statement makes me go weeeeeeeeee.. i see some genuine admiration right there. Now i wonder if dongwook gave him a gift after wrapping up the drama. Did he gave her flowers? Or his heart?ahahhahahahahhahahahahah
  12. 2020- engagement announcement 2021- marriage 2022- announcement of pregnancy HEAVENS PLEASE?HAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAH
  13. I agree with you, i can see that Dongwook has so much respect for Inna. Our Inna, just as what has been mentioned here seems like a prim and proper girl. haha she really has an "eoni" vibe. and since the english subs are coming out, i would like to just have this appreciation post to Lee Dong Wook who is the main reason why this ship is still sailing. It is because of his deliberate, willful and conscious choice to act alongside with Inna that's why we have now our ointment couple. He could have turned down the project and scout for a better drama or script considering the cons but he did not. What's nice is that as what he has mentioned, it was Yoo In Na who was casted first as Oh Jin Shim who played a major factor in him choosing this project. THANK YOU FOR CHOOSING TO BE WITH YOO IN NA, LEE DONG WOOK. <3
  14. Dri30 and ziggery567 thank you!!!! And thank you amazingyooinna on ig. I see that YIN fans and LDW fans are amazing as well! Thank you for sharing and doing the vid with sub. And seeing each other often privately huhuhu guys. Okay. we are fine with it even if theres no picture as long as theyre seeing each other together. And i think more so now. also i love where dongwook said that one of the attractive reason why he accepted the role was because of iNna. I remember what inna said in one of her interview that she was surprised when dongwook accepted the role because she was casted first. I bet lee dong wook , upon the director’s offer of the role ,read the script and read the lovey dovey cutie cutie scenes inna will make with jungrok and felt that he cant allow any guy to do it with her! Hahahahah (plus the director’s past drama were full of smooches and skinship and the drama is a webtoon adaptation full of such) i love also where YIN said sports is dongwook’ s specialty that he cannot lose to anyone. Like how did you know inna? I didnt know dongwook loves sports. And since we are on this sports, ahhh i see now dong wook why you want you and inna to excercise? Hahahahahh hahahahha oops thank you everyone. Seems like dongwoook hasnt moved on from KJR or is resting well or is busy, inna’s spotted going around but dongwook is nowhere to be found. and who among you here are looking for dongwook’s staff ig? I mean theyre ninja as well
  15. Hello heart_note! Welcome here! and maybe the production gave hedgehog to jungrok and the teddy bear to inna probably. Or why not both hedgehog to them. ang guys does anyone here know where to find the eng sub of iqyi interview of inna and dongwook? I only found indo sub but with no eng sub. Please help
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