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  1. Thanks @frozentundra! Indeed, his latest IG post also spoke volumes of his humility and love for his fans. I do hope he finds true love in a smart, kind and capable woman some day too. But until then, at least he’s feeling loved by all of us.
  2. I’ve been a silent reader here for some months now. First discovered Pinocchio by chance where LJS’ performance compelled me to look up all his other works. It didn’t take me long to finish all his dramas, often spending late nights clicking “next episode” again and again cos it was so hard to stop! I scoured the internet for any LJS related content and the more I absorbed, the more I was drawn to this man. As an actor, he is very good at his craft. That sense of pride as his fan is quite unspeakable when you know he earned the recognition he gained through persistent hard work. But it’s his personality that you uncover through interviews, variety shows (though rarely), behind the scenes clips and videos from his fan events that you realise what endears him to many. Looking beyond the model-esque physique and handsome face, his gentle demeanour and kind heart shines through most prominently for me. And I think that is partly what has helped him stay down to earth and brutally honest with himself - a trait that I find especially attractive - despite his fame and achievements. As a relatively new fan, it is not easy to get used to the fact that there wouldn’t be much new LJS content for 2 years. But I can imagine it would be harder for his many longstanding fans and the ones who have dedicated precious time keeping this thread alive and abuzz with activity. To the chingus here, thank you for staying by LJS’ side and helping new fans like us discover this gem of a humankind. RIABB is such a precious parting gift from LJS prior to his temporary departure. This was my first drama of his that I felt the anticipation for weekly episodes, and it was a vastly different experience from watching back-to-back episodes at a go. RIABB was a feel good masterpiece that evoked warm fuzzy feelings of strength, friendship, passion, love and family. It did away with antagonistic characters and unreasonable plot twists. Rather, its mature handling of interpersonal relationships made me invested in the realistic stories of each character. More importantly, it made me realise the type of person LJS is for picking a script like that. I like to think about what must be going through his mind when he picks his works, and I choose to believe the fact that his female leads do not play damsels in distress, but resilient and tenacious characters, is testament to the respect he holds for women. Yup, this man deserves all the love he’s getting and more! And lots more he will receive indeed for just being the LJS he is
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