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  1. I don't know what you guys think, but i like gu xiaowu more than chengyi. Eventho they are the same person, gu xiaowu was being himself around xiaofeng, and that's how they both fall in love and getting married so fast. On the other hand, chengyi loved xiaofeng too, but he wasn't being himself around her because he still had another agenda at that time, which is why it took times for them to have the kind of relationship gu xiaowu and xiaofeng had. I was hoping gu xiaowu is another person and this story end with gu xiaowu's arc not chengyi
  2. Who else fall in love with female hae il? 'cause i do haha I think prosecuter park isn't one of the baddies. I have a feeling she just acting so that she could be on the baddy side. When she gather all the evidences enough to convict all of them, she'll spill it all even tho it would cost her her job. And she might has a secret to on why she's so bent to be on the baddies' side. The day i fear the most has come: the baddies know hae il's true identity. Hopefully it won't harm him that much.
  3. Why the drama that i love the most and sooo invested always end up in a mess? First with moonshine and valentine, now this. *sigh* I loooove this drama so much!! Xiaofeng is the first female lead that i fell so much in love with. Also the actress playing her. Sooo cute and good at acting. I don't know why but as bad as Chengyi is, i can't hate him that much. What do you expect from someone who grew up in a palace, playing stab-in-the-back game with your own siblings for the throne and enemies everywhere around you? I didn't try to justify his bad actions, but i think i kinda of understand why he turned out that way. His love for xiaofeng from my pov is obsessive and insecure. He loves and wants her so much to the point he will literally do anything just for her to be his and stay by his side. Once again, i don't fully blame him. He is a crown prince. Just as much as he wants to live happily together with xiaofeng, the palace circumstance and enemies everywhere made him feel insecure of her love. She will get hurt no matter what he do, either by him or by anyone else. It's their fate, unfortunately, because they were born as the Li prince and Xi ninth princess. If only they are just commoners, i would cry of happy tears imagining how happy their life would be. As for Gu Jian, he's in a tough spot. So i can't completely blame him too. At least he was there and vow to protect xiaofeng all his life to atone for his sins. He has been xiaofeng's knight in shining armor since she was younger. Just like general pei, i like these characters that genuinely want xiaofeng to be happy. The original novel ending was the best for me. Her death is the end of her suffering. Imagine if she was alive and run away somewhere, chengyi would turn the world upside down just to find her. But i do wish before her death, chengyi would properly apologize to her, so they could have a closure. But i guess all of you want him to suffer all his life so just be it lol I love Gu Jian a lot. And chengyi? I do hate him but at the same time i love him. Arrghhhh so conflicted!!!
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