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  1. @RParkSJ totally agree with you Let's have a party too Look at their singing wwwsk ost make me miss wwwsk drama and our ppc so much
  2. Hello everyone, i'm PPc lover since day one of wwwsk and i always come to this thread as a silent reader. I don't have courage to post anything here because my english is not good. Thank you sooo much to @twoparkcouple, @Matilda_Anne and everyone for sharing about dvd. I not afford to buy the dvd so i'm really appreciate to those who sharing about dvd. Thank you once again @Matilda_Anne yes, please do blog or ig acc for PPc. I really want read and join it I'm dying to know about bts in dvd. Sorry for long post and my bad english
  3. Hello, i'm one of silent lurkers here all this time. I didn't intend to offend anyone, but just for reminder, this forum is for PPC so please let's not talk or post any photo about other couple except PPC here. Can we just focus on PPC only?? Sorry for my bad english.
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