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  1. On Radio Apart, Kim Nam Gil said that the scene where Hae Il eats dumplings is related to his past as an orphan ;-;
  2. Ahh so you are Azyjtevol? I’m Wonkee on MDL as well! I remember reading your article and commenting on it And thank you for the subbed special *-* I haven’t watched that one yet so I’m glad i get to watch it for the first time subbed.
  3. It would be funny if the special episode got English subbed before the latest episodes of Confession we have been waiting since Saturday! And now its Friday! (I understand it is difficult but it would still be interesting if the special was subbed first)
  4. literally me after reading any article about season two of TFP. It all seems so uncertain, and my paranoia is getting the best of me. I REALLY HOPE THEY MAKE A SEASON TWO, I CANT FIND ANYTHING TO WATCH BC THIS SHOW IS TOO GOOD. (also i legit had a dream where they made a season two but replaced KNG with someone else and i was crying lmao help)
  5. I Google Translated the link to Kim Nam Gil’s interview. Its definitely not the best translation but i hope the link works. https://translate.googleusercontent.com/translate_c?depth=1&nv=1&rurl=translate.google.com&sl=ko&sp=nmt4&tl=en&u=https://m.entertain.naver.com/read%3Foid%3D421%26aid%3D0003963944&xid=17259,15700021,15700186,15700190,15700253,15700256,15700259&usg=ALkJrhixfFfSxqQuKPwvG1FPwDxWgkPEiw Hopefully it gets properly translated at some point
  6. Aaah I love these guys! Their friendship irl is so adorable! And Kim Nam Gil’s faces are priceless, he’s so expressive. I wish i knew what they were saying though, I watched the entire special but i really wish it were subbed! Argh!
  7. Thank you! If season 2 happens, maybe i will keep up with the thread
  8. Hello! I have been stalking this thread for the past few months now and haven’t really mustered up the confidence to join the conversation. I’ve completed watching The Fiery Priest and omg i love it so much. I was just wondering where i could watch the special episode that came out recently, I’ve seen clips, but I don’t know where to watch the full episode. can someone please send me a link to the full episode? I don’t really know how this website works haha I’m new here
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