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  1. He must be. Whether he's a trainer or not, he's fortunate enough to be able to hang out with SH like that. At first glance I thought that was Secretary Seo (you know that guy in MOA who plays a loyal and goofy secretary of JW)
  2. Just saw this on IG . Thank You @lduc for sharing. You're one, unique fan. You don't talk, your posts does all the talking though. I even have this thought: Are your perhaps, SH stalking this thread? Okay Ms. Park, you're doing great!
  3. @nistymaj10 Indeed! SH is well-loved in our country, almost a household name. And that venue is full-house! I can't believe SH has this kind of superpower
  4. Good for you, @rori0711. Lucky Girl! As I read your comment, I can feel your happiness and excitement, I wanna be jealous. But you know, you deserved that kind of experience so don't mind me
  5. @rori0711 I love MOA also, have saved the entire series in my phone . Will probably be watching it after I finish Doctors. Just so you know MOA places second in my 'most-favorite' PSH drama list. I love it that it's done maturely, PSH being paired HyunBin (his dimple is killing me, I feel inlove with it), concept is out-of-this-world and much MORE. I would like to mention that I loooooove the bromance between JW and Secretary Seo, so cute.
  6. Doctors holds a very special place in my heart because it led me to Shinhye and her acting prowess She is a Star that shines the brightest , it illuminates my sky!
  7. I hear ya @rori0711. Doctors is my favorite kdrama of all time! it must be, right? It's my Happy Pill in Strawberry Flavor! Currently re-watching, I'm at Ep. 14
  8. @ash011, how i wished @lduc could talk and give us explanation for this (much to our frustration ). One thing's for sure, Seo Yeon is a character that'll be played by SH on her upcoming movie, Call.
  9. ShinHye looked absolutely stunning in whatever she wears! She has this impeccable sense of fashion that always spells Elegance. No wonder fashion companies tapped her as their endorser. Well, I never know that mentioning CTJ on this thread will upset everybody. I am sorry, I mean it I may just leave this thread for your peace of mind. Not joining (this thread) doesn't make me less of a PSH fan, right? Have a nice day!
  10. Good Morning, Girl-Friends! It's so delightful to visit this thread without any Unpleasant Comments from someone whose sole intention is to 'wreck havoc' Joining this thread is like a breath of fresh rosy-air. It has become my Haven from stress and pressure, filled with Happy, fun-Loving People. I hope it'll stay that way! Happy Weekend!
  11. think her career is starting to die down compared to previous years from looking at her schedules now and then. Barely any dramas, movies, and advertisements. Just because we barely see her in dramas, movies and advertisements then we can assume that her career is dying . Since when? SH' been in the industry for 15? 16 years (?) and have achieved much, financially and professionally. For someone like her with considerable amount of achievements and a Super Star status, Exposure is no longer the main priority but Happiness and Inner Peace! Seeing her spending quality time with friends in between projects makes me happier too (as a fan who dearly loves her). As mentioned by @nistymaj10, if she's choosy with Scripts (and projects) she has the right to be! Amen, Amen! I have to add: SH doesn't have any plan to end her career as CF Queen, she's much more than that!
  12. I feel you. Last year, when I first heard about SH and CTJ dating I was a little (just a little bit) devastated. I've been shipping SH with this particular 'guy' but she chose CTJ instead. Duh! As fans, we can only be supportive and wish her best. She deserves all the happiness in the world!
  13. LOL. I feel bad for CTJ, he went through a lot - all those bashing and all. Poor guy. Some of PSH' fans are just hitting him below the belt. So childish!
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