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  1. I love all of them @hush puppy and love all your post you do great job to get all this information sorry been busy reading Zhang Gongan recently. For me to love this actor,handsome and acting is not first,but character,if I love his character I'll try watch all his project. So far on SWL he have 5 character i love so much. Yuan Song,Ling Xiao,Rong Zhi(and unlike most of you,I love the episode after they're married) Fang yuke,Feng Chengjun(this feel same like RZ,like but not satisfied,but still if I can rewatch it,he's good) and I think I'll love Zhang Ping character too in the future And for his real personality, after I'm into to Cdrama last year bcos goodbye my princess and try watch others and found The Untouchable Lovers and SWL,I visit this thread when still first page(found post when he was guest in Happy camp,the one he showing his kungfu skills,I can't found that post now)after I search and watch that episode,I love his personality and always watch everything when he guest in Variety show,but I love the most when he guest in Back to field s4,bcos I think he's enjoying so much there For popularity i think he's doing good this year. no need to survive,just see him enjoying his works is make me happy
  2. Another fanpics I love fanpics Cr.Logo I keep wonder where they know each other(SWL and Sehun) so it's bcos catman
  3. I'm still rewatching between Find Yourself and Go Ahead recently and In a Class Of Her Own (his scene only) @hush puppy you can describe him so well Does not seek to impress people, just being himself and quietly helping others,I really love this part of him. About acting,not many actor at his age can get 2 good drama in the same year. people always discredit him in reviews but I watched Go Ahead bcos SWL in the poster,without his character and him as cast i won't watch it even it's really great drama And see from the safeguard events I think many people love him as LX too. Talking about LX, I think I'm satisfied with the ending between LX and his mom. this is part of his character,he never express his feelings to others except LJJ,but I think for him is enough to know that people he love care with him,with his father(the scene when he smile at the door when his father talking with doctor) and his mom (from her suicide note) he feel free and can breath under the sunlight I know she make him suffer and depressed but no matter what she's his mom(you can choose your couple but you can't choose your parents,how bad they are,we still love them,that's parent and children relationship) I'm not satisfied with the couple but what can I do (people always said drama better without romance) but at least LX LJJ problem only CT,so it's beautiful the scene CT hold LJJ's hands and said thank you and give them blessed (I think that's make LX more happy) But still it will be nice if they give us more scene with LX LJJ couple in the last 4 episode than other
  4. Thank you so much @hush puppy he stare at me I found old fanpics I think this Yuan Song times. Cr.OHSOLAR0325
  5. So many gorgeous pics today Cr.logo sorry @hush puppy I only good post pics actually one thing i like abt SWL he's handsome but he's not lazy actor (who only use his handsome) bcos every role i can see him as different person,he's really working hard with his acting.
  6. Someone caught me Thank you so much @hush puppy for all the the updates and information I like SWL since I watched The Untouchable Lover,I like him more when I watched him in happy camp and give me five when he showing his kungfu skills, he's more action than talking that's make me love him more. always watch his project(I really enjoyed find yourself,love his character there even the story have some lack,but I always enjoyed his scene)and he's good there,and when I found out Go Ahead have same Director and Writer with find yourself,love love the drama so much ,especially Ling Xiao character and here I am,back lurking weibo soompi
  7. Profile: Name: 陈星旭 / Chen Xing Xu English name: Oliver Nickname: 九日(哥哥or弟弟) , 亮亮 Country of citizenship: China Nationality: Han nationality Occupation: Actor Birthdate: 1996 Mar 31 Birthplace: Liaoning, Shenyang, China Zodiac:Aries Height: 188cm Education: Beijing Dance Academy Affiliated Middle School ,Central Academy of Drama 2014 Chen Xingxu was explored by a scout when he was 3 years old in the park, began to shoot advertisements, shot the first TV series at the age of 4, and achieved professional results in 2014. He was admitted to the Performance Department (Acting Department) of the Central Academy of Drama and graduated in 2018. In 2016, starring in the costume martial arts TV series "The Legend of the Condor Heroes " adapted from Jin Yong's novel of the same name , Yang Kang, who plays smart and alert, is always fighting for strength. In 2017,he took part in the costume drama " East Palace ", which was broadcast in 2019. He was praised as a book because he was close to the age and appearance of the original characters, and was good at eye-catching, delicate and rich performances as Li Chengyin. TV Drama: A Passionate Life 激情燃烧的岁月 (2001) Cao Xue Qin 曹雪芹 (2003) Jiang Men Feng Yun 将门风云 (2006) Ni Shi Wo De Sheng Meng 你是我的命 (2006) Jin Hun 金婚 (2007) Zai Sheng Yuan Zhi Meng Li Jun Zhuan 再生缘之孟丽君传 (2007) Lie Ri Yan Yan 烈日炎炎 (2007) Shan Shan De Hong Xing 闪闪的红星 (2007) Qiu Hai Tang 秋海棠 (2007) 苏东坡 (2008) Legend of the Condor Heroes (2017) as Yang Kang Good Bye My Princess (2019) as Li Chengyin / Gu Xiaowu Love in a Fallen City (2019) The Best Era (2019) as Li Yanfeng Movies: Under the Hawthorn Tree 山楂樹之戀 (2010) Beijing & New York 北京·纽约 (2015) Once Upon a Time 三生三世十里桃花 (2017) A Chinese Ghost Story 倩女幽魂 (2019) 特種兵王之決不妥協 (2019) OST Additional Link Weibo Baidu Douban Wikipedia
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