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  1. Does anyone else have uneven eyes? I know its not a lazy eye because I can full move both of my eyes its just that one of my iris’ is off center. Like there is more white part showing for one eye than another. I have attached a few photos to show what I mean http://imgur.com/H1oNnqG http://imgur.com/XKOGbjF http://imgur.com/ZQypbCT
  2. A line navy skirt and a white long sleeve!
  3. I feel like I have low self confidence but I don’t know how to fix it without coming off as arrogant...
  4. I want to but I wish I could restrict my audience to only strangers:(
  5. My hair is short with choppy layers what do i do eek
  6. Why do some guys get really close w/ you on snapchat but ghost you in person?
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