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  1. All of the linked videos to the BTS of the Kissing scenes have been broken. Does any have any working links of the cut-scenes for the kisses??
  2. I stumbled on "Goodbye My Princess" last week and literally dropped my entire life just so I could finish this beautiful drama. My eyes are still swollen from crying but my heart felt so full and in love with LCY and XF charater's and love story. I just simply cannot move on. This is one of THE BEST dramas I have seen in decades. I am slowly going through the 66 pages of this forum but getting a bit impatient. WONDERING on a few details that I never got the answers from the drama. Please help this new die-hard fan here. In Episode 10, I remember GXW said that the
  3. I have been obsessed with the drama after trying the first episode. Wondering if anyone has any news about Love & Redemption 2??
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