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  1. Ahhh I'm ready for the ending yet! But at the same time I can't wait for this weekend!
  2. Oh nooo... I know what you mean. I hope he doesn't have to wait "6 years" for her to be 30 years old to get married as their conversation sort of foreshadow in the scene of the "watch-proposal".
  3. Oh my gosh! Thanks for the preview. Now I cannot wait for this weekend. Looks like she escapes the assassin "police" scene but later on gets hurt again. and this time it is in front of MC. His hands has blood as he holds onto her. Ahhh!!! Saturday and Sunday will be a killer. No pun intended.
  4. I share the same thought!! I have this sad feeling that she will break DC's heart with her decision to be in the freezing capsule again. 1) The scene where they were chatting on the bed -- MR mentioned if she would be frozen again, and asks DC to promise her that he will not be frozen with her -- is a foreshadow to that will happen. 2) The scene where DC's quasi-proposing to her with the couple-set matching watches, and MR said she will marry him when she turns 30. For some reasons, I feel like she is being serious about the comment and it might happen that DC will have to wait for her until then!! Usually I get excited after each weekend and look forward to the next upcoming Saturdays/Sundays ... but I feel extremely sad knowing next weekend it will be our last weekend with our sweet JCW! I totally hear your points! I was actually okay with his explanation and her reactions for two reasons: 1) It builds on trust. I think MR trusts that DC is being sincere about his "friendship" with the ex. She trusts him when he tells her that they were able to "clear out a misunderstanding" and that it's over, and that he calls her "a friend". Furthermore, MR respects his decisions of not sharing the details on the conversation because it is his privacy and his past before her. He is entitled to keep that part personally to himself. Now, it's his present is with MR (and moving to the future together), so why bother knowing more of the past when she is not part of it, and just focus on the presence together. Jealousy can kill the cat. ::: I personally know this situation very well because I had dealt with my own husband's past relationships and we have the same exact conversation. From my experience, jealousy is not that great::: 2) I find that DC has shown her how he likes/loves her in numerous ways without having to say "I like you because x, y, and x". I like the way DC explains that he didn't fall her at first sight, which is very realistic. I find it very endearing that he shows how he cares by his thoughtful (and practical) gifts to make her life safer, easier, and better -- starting with upgrading her phones, that FitBit for her heart rates/temperatures, safety taser, and my most favorite is the proposal watches. I also love how DC always makes sure her temperatures is stable, even when risking his life for her. There are Five Languages of Love. Gift giving/act of services are two of them. These languages are often silent and cannot be articulate into words. But the story does show DC adores her! So I'd accept his explanation for her in that scene too. Just my two cents.
  5. http://See this Instagram photo by @meltingmesoftly_tvn: https://www.instagram.com/p/B4qhJQIJ6Eb/?utm_source=ig_web_options_share_sheet I cannot sit still looking at this screen shot. Is anyone one the same ship as me? I find it EXTREMELY hot with this scene, how his hands wraps and interlacing the fingers around her waist? Other people might have feet fetish, but I think I might have JCW's veiny arms/wrists/hands. I find them super masculine and sexy.
  6. Ahh! @LavelyShai@liltash85 I loved reading your thoughts on the chances of the Novel Idiocracy and how DC will have to do a bit of soul searching to know that he has moved on from his feelings for HY. But then again I'm worried that this just create a few more hurdles that MR has to overcome in the relationship. @MissKim1982 I wonder if moving to the to MR's home roof is real as it doesn't serve much of any purpose as too this late in the story already. Please help me process how this can enhance the story....
  7. Ahh I just finished ep 12 and LOVED what DC did with the edits to reveal the hidden story, taking matters in his hands! I love the twist to the story now that they could target the villain. Looking forward to this weekend! I loveeeeee the chief and the best friend’s comment. If DC + MR = ice baby!
  8. Thank you for the translation! I can't wait until this weekend as we get to see some sweet scenes of these two as they move from "some" to the real deal!
  9. I loved and appreciated your note. You hit some of my very questions to what is going to happen in the next 6 episodes. I'm worried it will be super rushed to tie all the loose ends to the complex story. So far I'm only interested in how MDC and GMR will end up together and how to solve the "temperature" increase. I agree about the lust vs love thought, as to me it's almost a cheating lovestory at this poin with him falling for her because she is the only one who is most compatible with him after 20 years. Can I say, some of the dialogues in this drama is very cheesy (and cheap). At certain points, I wish they didn't speak and just leave the scene in silence that could actually trigger more interest and excitement from the audience. Any theory on what is going to happen in Episode 11...???
  10. Ahh! I'm a diehard fan of Ji Chang Wook and I think Ep 10 just took a turning point to get the drama to a better direction! I have been hitting the repeat button on the shower kiss multiple time at work is a bit dangerous now. I hope the storyline and more romance will blossom from here on! Along with it... I don't mind rolling on the WALL and under a shower head! KEKEKE
  11. LOL The doorbell/someone arriving DID NOT stop them before (ie Episode 10) Why now?? Couldn't Ryan just take her hands and bring her to a different room and ignore that doorbell as they continued their makeout session at the woodshop? I thought this drama could play a bit more twists unlike other dramas...
  12. I have no idea what I just read here... I should have taken your warning seriously. I didn't think it was possible to read about a character from a drama. HAHAHAHAHA! Now I can't get this image out of my head and this will be hard tmrw. >_<
  13. I'm rewatching Ep10, where DM drops a piece of kimbap on Ryan's pants and "ruins" it. She said it was only 2x she has ever damaged his clothes. He said there was more. How many times has she ruined his clothes? 1) First met at the airport when she ripped his jacket when falling off the ladder. 2) Kimbap in Ep 10. Where else?
  14. I was planning to wait until the whole drama is completed, but now I'm shipping on board and excitedly waiting for the upcoming weeks with my heart exploding at the cliffhanger of each episode! I got a bit impatient and haven't read through all the posts yet. I was wondering in the latest Preview for Ep11. Does anyone have a theory on why RG is crying with tears rolling down his cheeks while sitting on his bed?? https://photos.app.goo.gl/1uGAEkZMgwHn9ym96
  15. I can't stop smiling from the last episode. It was just very simple and sweet. Love the ending scene. and of course the hottie LDW in a dashing tux and fixed hair. <3 Now I'm going to back to watch Hotel King just so I could see more of Wookie in a suit!
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