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  1. LOL The doorbell/someone arriving DID NOT stop them before (ie Episode 10) Why now?? Couldn't Ryan just take her hands and bring her to a different room and ignore that doorbell as they continued their makeout session at the woodshop? I thought this drama could play a bit more twists unlike other dramas...
  2. I have no idea what I just read here... I should have taken your warning seriously. I didn't think it was possible to read about a character from a drama. HAHAHAHAHA! Now I can't get this image out of my head and this will be hard tmrw. >_<
  3. I'm rewatching Ep10, where DM drops a piece of kimbap on Ryan's pants and "ruins" it. She said it was only 2x she has ever damaged his clothes. He said there was more. How many times has she ruined his clothes? 1) First met at the airport when she ripped his jacket when falling off the ladder. 2) Kimbap in Ep 10. Where else?
  4. I was planning to wait until the whole drama is completed, but now I'm shipping on board and excitedly waiting for the upcoming weeks with my heart exploding at the cliffhanger of each episode! I got a bit impatient and haven't read through all the posts yet. I was wondering in the latest Preview for Ep11. Does anyone have a theory on why RG is crying with tears rolling down his cheeks while sitting on his bed?? https://photos.app.goo.gl/1uGAEkZMgwHn9ym96
  5. I can't stop smiling from the last episode. It was just very simple and sweet. Love the ending scene. and of course the hottie LDW in a dashing tux and fixed hair. <3 Now I'm going to back to watch Hotel King just so I could see more of Wookie in a suit!
  6. Will you write more for the next 10 episodes to ending please?
  7. I am a few years late to this amazing drama. But your post and this exact section totally captured my heartbeat as I watched Episode 15 last night! I'm super excited about this drama and still have 5 more episodes to go. This was the highest mark for me!
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