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  1. yup,ikr.. i'm pretty sure of them need to leave rm if they're really married. and i think it will be jh. but in my opinion it didn't be problem to them, but jk might be concern about jh and for the sake of running man.
  2. i'm sorry, but its look like i will post a bit emotional toughts here. I curious towards JK, he show his interest to get marry soon, and we know he really want it. Meanwhile, we know JH even said she not really thinking about marry. But, recently JH acted like she's ready and not even denied when members teasing them, but JK, he keep deny but in meantime he doesn't look angry but admit it in silence. Hence my conclusion regarding this situation, JK really worries about his work, maybe about RM, MUD and others may effect if he proceed with his married. I really hope that they tie knot asap. JK please think about your own self right now. No offence guys, just my personal opinion
  3. hi guys, we're new spartace fan base. please support and watch this videohttps://youtu.be/aNOE0Fju9tA and do follow us on instagram : spartaceglobal
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