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  1. Another heartbreaking episode T.T
  2. This episode is truly a retaliation for all the insults and trials that Yeoning received earlier. Unceasingly, I was delighted that one by one proof would be revealed by yeoning, munsu and other colleagues. It must be admitted that the haechi storyline always managed to surprise. It was a bit sad indeed when wibyoung remembered his past filled with hard work, but in the end he had to pay for his actions because after all he made himself fall into evil. I seem to miss the other part to watch And about ilwoo and ara bts, sbs seem to know very well how yeoji is missed by the audience: D I hope that next week's episode yeoji will really come back to haechi ... And for ara, see how much he push herself until the end of the shoot even though she has to wear that crutch.
  3. I am really speechless about this episode. Everything feels so tense on our Crown Prince side! Dal Mon!!! I knew you wouldnt betray us as easy like that T.T And oh from all that bad peoples surrounding YN and his comrades, why i feel really annoyed by Byeong Joo!!!
  4. This story of haechi keeps my heart thirsty and races about what will happen next! It really can't imagine any more journey that must be passed by Yeoning to reach the throne. All that forging is what I believe makes a yeoning who has the quality of a king become stronger and shine. No wonder that in the end Yeoning is one of the greatest joseon kings whose names are remembered in history. And the most touching is that he goes through it with people who are sincere and loyal. For other casual drama fans, haechi stories may indeed feel heavy, boring, especially with the lack of love stories in them. But really this drama is worth watching more! I don't know what the others are, but here the role of ilwoo as yeoning is enough to make me more than satisfied! He plays the character well! Also the support of other roles cant be aside. For his love story that feels slow between yeoji n yeoning, I see it as something very natural. When various problems come to Yeoning, the love he has for Yeoji shows how mature he is. It's not like a burning young love story, but it makes a beautiful picture for me. GoAra, I am also interested in watching Haechi one of them because of Goara. She may not be the best, but somehow it always makes me curious to watch her drama again and again. As for haters, maybe i noticed since she acted in hwarang. And yes, some of them are fans that dont satisfied their bias paired with his co star. If you go through instagram comments you'll always find those bad comments, not about the story but often about the actors or actresses.. XD ah seems i must spend my time on the other things than waste it to read such unimportant saying.. Haha.. Cant wait to watch some spoiler episode tonight <3
  5. When the trailers of haechi shown up online, i did read a few comment or reaction about how some peoples upset about go ara as female cast some of them said why it has to be her pair with jung il woo and other actors like kwon yul and park hoon. Seems they not satisfied with go ara's acting before. So yes, it could be one of a reasons haechi is not mention a lot
  6. Ahhh.. Couldnt more agree than this!! <3 yes.. Deep inside i feel that she just cant only be an ordinary woman. Though her character is just a fiction compare other based on true history, but i know it shouldnt be place her just to be the sweetener scene, right? Cause with such a great crown prince soon king to be, Yeoning, whatever the plot story written, it would be something meaningful, with all of the peoples surrounding him. Include in yeoji in this drama. As for yeoji's background, im also wondering where is she came from, what family history she has that make her such a strong independent woman with many quality skill like that. Since on DalMon we start to know a little about his past with MP's woman. Hope as the episode goes by, it all be shown up. Just for now, dont know what will happen next episode.. Cant even imagine or guess it >o<
  7. I feel the same too.. YJ's character n stories now just seems play around in romance thing beetwen her n YN.. Is it perhaps because ara's injury that her role is like postpone for a while? So its kinda make her slowly one step behind? Oh.. I miss yeoji's action as saheonbo together with the others...
  8. @lexicon agree with you haechi is satisfiying to watch even maybe for me as a not korean people who not knows a lot about history is kinda hard to understand. Every plot scenes are worth to watch. And yes how great those actors immerse their own characters!! Il Woo really has a good act as crown prince (soon to be king of joseon) it fit him well! For go ara, her acting usually got some critics because her poker face? But dont know why i do love every drama she was in.. <3 Kwon yul is no doubt is a great actor. He could express his character really all out.. his face, his mimic show it all.. But dont you notice in real life kwon yul is a quiet person? Compare to his character as MS The same goes to Ara.. In real life Ara is really cheerfull girl compare to YJ character who always seems serious and stiff XD
  9. Really.. For me its kinda beautiful to see some affection of love like this.. And yes, crown prince yeoning is such a gentle here.. He didnt rush his feeling towards yeoji, instead he is like let his heart growing together with her and give her some room to do things on her own. And on yeoji's side.. Though sometimes it feels annoying how clueless a girl could be ^o^ (plus she ask the wrong person ah bong :D) she aware about her position related to YN.. So its really smooth progress beetwen these two.. And the other romance here is about DM and MP's woman, right? So she is DM's past love?
  10. Yes T. T even if you check in instagram where so many kdrama account post clips scene about the other dramas on going, but less about haechi.. This weeks rating of haechi seems go down a little from last week >. <
  11. @akhenaten i think one of the reason why it mention very little online is because sbs do not let the other easily share the contents. Sometimes they blocked it too, so its kinda hard to promote and let people see the clip scenes..
  12. Never been addicted to saeguk drama in a while. And Haechi bring me here now!! Wohoo.. Interesting stories afterall!! The histories, politics, friendship, really mix well! Oh also dont forget about the romance..But yes, i do think writernim need to improve yeoji's side on this romance part. Cause too many dragging might became really bored to watch.. though it will be a sink ship for yeoning n yeoji, but i hope they really could show some deep feeling love towards each other...
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