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  1. Hi guys! I’ve been a lurker of soompi forums for years now haha but this will be the first time I’ll post something hehe since I’ve been a lurker of threads of kdrama couples, I had successful ships and not yet successful ships. Notably successful ones are Song2 and the NamLee(WFKBJ: even tho they broke up already) and one thing I found similar with both couple that gave a sign (to delulu shippers at least) is the AD-LIB moments. I remember that there were ad-lib scenes in DOTS and WFKBJ that were very romantic and sweet. I can remember NamLee having an ADLIB KISS before huhu and IFFF THE LIPBALM KISS IS AN ADLIB can this be a sign? Idk huhuhu but my shipper heart wishes it to be true! Hopefully they tell us at the right time!!
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