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  1. This person posted a report of the Fan meeting. Seems like it was mostly stories we've already saw in the latest Radio star episode JH attended, and the rest sounds like Karaoke :mellow:, where JH sang random songs along with the crowd... Sounds like they had fun, but there was no news. Rats!


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  2. Ran into this clip, and I remembered this guy is JH's friend, right? It seems like the last few years have been quite difficult, and strangely, his life, as a result, now parallels JH's life- looks like there was a scandal around him which resulted in him leaving all of his shows, but this changed him to the better- his health became better, became closer to his wife, had a daughter :) - so now he has two boys and one girl! he also got worried about being there for his new baby- so he stopped drinking! Very reminiscent of what happened with JH, just in a different timeline :)

    I wonder if JH was there for him through this- 



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  3. 2 hours ago, azureblue7 said:

    In the 2007 trip to Mongolia, he impressed everyone when he shared what he knew about Genghis Khan. And he also impressed the director of My Country with his extensive knowledge on Yi Bang Won. 


    I I believe he delves deeply into studying and researching historical figures that are of interest to him.


    Haha! Broken encyclopedia.  Maybe that's only when he's with his dragon club friends.

    Right, also in Chuno- the director said that JH was more knowledgable of the time period than the production.





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  4. 16 minutes ago, YouwinJH said:

    I was watching it when I was way younger all those years ago but never paid attention to it because I was into BW and Buffy. Now I can't find it anywhere. Would be nice to rewatch

    Oh, it's a great show. I loved how complex SB's role was in it  and his relationship with his dad. I think that type of a role could be great for JH.


    If you can find it- watch it! 

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  5. 28 minutes ago, YouwinJH said:

    @Biology Lesson a remake sounds good. I was actually gunning for the Mentalist but I'm now bored of it. The Red John plot is dragging on. They could do something like Bones but sans the romance between the leads. Instead he could be married with a family.


    The Mentalist I never liked... Don't like rude abusive protagonists. For the same reason I don't like House either.

    Have you seen Simon Baker's previous show, called "The Guardian"? Such a complex interesting character in a great premise. If it wasn't for the annoying Lulu, I'd say that show was perfect! I highly reccomend it



  6. 37 minutes ago, YouwinJH said:

    @Biology Lesson I dropped the Killing Vote after 1 episode. I also had to rewind multiple times because I couldn't pay attention. I actually liked Park Sung-Woong in Blood Hounds and him and the lead were also in Man x Man, and I liked him there as well though I've still not finished the drama


    Man x Man actually had an interesting premise and the espionage bits in the beginning surpassed anything done by Family but then by episode 2 it became a chaebol vs everyman melodrama so I lost interest quickly


    In terms of recent Kdramas, I started QoT but can't be asked to finish. I've been on episode 12 for over 2 weeks. It's pretty clichéd and melodramatic but there is an audience for it, which I suppose isn't me


    Killer Paradox was pretty bloody but the plot was rather slow so I was bored by episode 3 so it's on pause for now


    I also watched Bequeathed. The plot was too thin and the characters not properly fleshed out for me to enjoy it. And the whole incest thing was gross and didn't make sense to me. But at least I finished it


    I also finally finished Hellhound. It had so much promise but then it got too slow that I had to skip a few episodes to get to the end. I could still follow the narrative thread because nothing new happened in those episodes I suppose. A show like that could have been covered in fewer episodes - even 6 episodes was too long. Would have been tighter and more impactful. Plus it was a massive cop out to not explain the phenomenon. I suspect the idea of a second season gave the writer the time she / he needs to make something up


    Saw the Fall Guy yesterday. I have a newfound appreciation for stunt people. The action sequences were pretty badass and fun to watch. The storyline, very clichéd and at times made the movie rather underwhelming and boring


    I can't say there are no good shows out there because I'm not watching that many these days. I've also been more focused on films. Would be interesting to see what JH does next but can't say I'm confident it will break the mould from recent trends


    I randomly tried several shows recently, but ,like you, either dropped them in the first episode or couldn't bring myself to continue watch. I finished The Killing vote just because I was curious how it will end, but I really didn't enjoy it. 

    I'm sure there are good shows (I liked The Glory and The good cop II), but they seem to be few and far between, and they usually will be first offered to those that are considered to be A list... 

    By now, all I'm hoping is that JH will go for a remake or do a version of a good foreign show, which will ensure a good script.




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  7. another promo for JH's appearance in the other SBS show-


    On 5/12/2024 at 11:13 PM, YouwinJH said:

    Started a new show on Prime - Thus Spoke Rohan Kishibe - and it's only three seasons with eight episodes in total. The episodes feel like vignettes because the pacing is rather slow. I'm enjoying it so far. It blends light and dark themes really well . And it would be nice to see JH in something as offbeat. The female lead is OTT and annoying though


    Anyway back to the waiting game...

    I on the other hand watched a Kdrama named The Killing Vote, just because I liked the actress Lim Ji-Yeon in The Glory, and- I hated it! It's so frustrating how these K cop shows are all the same- a veteran cop that is slightly corrupt but not entirely, a younger cop (usually a woman) that is an extremely honest cop, a bunch of "supporting" cops in the team for mostly comedic relief, one main cop that later will be reveald to having a secret, and a bad guy that is usually the most developed character. These shows will sometimes have hints of a romance, but usually they will fizzle or turn out to be very boring. This show had all these elements, but in this case none of the main characters were likable or relatable. The lead actress was trying, but she didn't have much to work with. We were being told that the male lead character was wild and crazy, but we almost never saw that. Good looking actor, but very flat. The main plot horriblle and again shows complete disregard for human lives that is so common to Kdramas . The biggest dissappointment to me was the actor playing the "antagonist", Park Sung-Woong. I know this guy is suppose to be an A list actor in Korea, but from the few projects I've seen him in, he seems to be the same in every role. 

    All in all- I don't recommend. Again, I completely understand why JH is struggling to find good roles...

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  8. Just saw the trailer for  The Acolyte, that has lee jung-jae cast in it, and it looks to be the same Disney nonsense. Notice- all the Korean actors that recently got a role in a HW production- all of them were cast in a bad Disney project and they didn't gain anything from it! By now it's almost certain that there is going to be a HW movie for JH, I'm just hoping it will be differernt from what these poor actors got

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  9. 1 hour ago, YouwinJH said:

    Is he a regular on the show? I thought it was a one off episode

    Oh, I don't know. I thought this is going to be like other shows, where he's appearance was split over a few eps :mellow: If it's not, and we're not going to get some real casting news, than this whole thing was really badly done cause this "false" news is spreading...


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  10. 1 minute ago, YouwinJH said:

    @Biology Lesson yikes I saw some news items on X but those are usually clickbait and not reputable sources in general


    Why he did it, we will never know. I've always suspected he's going through some type of midlife crisis. Maybe he needs some time off in Canada with the wife and kids...ah but he has a fanmeet soon (if I'm not mistaken he has two in Japan this year)

    I guess it's the nature of the show? I think it's just the blurbs they released to the madia. They wrote it as if it's the truth. Don't know. I just hope that next week the show will give some real casting news to counter this.

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  11. This is the problem with what happened in this show or the way they presented it. There are now articles presenting the "lie" as if it's reality. This doesn't look good-


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  12. 46 minutes ago, azureblue7 said:

    He's so cool and seems more confident speaking in English now.


    《Real or Reel》[Episode 2] 


    Jang Hyuk confessed on the show that he decided to enter Hollywood.


    On this day, Jang Hyuk focused on studying English from the morning. Regarding this, Jang Hyuk said, “I’ve been taking English classes these days. “I want to have conversations without an interpreter during events such as film festivals,” he said. In response, Park Jun-hyung, who is close to Jang Hyuk, said, “I do everything myself, without a manager.”


    After eating a light snack, Jang Hyuk headed to the boxing gym. In particular, Jang Hyuk passed the pro test at the age of 49. As soon as he entered the gym, he warmed up by lightly jumping rope and then worked out without saying a word for two hours. In response, Kyuhyun exclaimed, “He can’t gain weight.”


    Jang Hyuk, who took a break after working out for two hours, was drenched in sweat and his body was feeling hot. Mimi was surprised to see this, and Jang Hyuk explained, “When you sweat, (fever) goes up.”


    Meanwhile, Jang Hyuk suddenly made a video call with someone in English, drawing attention. The other person was an employee of an American agency. Jang Hyuk made a surprising announcement, saying, “I can’t tell you exactly because there are conditions when signing the contract, but it is true that I will enter Hollywood and work in films.” In other words, following Ma Dong-seok, Bae Doo-na, and Lee Byung-hun, he entered Hollywood.


    When asked how he got the call, Jang Hyuk said, “The movie ‘The Killer’ was released in the United States. When he went to the premiere, he met a lot of officials. So what happened from there? “He is a director whose work is known to everyone,” he said. “He gave suggestions not only to actors but also to martial arts directors. The production cost for a total of 6 episodes was 600 million dollars (KRW 8,000), adding to the surprise.


    Wonder if it's real or fake? We'll only know at the end of the episode when they reveal the truth.


    Source : https://m.entertain.naver.com/article/109/0005070413


    I've been watching Modern Family and I have been thinking JH needs to go Sofia Vergara's rout- no need to try and make his English sound perfect. Lean into the accent and go for the funny. 


    Six episodes... I wonder what that is about... Glad to see he's showing swords fighting. If whatever project he's doing in historical, than I'm confident JH can make it big

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  13. 5 hours ago, Prettysup said:

    Preview of "Truth or Seting" Ep 2 tomorrow.


    The first protagonist is actor Jang Hyuk, who achieved his Hollywood dream. Is his daily life true when he was cast in a 800 billion blockbuster movie? 




    What's with the kissing in this show? In Kdramas they won't have kissing, but in a variety show they will show a french kiss?


    The number does seem fantastical... I hope the truth will be a small budget movie. More control for JH

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  14. So, We are now in May, and no news of a new project... :unsure: I wonder what happened- on the one hand I'm glad, since I really didn't like the premise of the show JH described, on the other hand-



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  15. 6 hours ago, Prettysup said:


    He even used it as his profile pic.. sometimes I am really doubtful about his aesthetic judgement 🙄

    :hwaiting2:I'm beyond baffled by his selfy posts... He seems to think the emo look, hair on his face, is cool looking :) 

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  16. so, we're halfway into April and no news about a new project...:dead:


    In the mean time, I noticed this thread refering to a scene I haven't seen anyone mention, and it kinda amused me- a kiss scene from Thank You, that was the most aggressive that I've ever seen JH being- 




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  17. I didn't say he doesn't want to do mainstream roles. I said he wants something more. However- If you look at all the last shows he has done, none of them are what I'd call mainstream- starting from MC to TMWYS and BH. in all these shows JH's character wasn't the usual character you see in Kdramas and all of them were deceptive- all of them made you think one thing, while they were another. I don't think it's a coincidence. Even his character is the horrible Family was unusual. So, you know what? Even though JH has not said it, this is what I'm saying- yeah. JH has had enough with korean mainstream shows. 


    7 hours ago, azureblue7 said:

    Can't help but compare JWS's Man of reason with JH's The Killer because they seemed so similar. But the reviews for Hyuk's movie were much better.









    Is the movie successful?

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  18. I don't think he meant he has only one challenge in him, I think he means he wants to challenge himself one last time. Accepting main stream Kdrama roles is not a challenge for him. You can agree with his choice or not. It's his life, and I respect him wanting something else for himself.  What he's doing is super couragous and risky. He himself said he doesn't know if he'll succede, but he has to try. I guess in a way I can relate since in the last 10 years, the moment I got to a place where I was doing well in a job and felt like I got the hang of it, my instinct was to move on and look for a bigger challenge. 5 years in a job I was doing well in, and I left and looked for another challenge. And now I'm 3 years in my new job, doing well, and again- my instinct is to move on. but since essentially I moved from one organizaion to another, what JH is doing is so much more impressive to me, as he is building something completely new. And I respect that. This is something I aspire to...


    Do I wish for another FTLY or another show as success as Chuno? sure, but it looks like shows like that are scarse. I also am not sure his path is the right one, as i think his emphasis should be on script, and not action. But- the bottom line is- we don't know what he's planning, so all we can do is wait and see.

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  19. @YouwinJH I think you are missing a very central point- what JH wrote in his latest post. He wrote " I want to challenge one more time in my life..."

    I don't know if this is what he means, but the fact is- JH has already done it all. He has had a huge hit and several big ones. He did, not one,but several iconic roles. In cinema? he has not had such big success, but he did make some good movies. So what now? Do the same thing over and over again? Fight for another role and hope it will be a success? In most professions, veterans get more responsibility and more influence,while only in acting, veterans have less opportunities and less influence. And JH knows it. JH has always spoken about himself as an office worker, and as such he is giving himslf a promotion. Is he worthy? For sure. Is it a risk? For sure. Do I support him? For damn sure! 


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  20. 1 hour ago, azureblue7 said:

    I was trying to see if there's any hints too..haha



    Since he's now without an agent and it looks like there is no one really in charge of his promotion, maybe he should hire someone to have a working plan that is oriented towards promotion... These random posts seem to essentially just be  a reflection of his random thoughts when he's bored :unsure:

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