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  1. Uhhhh really, I really hope there has never been anything going on between him and Jung Ryeo Won :|. I'll put my reasons in the Spoiler just in case anyone in here is a fan of hers. So it's up to you to read it or not.
  2. I would like to thank everyone on this thread for sticking together and going through the awesome stuff together during the broadcast time :). I've enjoyed it too much that I don't even want to say goodbye haha. It is such a bittersweet feeling to reach the end of the drama. And again, I don't think I've ever gone through this before. Dramas with me are like, "oh ok, let's wait till it ends" then "yay let's marathon through it" and then done. I had never involved myself in any drama community before TYH came along LOL. Well, since the drama has ended, what I'm gonna do now is waiting for their dating/marriage announcement <3.
  3. Well, since her clothes have been changed and there is no “pillow barrier” between them in bed, I guess we could just assume SOMETHING did happen
  4. I think her manager will only interrupt them in the morning after. Because judging how bright the window is, and how her outfit has changed + how they are standing in the kitchen, I would assume it’s already the morning after that night
  5. There is one comment from Naver in the above post that says how this story looks like one from 10 years ago because it’s too simple. Honestly, I prefer this simplicity, wrap-up-quickly plot because that means we would get more screentime of the leads being lovey dovey instead of having to deal with continuous dramatic events . And besides, who would resist fluffy romance after a tiring day at work or school?
  6. I’m still praying that the breakup won’t last long hahaha. Let’s hope that they will reconcile by the end of ep 13!!! Fingers crossed!
  7. I was also speculating that they’ve been dating for a while, and I never believed in his dating with Suzy. I think something must have happened back then and that dating move was somewhat needed, or they were just put in a situation where they could not deny until some time later. And really, following this thread just makes me trust my feelings about LDW and YIN more hahahha. You guys really don’t help my delulu at all! LOL
  8. I’m like, counting down every hour till Wednesday now lol. Can’t remember how long has it been since I was acting like this hahaha, probably never since I’m always the type that likes to watch dramas from beginning to end without waiting every week. I BLAME IT ALL ON TYH!! I also want to add that based on the above novel spoiler, I’ll make a guess that they will be separated (with her being abroad filming the drama) throughout episode 13, then get back together in episode 14. Episode 15 is where all the legal thingies happen, together with lovey dovey scenes , and finally episode 16 is when they wrap up things like family, marriage, kids etc.
  9. I agree with you entirely. The break-up does make sense and is necessary. On top of that, it shows how deep JR’s feelings and care for JS are. In addition, I’ve heard people calling JR being a liar since he promised JS that he would be fighting by her side. I beg to disagree though. I mean, he had ALWAYS been supporting her through the hard times and dramatic events ever since he got to know her. He only decided to break up when things were already kinda settled down and she got her fame back. Hello everyone, I’ve been following this thread for a while :). I only sign up today because apparently I’ve become sooooo interested in this couple haha. Nice to meet you all!
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