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  1. On 2/16/2020 at 9:54 PM, jamy47 said:

    Something i noticed while rewatching; I dont think the second male lead died (forgot his name). I think SD helped him fake his death and he went hiding somewhere in Europe and SD must wait a while and then go meet him. When she said she was going to Russia then smiled, it was a hint. 



    I wanted 20% for the ending so i'm happy.  They are in a special club now; one of the dramas to hit 20% on cable network. It's a very exclusive club to be part of. So well deserved! I'm happy for the entire team! Job well done!

    That crossed my mind too! I don't know if it's just a cliff hanger or they plan to put something new with that. I loved the seconds leads story as well. Cried a lot !!! :(


    1 hour ago, LeftCoastOppa said:


    With the performance of both Kim Jung Hyun and Seo Ji Hye they should've built a second season around Seung Jun & Dan.


    With the popularity of CLOY world wide, coupled with all the reported backlash the writers took on the subject of Seung Jun's death - use a little kdrama license and bring him back.


    There was no funeral, no grave, and the only characters to actually say he died, were in South Korea, and couldn't have confirmed it with any certainty.


    I'd love to see a drama centered on these two characters :blush:




    That is true! Seo dan only seen cried hugging the blue jacket of seung jun but the other scenes it's like he just went somewhere... so i'm imagining things here.:wub:

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  2. Knowing what happened to songsong, i really hope they'd take time to know each other well and develop a much more strong foundation of their relationship. I'd be okay for a much more private one as long as it's sincere and not impulsive. May it be filled with deep understanding and consideration and faith as well in each other. I have my hopes up but no expectations. Just live happily. :blush:

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  3. Considering their age now, i believe sooner or later there will be a confirmation or should i say revelation about their relationship. Hopefully its theirs and not with another party.


    By the way, are we not just imagining and assuming things about their clothing and accessories? I mean it might be a trend in ķorean fashion to wear colorful clothes or sponsorship too? How do we know it's a personal choice? 


    And just wanna share this video :wub:


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  4. The first time i saw the Goblin presscon i never thought of any fishy behavior from wookie and in na. All i noticed was LDW making fun of YIN. And looking back now, i finally realized that was the start of the special attention he's giving to her.

    Before, YIN was so discreet of him given the first time they act together. Shyness, adjusting and all.

    But now, we've seen YIN getting pissed and sulky too towards LDW for being so playful on the set. Lol :D


    Whenever they are on the same interview, YIN is so professional and dismissing any inappropriate things that could lead to suspicion. However, LDW on the other hand is not afraid to express it so YIN would nudge him to convey he should behave in a not so obvious casual way. Hhmmpp...this is what i thought of while watching kakaotalk interview.

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  5. 42 minutes ago, MsMagic said:


    Gong Yoo and Kim Go Eun definitely knew based on the way they acted when they were around the two.


    PD-nim also seemed like he knew something - just look at how he would steal glances whenever LDW and YIN were flirting. PDnim must be a shipper, too.


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    By the way, if I may - I think Gong Yoo also had a slight crush on YIN during Goblin - like an admiration of sorts. And YIN, I think admires Gong Yoo, too, based on her facial reaction when she saw Gong Yoo complimenting her on the Goblin set. BUT I think it's just that - admiration. Unlike with LDW and YIN, they have attraction, admiration and feelings - which are too obvious it comes off as great chemistry on and off screen.


    I agree with you. Gong yoo is like, he's just fond of YIN as a person and so is YIN to him. When Gong yoo showed In na something from his coat during presscon and YIN laughed, Wookie's face is like "I'm not amazed." He might had been jealous and Gong yoo gestured a fist bomb to convey that "hey it's nothing." 

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  6. Dong Wook really likes staring at her dearingly off-cam or on-cam. His laughter and playfulness are all spontaneous. It's from Lee Dong Wook and not from the celebrity version of him because every time he does, he's not trying to be flashy and formal to impress the camera but instead goes all the way in focus of YIN. If there's anything at the moment I feel like he's in a courting stage on her.

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  7. I'm dreaming of Goblin season 2 wherein the storyline would already center around The grim reaper and Sunny's second life or third life rather.. that there would be a secret revelatory about their characters that would put things to another journey again..and Gong yoo and KGE of course as second lead this time..because the chemistry of them four is soooo awesome..but if that so, it wouldn't be called Goblin as a title though since it's not his own story anymore lol

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  8. 3 hours ago, gilaswan said:

    Read somewhere that there was a dispatch article that they have been secretly dating? They really look so good together, and from all the BTS’s from Goblin till now, they also have such a real chemistry with each other. Not just colleagues who get along very well, but a type of familiar comfort that’s so warm to watch. I love how she so comfortably calls him “oppa” (I’d wished for her character OJS to eventually call KJR “oppa” too, but better in real than reel life!). Time to settle down, LDW, and be done with flippant dating! Here’s someone who could really work out for you!

    During what time around did you see this?

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  9. Since some of you guys keep posting some of the clips from yinldw instagram, I got curious and went to check it out.


    Have you noticed this one? A short statement from Sun Sung Yoon their co-actress playing Yeo Rum in TYH the 2nd female lead.



    It's quoted


    She said: " I thought Yun Seo was jealous because Jung Rok was close to me in the fourth episode. Rather, in the waiting time after shooting, In Na and Dong Wook were so close that I felt left out. The reality and the situation in the drama were the opposite."


    ~Sun Sung Yoon / (Yoo Yeo Reum)


    What got me here is, " in the waiting time after shooting "


    She's talking about the real thing going on here.

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  10. 8 hours ago, DaebakYIN said:


    I can’t see it...can you please tell me the reason why? :rolleyes:

    It's their shooting for first kiss scene. When Oh Yun Seo left to find her mirror but saw Jung Rok. The camera is already rolling and YIN is in character but LDW is still playing around. YiN got annoyed and told him to stop playing. In a cute way though...staffs are laughing at them. Naughty LDW.:wub::D

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  11. Maybe even during Goblin that LDW has a huge crush on her that every chance he gets he grabs just to kiss her. Like in his mind, "Oh, this is a chance" so he keeps on insisting even it's not necessary lol :wub: :D and while kissing her, he really absorbs the feeling. 


    Can you imagine Wookie being like this with other actress? Or has he ever been this way where he's the one to initiate the lovey dovey part and shows effortlessly on his expression that he's really in love and blushing all together? Remember during their TYH presscon when he touched his cheeks?Because he's really different with her. Not that i conclude they're together already but...you know...


    I've known LDW since The Scent of a Woman. It's noticeable that he's sweet with her other co-actresses as well and he's really got good bonding with them. But with Yoo In Na there's this additional TENDER look from him. Treating her really like a fragile and cute lady that he wants to cuddle with. It's not like the typical surface type of flirting but a genuine and conservative one. Sometimes after teasing YIN, he smiles like it's an achievement.

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