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  1. I thought situation like this only happens in drama. But I guess drama is based on real life situation after all. So the filming is still on? I don't know which is better, to hold or continue. It doesn't look like the case will end soon since so many people involved. On the other hand, to continue like nothing happen is like....I don't know... However, I trust 1n2d team to decide. My support for this show will never waver. As for Joonyoung, I hope he learns his lessons. He is probably too free-spirited and has everything goes his way that no one can put reins on him. He has to pay for his crime and after this is all over, hopefully, he will become a new better man.
  2. Goodness....what a big mess we are in right now. I don't defend Joonyoung. He is wrong and he has admitted his wrongdoings. To step down from the shows he is in and even retire from the whole entertainment world is probably the wisest thing to do for now. But is it really necessary to drag the whole show down? Then maybe Salty Tour has to be cancelled, too. I hope it doesn't have to go that far. It will really break my heart if this season ends like this.
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