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  1. I was introduced to Kim Hyun Joo via the drama I Have a Lover. I thought that it was a beautiful & poignant drama. I was not a big fan of kdrama but this one got me hooked and I finished 50 episodes 'palli-palli'! Kim Hyun Joo gave such a credible performance not only on her dual role as twins but also her portrayal of the multi faceted Do Hae Gang, the ambitious lawyer who lost her memory & who ended up living with a humble family. (Kudos to the writer of I have a Lover for a great story). After watching that drama, I've been searching the net for more kdramas with her in it I've watched 'What Happens to my Family', 'The Miracle We Met', & 'Fantastic' to date, in that order. And I must say that you see an entirely different version of the actress in every role. I hope she gets to act in more dramas & looking forward to seeing her in one really soon!
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