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  1. I still disappointed most of my friends(consider international) love him because of his look. Rarely said they love him because of his talent. I still think, he gave the best performance of acting in Hotel King. He put every detail perfectly for this drama. Every hairstyles differed from every scene. Clothes also. I can feel the pain, the love, the character had endured.
  2. I decided to come here again after watching this cut. Although, some pointing the ex of Wookie is Suzy, I think otherwise. I strongly believe it's DH. Maybe they don't follow Wookie from beginning. I believed Suzy and Wookie rarely met each other because at that time Suzy was busy training for Vagabond. While watching The World of Married, I feel that Wookie is quite similar with SunWoo and DH is like TaeOh. Sunwoo is still angry to her ex but she's also has sympathy to him. I feel Wookie is like that. Like Sunwoo and Taeoh, I also think both still can't move on. P/s: DH, if you want good project, move to Soop or Namoo Actors. These are more stable agency.
  3. I hope I still I have those skills @samzz. 1 year before they admit we already had those traces. Nowadays,even Dispatch needs to find new material for their site, because celebrities already put all their hint of dating on the social media. So, Dispatch is not required anymore to know who date who. The reason why they still need him is simple,the answer is cashflow. Even MBC got a lot of profit from their videos. This video almost approaching 80 M soon. Guess how much MBC got through youtube ads.
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