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  1. I heard Chinese Media sense the man who cheated actually months ago. KNETS blame the woman more because of her past history. Don't know who is right or wrong. Luckily I don't watch their drama and ship them.
  2. Exactly, knowing how soft-hearted Wookie towards certain "D", it's maybe true or not. Just hope don't play with Wookie's heart again.
  3. http://kpopkfans.blogspot.com/2019/04/amy-witnesses-point-to-wheesung.html Very scary any related to YG artists. "hidden camera' or "video" thing sometimes was one of the reason for 'longtime' relationship' without any intention for marriage.
  4. All that have involved in 'hidden camera' case mostly are 'budget English' people. Innocent face but sex addict.
  5. Yeah. Good sign from Dahae @samzz . I think maybe Dahae should try to be casted for KBS Weekend drama. Because this drama slot always gets high rating. I still remember how Lee Bo Young 's popularity skyrocket because of My Daughter Seo Young and after that, she kept getting challenging role from other channel. Dahae shii, if you are reading this, please consider this. Uee worked really hard until she got this drama. Whether her dramas flop or hit, never give up. Finally, she can proud to be part of drama with 49.4% rating. Actually, I'm still have withdrawal syndrome from My Only One. Really love Choi Soo Jong there.
  6. I always love JK in every drama she acted before. Even her role only as a supporting actress, but she will bring every character alive. I'm surprise actually she also can act as cute person in this drama. I still remember her strong acting in Pinocchio. So well played. Production had make a good choice to pair her with CSJ. No word for Choi Soo Joong because he always good in everything especially as "King" role. No wonder he is called "National Actor". And his drama usually will become "National Drama". I think if this drama was finished end of last year, Daesang obviously will go to CSJ. But funny how Ha Hae Ra said he had win many Daesang and should stop win it. lol. One more thing I love about this drama also because the veteran actors. They acted so good. Every scene becomes alive. The grandmother is so cute everytime she becomes "Geum Byung" and make me laugh so hard. I also like the chemistry as father and daughter between DR and Mr Kang. Can feel their pain, their happiness.
  7. Despite any flaws for the ending, I'm quite satisfied with it. The ending is better than many weekends drama's ending I had watched before like My Golden Life or Wang Family. This ending quite nice although Daya and MIL didn't get punishment I expected to them. Because of good chemistry between CSJ and JK, I think writer had decided to write their love story quite good for a middle age couple. No wonder they got Best Couple. Sometimes, I feel their hug is more intimate than DR and WDR. haha. Actually, I expected a dramatic ending where maybe Grandma's pass away and finally Doran not nursing anybody anymore. I love Grandma's character but I don't want Grandma to be clingy to DR forever. Anyway, for me , it's a good show. And I love it. Let me put some picture of DR's brother, Doyoon. SO cute.
  8. Two most hated character of mine are DY and EY. Rather than slap, I want to punch their faces . Till now, they still do not get the deservedly punishment. While others, facing divorce, break up and many thing. Not enough just one episode for Daya to suffer. While watching this drama, I like how good Choi Soo Jong's fitness. Really match well with JK. Both are so fit.They can act like young actors. The scene Mr Kang run towards HJ is not something actor at his age will do. I'm missing Grandma's act. Every time she pulls MIL and DY hair, I feel satisfied. Feel pity with WDR and DR love story. I hope writer will wrap up their love story nicely.
  9. I saw at FB. Seems it will be a celebration for Mr Kang in final episode and everyone will be there. I don't want to write detail on it and kill the excitement for the finale.
  10. Hi there, I have been seriously watching this drama for the past 2 months and really love this drama. I love how the writer put all those character in place. No wonder she won the Best Scriptwriter. Now, the drama will conclude this week. Feel excited but sad at the same time. Based on picture shared from social media, I guess everyone will get happy ending. p/s: I couldn't stop laughing when HJ is the one is pregnant first while there are also 3 younger couples still can't produce baby especially Daya. Mr Kang so powerful.
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